Steele on the Air(scrap scene)
Date: Friday, October 27, 2000
sue hantak <>

Steele on the Air(unedited)

by Suejue

(Ahhh the 4th Season....There's so much good stuff for PAX to choose from. Here are a couple small scenes I found discarded in the editing room.)

He leaned down resting his chin on her shoulder ostensibly to get a better view of the computer screen.

"Something wrong with your eyesight, Mr. Steele?"

"No. Why?" His warm breath, tickled her sensitive neck, imparting subtle distraction.

"Aren't you a bit close?" Laura turned her head only to find his lips dangerously close to hers.

"Not yet," he whispered seductively, then took advantage of the convenient proximity.

The brief kiss ended. Remington stood his ground. Laura pulled back slightly, then move closer, hovered on the brink of a encore. She yielded to her impulse, then quickly recoiled , "We can't do in the reception area.... I mean how would that look if someone came in or was walking past the glass doors?"

"You're right, Miss Holt, the sofa in my office is much more conducive to a discreet office romp." He stood and began to lead her by the arm as if that was what she implied. The computer began to beep and flash with the information they had been searching for. Laura returned to the chair, swiveled, and pushed the printer button. Knowing the spell had been broken for the moment, Remington leaned against the desk and theorized, "You know, Laura, with Mildred out there in the field, that could be a blessing for us."

"How's that?" Laura tore the printout at the perforations.

"She could do some invaluable legwork, perhaps late night stakeouts, freeing up more time for us," Remington proposed.

"And what would you do with all this new-found freetime?" Laura asked, even though she knew the answer.

"," he snickered with a devilish smile. "Perhaps you didn't hear me, I said, 'more time for us'. The more accurate question is what would WE do with all that time?"

(The scene continues with Mildred coming in with the news of Norman's affair with Doug's wife.)


"5:15? In the morning?" Remington asked, horrified by the thought.

"Yes....It's the only way to test our theory that he was covering for him the day of the murder. We have Mildred detain Norman, while we go to the station."

"But Laura...... 5:15?" he whined.

"If I pick you up at 5:15 then we can be at KROT by six o'clock, when they go on the air." Laura explained.

Remington thought for a moment, desperate to make this hardship more tolerable. He smoothed his tie and suggested nonchalantly, "You actually live closer, Laura....If we just stayed at your loft tonight, you wouldn't have to get up as early to fetch me.

"If we stayed together tonight, neither of us would get up tomorrow morning." Laura acknowledged with a slight blush.