Steele On My Mind II
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000

Working on the sequel to Steele On My Mind that Nancy so graciously posted on her site. Here is the first part. I hope this gets others going on their fanfic as well...............

Neither was running away, they connected in a way they never had before. Laura took a deep breath and tentatively started, "So..." She bit her lower lip not knowing what to say next. Remington sensed her uneasiness and simply led her by the hand, "Let's go back inside". The ride in the elevator seemed to take an eternity. Every heartbeat and breath that transpired between them resonated in the small confines. Laura felt claustrophobic. Again, her mind was bombarding her with numbing thoughts; God, he said IT, he really said it. Geez, I said it too. She smiled weakly at him and retrieved her hand from his, embarrassed by the clammy sweat. She rubbed her hands nervously together. Laura then noticed a change in his expression and realized her
withdrawal had disappointed him on some level. Just a she reached to move closer to him, the doors opened. He motioned for her to precede him into the hall. Silently they walked to his door. Remington mind was racing too; Where do we go from here? This isn't the way I planned this to happened.

Nothing concerning his relationship with Laura was going according to ANY plan. After the fiasco at the Friedlich Spa, and the ensuing talk on the beach, they seemed to have a future. Then, as usual, in their relationship, for every one step forward it was three steps back. Something said in the heat of the moment sent him to Clarissa when he was in trouble. From there it was scary rollercoaster ride. Now, just as they began to settle back into some semblance of normalcy, they declare their love for each other. They
both knew what transpired next would determine if they were going forward or reeling again in reverse.

Remington was the first to speak, "I'm sorry Laura, I should have told you that a long time ago."

"I'm the one who should be apologizing, I acted like such an ass, walking out like this", Laura replied pointedly alluding to her attire.

Their solemn expressions were replaced by amused grins. Laura decided it would be best not to retreat back into a highly emotional scene. She felt confident that they took a huge step forward without any major fallout and suggested, " I think I'll go home and change. I have a lot of things to do this afternoon. Can I call you later when I get back?"

Remington leaned against the table in the entry. He was a bit perplexed and muttered "Sure..........but ...."

Laura started to walk away but turned and stepped toward him. She stood between his slightly parted knees. With her arms snaked around his waist she pressed her body against his and amorously kissed him. Just as she was about to pull away, Remington stood and pulled her into him. He assaulted her with his lips and crushed her in his embrace.

"Please stay", he whispered in between kisses.

She was torn. His touch was driving her to distraction, but the rational side again won the battle. She pushed away. "I'm sorry. I can't. I need to go home."

Seeing his disappointment, she clarified, "My pills are at home."

Just as he was about to ask, the light bulb went on. He knew she took her birth control pills every night when she brushed her teeth before bed. Even though the chances would be slim, making love now, might not be wise after missing a pill last night.

"Speaking of pills," Laura jumped in, "What exactly did you give me yesterday?"

"I gave you a much needed good night's sleep."

"Give them to me" Laura demanded

"Excuse me?" Remington replied walking away.

"The pills... I want them" Laura clarified following him into the kitchen with her hand out palm up. "If you forfeit the drugs, plea to exercising bad judgement. I'll be lenient in the sentencing."

"If I allocute to the charges, I want a suspended sentence."

"How about some community service?"

"How about some personal service?"



4:00 pm

Laura felt better than she had in a very long time. Maybe it was the sleep, but it was most likely the fact he told her that he loved her, finally. The huge weight of doubt was lifted and she felt liberated. Laura decided she would try to do something nice for him. Her cooking left alot to be desired. Usually she didn't even put much effort in trying, but she was sure he would appreciate her attempt. When she returned from her errands and the market she called him.

"Hi, it's me." Laura started.

"Well. I was beginning to wonder how long it takes to change clothes and take a pill."

"Any plans for dinner?"

"I could pick you up and go out somewhere."

"How about I make dinner for both of us." Laura suggested.

"You ARE aware that would involve some cooking on your part."

"Ha, ha very funny. Are you feeling adventurous?"

"Are we still talking about dinner?" Remington hinted.

"Well that all depends, does an appetizer technically have to be food?" Laura joked.

"Would like some help?" Remington offered.

"No I want to do this myself, I need to learn sometime...and if dinner completely inedible, we'll just skip it and go right to dessert."

"Is dessert another non-food course?" he said hopefully.

"Well, it might include some whip cream." Laura added.

This tantalizing conversation was fast becoming a turn on for both of them. Laura, again being the practical one, decided to end it before she completely lost her focus on the dinner at hand. She simply said, "Can you come at seven?".

Remington was having too much fun. It was rare when Laura became this sexually playful and he could not resist the entendre "Really Laura, making me perfom on a schedule. Is this considered some of that community service?"

Laura laughed realizing the double meaning of what she just said tried to rephrase, "Dinner will be served at seven, Mr Steele if you care to join me".

Again, he couldn't pass up the innuendo of the words join me. "I plan to be joining you quite a bit this evening, Miss Holt," Remington replied and hung up the phone.

Part 2