Steele Holted After All These Years Part VI
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2001
Alicia Huberman
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Steele Holted After All These Years Part VI

By Alicia Huberman
Rated: NC 17.
I do not own the characters of Remington Steele, MTM does. I am merely borrowing them for amusement purposes only and this is not for profit. Permission to archive granted. All criticism is welcome. I am eternally grateful to my beta reader, Lauryn!

Remington murmured contentedly in his sleep as he reached out to spoon against Laura. Instead, he found himself holding only her pillow. Disappointed, he awoke and for a moment he wondered if last night had been just another wonderfully erotic dream featuring his favorite female PI. He popped one eye open and then the other to stare at the empty side of the bed. It definitely looked like someone had slept there and this was Laura's room. Someone had neatly folded his silk pajama bottoms and placed them on the armchair. So where the devil had that woman gone?

His gaze wandered around the room and he noticed a room service tray had been placed near his side of the bed. He smiled when he saw that it contained a single red rose, a selection of pastry and fresh fruit, and his favorite Harney and Son's Earl Grey tea. Off to the side were two chocolate filled croissants dusted in cocoa. One was missing two bites and was oozing rich, dark chocolate. He sat upright when he noticed a folded note propped up against the bud vase. He reached for the note, frowning slightly as he read, "Mr. Steele, Hope you enjoy your late breakfast as much as I enjoyed last night. I had to run out for a lunch date I had already made yesterday with Patrick and I didn't want to wake you. I hope to see you when I get back around 1:00 PM." It was signed simply, "Laura." Steele felt as though he'd been slapped. He remembered overhearing Patrick asking Laura out for a birthday lunch the night before but he just couldn't believe she was actually going to keep it under the present circumstances. The breakfast was such a sweet gesture; she had ordered all his favorites. In contrast, the casually indifferent tone of her note, however, left Steele cold. His appetite evaporated. He'd poured his soul out to Laura last night, but it now occurred to him that she hadn't really reciprocated. And now she was back to calling him Mr. Steele? And why didn't she sign the note with a "love"? This all left him deeply troubled as his insecurities surrounded him.

Suddenly, Steele became aware of the sounds of running water in the bathroom. She was still there! He jumped up from bed and donned his pajama bottoms in haste. He strode to the bathroom door and then stopped short, knocking uncertainly. "Laura? Are you in there?" There was a brief pause. "Laura, are you still here?"

"Yesshh, Mr. Schteele, I am brushing my teeff," Laura answered with a mouth full of brush and paste.

"I am coming in," he announced and opened the unlocked door. Laura was clad in only a short satin robe that left little to the imagination. Steele took in the sight of her with a quick appraising glance and his body reacted in spite of himself. "Planning on running out on me this morning, eh Laura? What's the matter? Did you get a better offer?" There was an edge in his voice. Laura's back stiffened and she finished rinsing her mouth hurriedly. Steele grabbed her by the waist and spun her around to face him.

Laura averted her eyes from his probing blue ones. "Didn't you get my note?" Laura asked with a feigned air of indifference.

"Yes, I got your bloody note! I just can't believe that after last night you'd be so anxious to go on a date with another man! Was it that bad, Laura, or is it just that Patrick means more to you than I realize?"

"It's not a date, I told you last night was wonderful and I meant it. But I made a commitment to go out with Patrick for a friendly lunch and I intend to keep it."

"Haven't you ever heard of a telephone, Laura, they are marvelous inventions, you simply pick it up and call him. Tell him your plans changed."

"I woke up too late to cancel properly, it would be rude to do so now at the last minute."

"Ahh, I see, but it's not rude to leave our bed before it's even cold? Are you trying to tell me this," he gestured vaguely towards the bed, "meant nothing to you?" There was real pain in his eyes. "Because that, Laura, is the message that I am receiving."

Laura sighed in frustration, "No! That is not what I am saying! Look, Mr. Steele, Remington, the passion we shared last night was . . . explosive, but that doesn't mean the earth is going to stop moving. I am a busy woman with responsibilities! I have no intention of making you my entire universe, not to the exclusion of everything else."

Steele visibly reddened. "I didn't realize I was such a burden on your time! What is it, then, Laura? No case to put between us as a shield? No paperwork? So you are using Patrick, instead, hmm?"

"Of course you aren't a burden! Please understand I made my friend Patrick a promise to meet him for lunch today before I knew that you and I . . . that we," she gestured vaguely with her hands, "would become lovers last night. It's a promise that I intend to keep. He needs to understand that he and I won't be seeing each other . . . romantically once we get back to LA."

"So as it stands between you now, he expects to see quite a lot of you, then, Laura? Is that what you are telling me? That until last night you were quite willing to throw everything we've meant to each other away without so much as a backward glance?"

"No! It wasn't like that at all! I never agreed . .. . Maybe I let him assume that . . . But, Mr. Steele, please remember that what I meant to you remained my one great unsolved mystery!"

"You are a very perceptive woman, Laura, in all other respects. Couldn't you read between the lines?"

"No, I couldn't. I have no idea of what is going on in that head of yours half the time!"

"Well, at least that feeling is mutual! Because I can't understand how you could walk out of our bed without even a goodbye!"

"I just need to maintain my independence. I won't .. . . can't be consumed by this . . .by us," she finshed quietly. "Now I have to go take a shower so I won't be late for lunch." She started the water.

"Independence is one thing, Laura, but dating another man is quite another and I won't stand for it!" Suddenly, the light of understanding dawned in Steele's eyes. Something Laura had said finally triggered an avalanche of words echoing in his head. "I am not asking you to make your entire world revolve around me, Laura, This is all about your fear, isn't it, Laura?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Mr. Steele, but I really must get going."

