Steele Harted 1/1
Date: Friday, December 29, 2006
"steeleafan" <>

Here's my first attempt at posting fanfic. Its very short and
basically a one scene. I figured I'd start small. For the purposes of
this fic, the fifth season doesn't exist, Remington and Laura are
married, Daniel is still alive, and Remington knows that he's his

Ok so here it is, be kind :)

Steele Harted

"Darling, you can't still want anything to do with Royal Lavulite.."
A now redheaded Laura said.

"Laura, why are you calling me darling?" Remington answered.

"Because darling, we're married. That's what us married detectives
do." She smiled and patted his arm.

"We do? I didn't know there was a code of rules for us once we got
married. At least not as far as this." Remington said.

"Oh but there are. Not only do we now have to call one another
darling but we must get a dog." Laura pointed out in a cheerful
manner. "Oh and Fred will have to turn the limo in for a Rolls."

"What?" He asked quite confused by this point.

Laura kept prattling on about the most nonsensical things and then
Mildred walked in.

"Mr and Mrs. S, you want me to tell them no?" She asked.

`Mr and Mrs. S? Why was Mildred calling us that?' Remington wondered.

He then woke up out of his dream and looked over to his right. Laura
was asleep, her hair back to its normal color.

He looked around the room and was confused as to what his dream had
been about. It didn't make any sense.

"Laura.." He gently shook her.

"Wha.." She mumbled trying to stay asleep.

"You'd never call me darling, would you?" He asked her.

"Darling? No. Not unless I was mad at you for something." She said
rousing. "You had the dream again?"

"I had the dream again." He confirmed with a sigh. " You were calling
me darling. Mildred was calling us Mr. And Mrs. S. You wanted us to
get a dog and trade the limo in for a Rolls."

"I don't know where you get this stuff from. Some movie?" She
asked. "And the whole darling thing is bizzarre. Who would be able to
keep a straight face through it?"

"You said it was the rules of married detectives." He said.

"Remington, there are no rules for married detectives. Its been six
months. Don't you think I would've told you by now if there were?"
She tried not to laugh. "You know what a stickler I am for rules."

"Yes I do. So all of this is what?" Remington yawned.

"Your subconscious. You think that you're doing something wrong." She
figured. "Sure our wedding wasn't exactly the norm but I `ve loved
every minute of it since. Well with the exception of these weird
dreams of yours. So how'd my hair look this time?"

"Thank you for mocking me." He pouted. "It looked how it always
looks. Red and slightly big. Not Unidac wind tunnel big but big."

"Really, darling." She laughed.

"Laura..I'm warning you." He threatened with a hint of a smile.

"Darling, if you're gong to threaten me then you have to be prepared
to make good on it." She continued teasing.

He lunged for her and began to tickle her. "Make fun of your
husband's subconcious will you?"

"Always." She continued laughing.

He finally relented and kissed her. "I wish that one of these days it
would make some kind of sense."

"Maybe Daniel knows." Laura suggested.

"He has no idea. I figured maybe its hereditary but he thinks its as
amusing as you do. Asked what part he played in it."

"Well we should go back to sleep. Mildred is meeting us early in the
morning." Laura reminded him and closed her eyes..

"If she calls me Mr. S, I'm leaving." Remington warned and went back
to sleep himself..