Steele In The News...a continuation
Date: Saturday, July 20, 2002
Cindy <>

Alright, here's the deal, i got a week's suspension at work and am totally
pissed so i decided to fool around with writing a bit. i came up with this.
It hasn't been betaed and barely spell checked but i hope you can get through
it anyways. It picks up on the dance floor at the end of Steele in the News.
I hope you like it and if you could archive it Nancy i would appreciate, it
since i have no where to put it.

Steele In The News a continuation

Remington leaned in to Laura to make his next statement that much more personal, "I'm sorry. I know he was an idol."
"Fallen idol."
"But at the end, he managed to get back on his feet, hmm?"
"Yes. Now, what was that little exchange between you and Amy all about? All that stuff about- hoping the kid finds himself?"
"A poor waif, wandering the cold cruel world in search of himself."
"Anyone I know?"
"Slightly. But with any luck, you'll know him far more intimately." Laura smiled, somehow only this man could make a crude comment like that sound incredibly sexy and inviting. Perhaps an invitation she was ready to accept.
"Mmm" she tried to be casual. Her body swayed with him and the music but her mind wandered. The Lovers. Their last case had been somewhat revealing in their personal affections for one another. Perhaps more so than she let on. He was jealous of her possibly taking a lover other than
him. Sure he tried to make her jealous in return with 'Darlene' and it had
worked if only momentarily. But it was more than just the Lovers, things had been progressing for sometime.
There was the case of the campus ghost at Murphey's old hallowed halls. They had gotten closer to that moment. The pinnacle. The almost point of no return. Sitting in his apartment when all was said and done, enjoying some champagne and each others company. The lights went out, part of his 'ancestral ghost' lineage. They embraced, innocently at first, and Steele pulled back but kept his hand on Laura's head, caressing just over her ear with his thumb. The look that Laura saw in his eyes was not one she had seen before. It was different. It was penetrating. It was-frightening?
She couldn't decide at that moment because he had leaned in again to kiss her jaw line up to her ear. A faint moan escaped and urged him on, she had
betrayed herself. But that was ok, wasn't it? She was finally feeling good
about their 'relationship'. She was beginning to think that maybe an
intimate relationship would turn out to be beneficial for them both. Even on a professional level.
She cared about him, a lot. He was so easy to be around that their strange level of intimacy was acceptable and, dare she say it, felt normal for both. She would have liked perhaps a deeper commitment but the easiness of the almost casual tone of their togetherness gave her a secure feeling. It was times like that, that she knew he would stay put the morning after.
But then there were the times she doubted herself as much as she doubted him. The five nudes of Cairo. His past swept in and took a hold, or so she thought. It was then that the easiness was replaced by, what? Fear?
No she certainly wasn't afraid of losing something she never really
possessed, was she? Jealousy? Perhaps but not on the level most people
experience it. Her's was more superficial. Disappointment? Yes. That was more accurate. Disappointed in him, disappointed in her self. She let it happen didn't she? She could have gone boldly forward and staked her claim so to speak. But that would detract from the appealing nature of their love life they so privately shared.
She hadn't noticed that the music had changed. A different song was now playing as they danced. And just as quickly so did her train of thought.
"This is nice," he spoke bringing her back to the present. She
held him just a little tighter with her left hand. "I think that I could get used to this," he looked down at her "holding you close." He wiggled his eyebrows, not wanting to be completely serious. She again smiled.
"Be careful what you wish for," she toyed back. They continued to dance.
The Peppler's. Yet another case they worked on, posing as a couple on the brink of divorce. He had enjoyed being the Mr. to her Mrs. And told her as much. Although he was a tad inebriated at the time. All in good fun she mused. He swore her to secrecy on that night and she agreed. It only mattered to her that he said it, and she knew he meant it. It was both scary and a relief at the same time. But there was still that one weekend that never did sit right with her. The Devil's Playground. Oh how she wanted to go away with him, alone, that weekend. She thought she had done a damn good job convincing Murph, Bernice and Steele that she was only interested in finding out why a potential client killed himself. She packed quite a few revealing outfits to boot.
There wasn't really a case and she knew it. He knew it. But he couldn't
leave well enough alone. He had spoiled the mood before it even had a chance to develop. She found herself more disappointed, again, than angry. He was domineering by nature, so she wasn't really surprised.
She had, however expected more from him than a deliberate maneuver for them to be in the same room. She recalled her days at Stanford, sneaking past the resident assistants in her dorm after curfew to slip into the boys dorm across the quad for a late night rendezvous. She had hoped to recapture that carefree abandon again that weekend. But it was not to be.