Steele watched as Laura slid the satin off her beautiful shoulders and hung it on the door hook before darting into the shower and closing the glass shower door with a slam.

Steele removed his bottoms and resolutely followed her in. Laura was clearly startled but she couldn't help but glance at his naked form appreciatively. God, he is so damn sexy! Laura thought to herself. She bit her upper lip.

"We weren't done with our discussion yet, Laura."

"This is hardly the time or place, Mr. Steele." Laura was rinsing her hair, trying to ignore him as best she could. Steele was drinking in the beauty of her slim, athletic form, wet from the spray. He felt his body attempt to betray him but he concentrated on the matter at hand.

"Laura, in Acapulco you told me you were afraid of losing yourself in me, of being so caught up in our love and passion that you would center your entire life around me like your mother did with your father. That is what this is all about, isn't it?" Laura looked away and Steele tilted her chin with one finger so she had to look him in the eye. Isn't it, Laura?" he repeated.

"Well," she said hesitantly, "maybe I am a little afraid that if I let myself get too caught up in this . . . . in you, that I'll suffocate you like mother did with daddy and then I'll be left.... Alone."

"Laura, luv, look at me, I am not going anywhere. I know that you have fears about becoming like your mother, but I have known you for almost four years now. I'd bet my very life that you can be a wildly passionate, loving companion while not giving up one ounce of that stubborn, intelligent, fiercely independent woman I have come to know and love. You know I wouldn't want you any other way."

Laura's eyes misted over almost imperceptibly and she blinked and smiled up at him. "You think so?' she asked.

Steele kissed the tip of her nose gently. "I know so."

"OK well, I am sorry about this morning but I did promise Patrick, so I really have to finish washing my hair now. I won't be gone long. You will hardly have time to miss me." She smiled playfully and grabbed the conditioner. "I have to let him know that things have changed. I owe him that much." She noticed the worry in his blue eyes and looked up into them, placing her hand on his cheek tenderly. "Rem, its not a date, I promise. You're the man I'm coming back to, not Patrick." Steele's expression twitched into a brief smile and he exhaled a quick quiet breath as he embraced her.

"You are a difficult woman, Laura Holt," Steele took the conditioner from her hands, "Allow me," he whispered seductively.

Steele applied a generous dollop of the rich white creamy substance to Laura's chestnut mane and massaged her head and neck with expert fingers. The tropical aroma of the conditioner mixed with the steam to add to the ambiance. Laura felt his growing desire press against her naked back. "Hmmm, that feels so good, Remington," she purred. Finally he tilted her head back slightly to allow the spray to rinse the conditioner.

Steele grabbed the sesame bath oil the hotel had so generously provided. "I've got an idea, Laura, why don't we both meet good old Patrick for lunch?"

"Why Mr. Steele, you sound as though you don't trust me."

"Its not you I don't trust, Laura, its him!"

I'm sorry Mr. Steele but I am going alone. I have to let him down easy. Seeing you and me together might be quite a shock for him, I'm afraid."

"Didn't you let him down last night?"

"Well, down, yes but not all the way down," she teased. "I am going and you can't talk me out of it, or seduce me out of it, if that's what you're planning." Sparkling blue eyes met twinkling brown ones.

"I wouldn't think of it, Laura, I was merely trying to expedite your shower."

"Like hell!"

Steele worked up a lather in his hands with the body wash and started on Laura's neck, and shoulders. Then he moved to give her a wonderful back massage and she moaned softly as he gently kneaded her buttocks. He turned her around for better access and proceeded to tease her nipples, which hardened in response to his touch. His hands glided smoothly over her flat belly. "Mr. Steele," Laura murmured weakly, "I am going to be late."

"Let Patrick wait," he ground out hoarsely. He just felt such an overwhelming need to reclaim the intimacy they had shared last night. The one that had vanished with the light of day. Fortunately, Laura didn't stop him when he found her most intimate places with his slick fingers. When he explored her inner folds, he felt she was ready for him but he prolonged her pleasure with agonizing thoroughness while he claimed her mouth in a deeply possessive kiss. Laura opened her mouth willingly to him and began to explore his body with hungry, roving hands. "Laura, would you think me an unconscionable swine if I took you right here and now in the shower on only our third time?" Steele asked in a whisper laced with passion.

"You aren't going to take me anywhere," she smiled, "But if you don't make love with me right here, immediately, I will think you're an unconscionable tease." Her eyes danced with laughter even as they glowed with desire.

Steele grabbed Laura around the waist and lifted her towards him. She swung her legs around and wrapped them tightly around his back. He held her eyes as he entered her slowly. Laura felt the cool of the tiled wall against her back as she was propelled backwards with the first thrust. It contrasted pleasantly with the growing heat that emanated from where their bodies joined. Laura was already so aroused that it was only a moment before her muscles clenched one final time and then exploded in a paroxysm of pleasure. As Steele rode the wave of her orgasm, the sensation overwhelmed him and he had to close his eyes to maintain control. After her spasms subsided, he let himself go. His breathing became ragged and he cried out her name as he was transported.

After a moment, Steele helped ease Laura back down to the floor and then embraced her. She kissed him, first on his neck and then she found his mouth. When she pulled away she smiled and said, "I must get dressed quickly now to make up for lost time, Mr. Steele. I will see you at 1:00, maybe 1:30, now that I have gotten a late start." Steele stared in amazement at her determination and quirked one eyebrow upwards.

"You, Miss Holt, are impossible!" He sighed resignedly.

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