Steele on Our Own Part 5/6
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000
"Linda" <>

Part 5 is a Tony-free zone.

For anyone who minds that kind of thing there is a sexual scenario but no bad language.

So this was what people meant about relationships being work. In the recesses of his mind Harry recalled how he thought that the 'work' was over for Laura and him years ago, when they were finally able to declare their feelings for one another and get on with being a couple. Oh how he was wrong.

For what seemed like eternity, they both stood rooted in their spots.
Inertia set in, as did the inability to say a single word. And then, just when each thought the moment would never end, it did. Laura reached out and took hold of Harry's hand, gripping it tightly. Harry reciprocated by looping his arm around her waist and pulling her close. He angled his head downward and, ever so tenderly, touched his lips to hers. Heat. Preparing to get lost in the sensation, Harry briefly conceded to himself that e needed no other reason to fly 6,000 miles than this.

"Please stop." Laura took a step back and placed both hands on Harry's chest.

"Why?" Yes, why indeed?

"Because I---I think we need to clear the air first, to----talk about everything that's happened."

"Well then, go right ahead, Laura, since clearly you seem to be the one running the show here." With that, Harry reached behind Laura and slammed the door shut for emphasis. He seized her elbow, walked her around to the sofa, and none too gently helped her find a seat. Harry stalked to the other side of the coffee table and settled in to a chair there. "Do tell."

Laura huffed: "If that's the way you're going to act then---"

"Stop right there. Don't lay claim to being the injured party just yet. Do bear in mind that I am the one who chased YOU halfway 'round the world. I am the one who, having spent the better part of last night standing across the street looking up here, was left wondering what exactly you were doing with our dear friend Antony. Apparently I need wonder no more," he said as he gestured wildly toward the still-open bedroom door and began to pace.

"Hey! Nothing happened that I need to be ashamed of."

"Is that so? You walked out on me, Laura. You waltzed right out of our life together. Do you feel the slightest twinge of guilt about that?"

Harry had her there, and he knew it. Pressing his advantage: "And even though you didn't sleep with Antony you still found it acceptable, no, desirable, to confide in him instead of me. I mean, this is our marriage we're talking about here, isn't it? Or is that over?" Stopping for breath, he strode across the room and knelt in front of Laura, who still sat on the sofa, wearing a dazed expression that threatened tears. Harry seized her hands, holding them roughly at first, but then he began to caress them lovingly. He turned them over to reveal her palms. "I'm in your hands, you know."

Way too long a pause, and then "I'm sorry." She's sorry. What did that mean?? Sorry but this is the end of the road? Sorry I skipped out of town but I needed something at Harrod's? Harry waited.

"I left because I wanted to be the one doing the leaving, not the one left behind," Laura came out with in a rush.

"And what" Harry whispered as he moved to nestle between Laura's knees "could possibly make you think I would ever turn my back on our marriage?"

"You want, no, you need a family, I know you do. Look, we've talked about this. You were as determined as I was to make it happen. And, well, I feel very responsible that it won't happen."

"Laura, that's rubbish. You're my family, you're the only one I need. I know this conception Olympics has been difficult for both of us. But if I ever gave you the impression that it was in any way more important than what we are together, I am heartily sorry. It isn't and it never will be."

Laura wrapped her legs around Harry's waist and pulled him toward her. She found his mouth and tasted it. He returned her kiss with equal ardor, and placing his hands on her hips, drew her even closer.

The hurt melted away, and passion took its place.

"I missed you. And not just the last few days. More like the last year. We didn't do right by each other," Laura found the breath to say.

As he fingered the top button on Laura's blouse and placed kisses down the nape of her neck, Harry stopped long enough to say "But do you hear me, do you really hear what I'm saying to you?" And then he began to ever so slowly pull her blouse from within its neatly tucked position under her skirt.

"I-----I hear you. I believe you." Each of the buttons on Laura's blouse were methodically undone. "I---oh, yes----"

"And what else? " Harry prompted as he reached under Laura's skirt to peel her pantyhose off.

"I won't ever leave you again," Laura panted.

"And.." he coached, as her panties were the next item of clothing to go.

"And you won't----oh-----you won't ever leave me."

As Harry pushed up Laura's skirt and parted her legs he murmured, "I think you stated our intentions just right. And now my intentions are to strip you of what little clothing you're still wearing and do my best to remind you that I love you."

And so he did.

End of part 5
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