She thought back even farther to the gentlemanly air he portrayed when they pulled an all niter 'reading' Charlotte Knight's newest book. He felt protective of her. If there was going to be any sexual innuendo in his apartment with her there, he wanted it to be from him. There were several
instances she kept replaying in her mind. More good than bad. Some
indifferent. She was content at any rate.
Again, the song ended and the small ensemble took the union required break. "Shall we?" he motioned to their table.
"I've had enough dancing for one night."
"As you wish." They walked in amicable silence to the waiting limo. He was happy to see that his earlier remark hadn't offended or upset her. The night was still young after all. He sat close to her in the car. His right arm behind her and around her shoulder. She felt comfortable like that.
She leaned into him slightly and peered out the window.
He felt like she was beginning to come around. To his charms, his affection. He didn't know what else to do. He was a mess when it came to
winning her affections. Jealous one minute, and unappealingly so, then as
attentive as one could be. He never knew exactly where he stood with her but lately noticed that she had changed. Ever so slightly but a change none the less. He could see the look in her eyes had changed. It was still a look of wanting but with a touch of something more. What exactly he couldn't say but he knew it was positive and promising.
He cared a great deal for her, that much he would admit to himself. He knew she felt for him also, but to what extent he couldn't say. They were friends. Good friends. Best friends. And partners. She had accepted him, albeit somewhat reluctantly, into her professional life, and not so reluctantly into her personal one. He believed the case with Morrie Singer was when Laura, and Murphey to some extent, actually accepted him in the role of P.I.
He had never developed a friendship with a women he wanted to possess before. Posses? That sounded final, and perhaps a bit foreign to his brain. But he didn't balk at it, he rather welcomed it. No not a permanent
union, not on the onset anyways. But he wouldn't mind being, what was the
word he was looking for? Committed? Perhaps. He slowly began to rub his hand up and down Laura's arm.
She was again lost in her thoughts, pleasant ones, when the warmth of his hand began to penetrate to her skin. She chuckled audibly and turned to face him. "Remembering a good joke?" He situated to his right a
little more.
"No," she placed a hand on his chest, lightly brushing his coat before dropping it back into her lap. "Just thinking about how much has changed in the last six months or so." She gazed into his eyes.
"And just what has changed, eh?" He moved in fractionally closer.

"The agency, the clientele," she paused and looked down, "me."
He tilted her head back up to meet his gaze. "So I've noticed." She was a bit surprised by this. "I think it's good though. I think you are beginning to ever so slightly, trust me. To trust my intentions." He caressed the side of her face.
"I'm not sure what they are exactly yet, but you I trust. For the most part anyway." She smiled. "You're my friend, I know that you wouldn't compromise what we have. Or even what we might have."
"You're sure about that?" he was testing her. Testing her like she had tested him so many times before. She only nodded and leaned in to brush his lips. "Good. That's been half my battle with you, you know." It was his turn to return the favor. Again the kiss deepened and they only parted when they noticed that the forward movement was stopped too long to be at just a red light.
"It seems we've arrived. Care for a night cap?"
"Very much." Steele got out and extended his hand to Laura as she exited the vehicle. He marveled at how feminine she was as she stepped out of the limo. In contrast to the fireball she could sometimes be at work, he found them both equally erotic. Laura graciously took his hand as she stepped clear. He shut the door and gave Fred the two obligatory taps that had become a trademark of sorts to let the trusty chauffer know he would no longer be needed this evening. Remington placed his hand in the small of Laura's back and guided her to the front of the complex.
Laura loved going to his apartment. His scent surrounded her as she walked in, enveloped her. He shut the door behind him and placed his keys on the table. He started to remove his jacket, "Have a seat, I'll fetch our drinks," and placed it on a dining room chair. She walked over to the couch and decided to open the balcony doors instead. It was a beautiful night and she loved to star gaze. He found her standing near the railing, seemingly
lost in thought. He placed the wine on the table and approached her, wrapping her in his embrace from behind. She knew he would. She leaned contently into his chest. His mouth trailed by her ear, as his hot breath sent shock waves through her. She shuddered at the intense feeling it evoked.
"Cold?" he asked in a deep, quite voice. He knew she wasn't.
"Hmm, just the opposite."
"Ah." he nibbled her ear then kissed lower. "Shall we drink?" he pulled back slightly and reached back for a glass handing it to her. She took it and sipped slowly, he thought, erotically. She gently disengaged her self from him and went back inside. He had already turned the lights down, and lit his ever present gas fireplace. She sat on the sofa and kicked her shoes off, he sat next to her and did the same. They stayed in silence for a few moments and drank the bittersweet liquid. He finished his and noticed she was done also. He took her glass and placed it with his on the coffee table. He again settled back and let Laura nestle into him.
