Steele On My Mind II(finale)
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000
Suejue <>

Laura threw herself into work for the next few days. She and Remington managed some quiet time, but even though they were alone, other projects occupied their time. Laura concentrated on a project of converting case files diskette with the use of her laptop. Remington, too had an undertaking of his own. He was colaborating with a "Dick L'Orange" on a Best of LA cookbook. A charity book where local restaurants give up their secret recipes. It seemed rather fitting that two people with secret identies would
produce such an endeavor. When Laura was straightening up her desk at the end of the day, Friday, she came across the copy of her unsigned lease. She took a deep breath and shoved it in her purse. Time was running out. A new
management company was taking over and she was to either return the lease or move out by May 1. Glancing at her calendar she did the math and calculated she had 47 days.... she didn't have much time if she was really going to do this.

She was on autopilot going to his apartment. Although the thought of living together was not at the forefront of her mind this past week, it was pressing on her. She had vague dreams at night and occasionally thumbed through the real estate pages of the daily paper. When she arrived 5A, her
mind was already engaged in a discussion with itself. Without any hello she just started when he opened the door, "You know towels have to be folded in thirds lengthwise, then thirds again. I always eat M&Ms in color order saving green for last. Burned out lightbulbs make me crazy and you know how I can get about drinking milk out of plastic cups."

Remington was dumbfounded. When Laura called to say she was coming over, he was anticipating maybe a little wine, maybe watching TV, maybe fooling around.... Never had he thought she was going to restart the cohabitating discussion.

"Slow down, Laura, slow down"

"Were you serious about living together?", she cut right to the point.

"Of course, I was. Why? Do you want to?"

She reached into her purse, "Well my lease is up and I either need to sign this or move"

"What should it be then, a house or a bigger apartment?"

"It's not that simple. You mean that you're ready to just pick and move? Just like that?"

"Laura, remember who you are talking to." he said pointedly

A small smirk accompanied by a slight laugh broke the tension. "Just promise me one thing..... We do this together. No running out and putting down payments on some lavish estate. No contracts, leases, whatever unless we both agree". She extended her hand offering a mock handshake. He took her hand and shook it assuredly.

They spent the weekend making lists, prioritizing, debating. Occasionally, the discussion escalated into a disagreement. It even became a rather heated quarrel when it came to how much they were going to spend. Steele argued that their house should be an extension of the whole affluent image of the Remington Steele Agency. Laura was quick to point out that this was going to be their HOME and they didn't have to impress anyone. They survived the weekend talking about living together. Maybe they actually could pull this off. On Sunday afternoon they felt a little cabin fever and went to a few open houses. That's not the most expedient way to go about finding a house but it was a nice to get out.

Sunday evening. they went back to Laura's loft. It began to sink in when she entered. She looked around. With a wistful sigh, she remembered how she came to live in the converted warehouse. She changed a "filthy warehouse with the single luxury of a toilet" into something that was her own. She was going to miss this place. Remington noticed her melancholy mood and pulled her into an embrace, "If you prefer, we could buy some rundown foreclosure."

"I thought you always made it a point to move up in the process", she countered.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure" she answered apprehensively.

He led her to the couch. She sat on the edge still wary of what he was going to ask.

"Why did you think living together would be such a disaster?"

"I think you know I'm not the easiest person in the world to get along with..." Laura started adding a emphatic eyebrow. She continued, "It's probably only a matter of time until... I say...or do...something..."

"Laura, I'm not exactly a saint either, but I want to be with you." He leaned in and silently solicited a kiss from her. Before the kiss heightened, Remington pulled away.

"So tell me, why would being married be even worse?"

"You don't know how to quit while your ahead, do you?"

"Call me a sadist."

"I don't think you'd understand," Laura insisted.

"Are we just going to live in sin indefinitely?"

"Now you sound like my mother"

"What are you going to tell your mother?"

Laura leaned back on the couch, she clasped her hands together behind her head and dreamily imagined, "Oh something like... Mom, I'm screwing my boss so we decided to shack up. Maybe I can get pregnant then I'll really have
him on the hook."

"Be serious, Laura, doesn't every little girl dream of her wedding?"

"Not this little girl."

He looked at her with skeptism.

She took a deliberate breath and explained, "When I was little, I was more of a tomboy. Playing dressup,tea parties and the usual folly didn't interest me. About the time I started to be attracted to boys, my dad left which tainted my opinion of them. A few years later, Frances and Donald wed. I used to look up to her. She was smart and confident, then she turned into this giddy and submissive accessory to Donald Piper DDS. I vowed that I would never be defined by a man, I would never be someone's attachment. I wanted to be my own person."

"I think you've manage to accomplish that" He scooted closer to her and put her feet on his lap. He removed her shoes and socks and began to massage her feet.

She closed her eyes and settled deeper into the sofa. "Mmmmm that feels good"

He started to intensify his caress when she deliberately rubbed her eyes


"Would you be disappointed if I said yes?"

"No, I guess I should get used to a dull, plodding domestic life. I don't hardly expect us to make love EVERY night."

Laura peeked one eye open. "Does this mean you're going to park yourself in front of the TV and start watching sports?"

Remington pat her feet and got up. He started to pull off his polo shirt and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

Laura raised up on her elbows, "What are you doing?"

"I was going to take a shower before I go to bed"

"You're staying?"

"Unless you don't want me to?" He could sense her uneasiness then put her fears to rest,"Laura, I know you started your period, I'm not going to force myself on you. We can sleep, really."

Remington turned to go into the bathroom when Laura chided , "Just don't use my razor, you know, nicks the blades"

He soon emerged from the bathroom, looking quite luscious in just his boxers. Laura soon put that thought out of her mind. She gathered her tunic-like gown along with some underwear of her own and went to take a shower herself. He was lying in bed allowing her the side he knew she liked.
When she approached the bed he pulled back the corner of the covers and invited her in. Laura turned off the lamp on the nightstand and settled onto her pillow. She lay on her side, curled up in the fetal position, her back to him. Remington recognized she was experiencing some discomfort. He snaked
his arm around her abdomen to lightly soothed her.

"Good night, Laura"

She ran her hand along the length of his arm in a silent gesture of thanks and whispered, "G'night".

The End.