Steele Holding You in My Heart pt 2
Date: Sunday, November 03, 2002
Roz Bertier <>

Here's part 2


She leaned against the door, a little to shocked to do much more than look. So this was it. This was where he was the entire time. She moved to her feet, and looked around. There was the familiar cornoer, sealing off the body bag. At least this time they didn't have to worry about disturbing evidence.

She felt him come up behind her, a welcome form. She grabbed his hand, and he placed his other hand around her shoulders. She looked down at the bed, with the blood stained sheets, and felt the tears burning in her eyes.

How could a man that she thought that she despised evoke such an emotion in her? She hated him. she had really hated him. but now that she was looking at where he died, she couldn't help but start to cry. It was so dingy, not the place that she imagined he would've lived.

The man behind her gently rubbed her back, soothing her ever so slightly. She leaned her head back and smiled at him. He patted her shoulder. "You don't have to stay." He told her, not wanting her to go through more than she had to.

"It's ok, I want to be here. It's closure." She said, breaking from his grip so that she could explore the bedroom. There wasn't much. A few outfits in the closet, a watch and cufflinks in the nightstand, along with something much more interesting. A photo album.

She flipped through it, and found it to be photos of her and her family, centering around her. Photographs taken from all different parts of her life. From when she was little, up until she was 16. After that, the photos started to get scarecer, with various pictures taken from newspapers and magazines.

She was about to replace the small leather bound book when she noticed a piece of paper sticking out of it. She pulled it out, and gently read it over, and felt the tears start streaming.

"By the time anyone reads this, it'll be to late for me. I did this for the best. I did this for my children, especially for Laura. I never knew how far I'd fallen, until I realized that I'd thrown her love away. I hope that this gives her closure. Laura, put your thoughts of me behind you, go on with your life, be happy. Just remember that I'll always hold you, and Francis, and your mother in my heart. You always meant the world to me. TCH"

He snuck up behind her and gently laid his arm around her waist. She looked up at him through tear-stained eyes and kissed him, knowing that this chapter of her life was over.
The End
For those of you who didn't quite get it, the guy that killed himself was Laura's father......and parts of the sucide note were song lyrics from I will Always Hold You In My Heart! Now, i have one finall songfic left......before i've run out of inspiration again!