He felt content. Her at his side. Neither felt the urge to break the silence. Laura suddenly shifted and looked up at him. He smiled his crooked grin Laura always melted at. They were both smiling as their lips touched. She shifted around a little more to gain sweeter contact. He let both his arms surround her. Her hands went to his chest and rested there.
Remington could tell Laura wasn't going to pull away anytime soon, so he
slowly, gradually made the kiss more intimate. Concentrating on one lip then the other, and after a few moments he shifted her in his arms and slowly laid her into the couch on her back.. He began to run his tongue gently around her slightly parted lips. Her arms went to amuse themselves in the black, silky hair they loved so much. The couch wasn't extremely roomy but both being able-bodied and slender, fit side by side, chest to chest, with Laura slightly on top, comfortably. Remington's right hand slowly moved down Laura's left side, resting on her hip towards the small of her back. His other hand pleasantly trapped beneath her other side. She backed off her assault a bit and placed her head on his shoulder, almost on his chest. He essentially cradled her to him. He kissed her forehead and just lay with her silently. He was aroused, as sure as she was but it wasn't pressing. It was a pleasant journey. She splayed her left hand on his chest, unbuttoning three buttons so she could place her hand directly on his warm skin. He closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the contact. After a short while he noticed their breathing pattern matched, as well as their heartbeats he imagined. She began to idly play with his soft chest hair.
"Hm," he opened his eyes and watched her hand, he brought his right one
up to smooth her hair behind her ear. "What's going on in that head of yours, eh Miss Holt." She shifted a bit to look up at him.
"I don't think it's safe to say." She grinned mischievously.
"I see." He paused, "I think you're thinking how nice this is. How maybe you're glad you came here tonight. Thinking about how content we both seem to be."
"Something like that. You know, my outlook has changed a little bit. My outlook on us that is."
"Really?" She had him intrigued. "How so?"
"I began to think how I need to relax and let go some. I need to learn how to enjoy the process instead of focusing on the tiny details."
"What process might that be?" He stroked her forehead with a finger.
"The process of us."
"I think that could be a very enjoyable process. But why the change in stance? What happened to the rational, thinking Laura."
"She's was blindsided by the reckless, feeling Laura." His chest heaved slightly as he found that enjoyable. "What we have is," she searched for the right word, "different."
"I can't disagree there. But it's a good different isn't it?"
"Yes. I tend to overanalyze,"
"You don't say." She playfully pulled a handful of chest hair.
"But I realized I can very well waste a lot of time doing that. I don't need to figure it out. I need to accept it as it is."
"And what exactly is it?"
"I don't know. But I know it's there."
"Most definitely. I want you to know Laura, I care a great deal for you and this is more than a passing fancy. I daresay you feel the same. I
honestly don't know where we will go from here, but I do know it'll be
easier if we go together."
Laura raised up more and was lying further on top of him but not
quite fully. "I also care for you. I don't know where we'll end up either,
but I do know that we have no reason not to enjoy figuring that out. It's so different with you than with anyone I've been involved with before."
He was intrigued by that, for he too felt the same way. "How's that?"
"With the others it was almost a forced intimacy. Not forced like made
to do it, but forced like it wasn't a natural progression." He understood
exactly. "With you, it's so casual, such a relaxed pace. I don't have to
pretend around you. I never have to force a cheerfulness when we are out. It's a genuine feeling with you." Not love, not that type of love, not yet
"I see no sense to rush anything. What good does that do? See Laura we
played the game smart this time around. We built a solid foundation. A
friendship first, then our partnership. Then decided to explore the romantic aspect. I must say that I have never done that before. I rather enjoy it."
"You truly are amazing. Coming from any other man I would view that
as just a line to get me into bed."
"Did it work." He couldn't play it with a straight face and began to laugh. Laura joined in.
"Quite the comedian aren't we." She crawled farther onto him and his trapped hand became free and he wrapped both arms around her, securing her to his body. "I'll like a man with a sense of humor." She kissed him soundly.
The kiss gained intensity and his hands wandered lower and eventually landed on her rear. He didn't press or knead he simply rested them there. He broke the kiss and brought one hand to her face, sensually caressing her.
"What else do you like Miss Holt?"
"I think we have to figure that one out together." she smiled.
"Indeed we will, Miss Holt. Indeed we will." He kissed her again, relishing the idea of finding out everything she liked. And everything he liked as well.