Steele Holted After All These Years 2/?
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2001
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Part II
Steele Holted After All These Years

By NewSue

Many thanks to Lauryn, my excellent beta reader!

This is purely for amusement purposes. I do not own the characters from Remington Steele, MTM does. This part rated PG Permission to archive granted. Any criticism is welcome.

Mildred witnessed her superior getting thrown out of Miss Holt's office. "Everything OK, chief?" she asked

Steele straightened his tie and nodded, "Yes, Mildred, couldn't be better," he covered his distress with that air of suavity. He retreated into his office. A few hours later, he emerged again, and approached Mildred's desk looking thoughtful. "Mildred, you must have helped Miss Holt make her travel arrangements for this weekend, correct?"

"That's right, Mr. Steele," She replied.

"Be a dear and tell me where she is headed," he pleaded, flashing her his best megawatt smile.

"Sorry chief, no can do. I promised her gal to gal."

"Ahh, but Mildred, who signs your paychecks? As the head of this agency I have the right to know, don't you think?"

Laura overheard this and thought Mildred was about to crack so she came storming out of the office. "I can't believe you have sunk so low as to try to blackmail Mildred into telling you my private business! But if you must know, I am meeting up with the girls from 4 East, my old sorority at Stanford. It's a reunion of sorts, and women are coming from all over the country that I haven't seen in years." She thought the little white lie wouldn't hurt much, after all, she rationalized, and it was mostly true. She didn't want him to know that it was really her 10
th year Stanford University Class Reunion because he would be hurt that she wasn't taking him. And she didn't want to take him because then it would be all about the great detective Remington Steele and not about Laura Holt, or her accomplishments, at all. Her alleged "boss" had a way of attracting everyone's attention, including her own. Then she would end up spending her time trying to keep him at bay as they navigated through that minefield some might term a relationship instead of catching up with her friends. The possibility of seeing Patrick again, she told herself, had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

"Oh, Laura, you mean you are a having a girl's night, or rather weekend out?" He was visibly relieved to find out it wasn't a "date" with another man. "I quite understand and I apologize for my behavior earlier. I lost my head, I am afraid. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? Take you to the airport perhaps?" Steele asked.

"Well, Mr. Steele," said Laura with a gleam in her eye, "Fred is taking me but there is one thing . . . ."

"Anything, Laura, name it," he stated.

"Nero needs to be fed while I am gone and . . . he needs his litter changed."

"*LITTER?*" Steele asked with disgust, wincing painfully.
"You said anything, Mr. Steele," Laura was obviously enjoying this.

"Consider it done, Miss Holt," he finally agreed, "and please have a delightful trip with the ladies. He came close to her as Mildred turned back to her filing. "I hope you won't miss me too much," he whispered seductively as he brought his lips to hers for one of his brief but sweetly passionate kisses.

Laura pulled away as he attempted to lengthen the kiss. She had forgotten momentarily that she was still a little angry at him and the guilt she felt about lying to him was leaving a bad taste in her mouth. Oh well, she thought, it is not as if he was honest with her all the time. There was that fiasco in Cannes. Besides, he had no hold on her. Hell, he didn't want one. Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, Mr. Steele" she said slyly with a smile, "the girls and I will be certain to paint the town red in a very big way!" With that, she grabbed her bags from her office, said goodbye to Mildred and was out the door.

Later that afternoon, Steele was back at Laura's loft. Sounds of running water came from the bathroom as Steele emerged from it wearing jeans and a blue striped button down with the sleeves rolled up. His nose was still crinkled up in response to his offensive task. "Well, Nero, I hope you and your mistress appreciate this!" He washed his hands again in the kitchen and started to open a can of cat food. He placed it in a ceramic bowl on the floor that was inscribed with the letters NERO in bold black. "Tell me, Nero," he said as he bent down to gently stroke the cat, "Does your enchanting mistress have you wrapped around her finger as well?" The cat purred as if in agreement. "I understand, Nero. Its difficult to maintain one's air of independence when you realize that you will do anything you can think of just to get some of her attention. You look at her with those big blue, err. . . green eyes and rub against her leg, grateful for any little bit of affection she may deign to dispense. You hope that she will pat your head, rub your shoulders, or maybe snuggle down with you on that big warm bed, hmmm?" He nodded towards the curtained area that served as Laura's bedroom as he massaged Nero's ears. "Its OK, Nero, I know the feeling."

Steele was startled by the sound of the phone ringing. The answering machine picked up after the first ring and he smiled affectionately at the sound of Laura's voice on the greeting. Then a man's deep voice came on and Steele looked up in curiosity and concern. "Laura! It's Patrick!" the voice said warmly, "I got your number from Christina on the reunion committee. When she said you were coming this weekend I couldn't have been more pleased! I can't believe it is our 10
th year reunion! PI, huh? I knew you'd do it! All that passion and spontaneity. I just wanted to let you know I am back in the area and this time I am not letting you slip through my fingers, so be warned!" He chuckled softly. "I guess you must have left already, I was hoping we could head up together . . . well . . . see you tonight!" And then there was a click as he hung up.

Steele's blue eyes burned green with jealousy and anger. "Girl's night out indeed!" he spit out. "Sounds pretty coed to me! She is going to her 10
th year reunion and she didn't invite me, Nero! In fact, she is going to share all that passion and spontaneity with another man!" He picked up the phone and dialed. "Mildred, Steele here. Something has come up and it is very important that you give me the exact address where Laura is staying. There was a pause while Steele listened to Mildred's barrage of questions. "A case, well, in a manner of speaking, Mildred . . . Yes, it involves an unsavory character that I want to warn her about." Steele could hear the panic rising in Mildered's voice. "No I don't think Laura is in any immediate danger." Mildred was calmer now, but a bit suspicious. "Don't worry, Mildred I will take full responsibility for interrupting her. Room 202? Yes, that's it." He copied down some information. "Thank you, Mildred, but I'll book the flight myself. Goodnight."

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