Lets Steele a Plot
"rescued" scene

by Suejue

(We all know that Remington admitted in Have I Got a Steele For You that he was only he was only human and he overstepped the mark on occasion. We can only truly appreciate what he meant if it wasnt for PAX removing this scene from Plot.)

"You see Maxie, I like a moving target," He possessively grabbed her head, planted a playful kiss, then slipped his arm around her body.

Laura didnt seem to mind. In fact, she in turn put her arm around his. "You be sure and call if you need anything."

"Thanks to the two of you, I think Im set for a while."

Remington pulled Laura a bit tighter, "Shall we Miss Holt?"

They left together still with their arms about each other, but when they got tot the parking lot, they realized they each had their own car there. They stood awkwardly for a moment. Why was this so hard? How could two people who are so obviously attracted to each other, so obviously miserable without each other, be so obviously misguided in keeping things professional between them. Laura pointed to the cars, "I guess this is goodbye for us too. I'll see you tomorrow?" She tried to be cheerful, but it wasnt very genuine. He could sense her sadness and saw it as an opportunity to perhaps go back to the way things were. Well, not EXACTLY the way things were. He had a few improvements in mind.

"Laura, would you like to get some dinner?"

To Laura, a restaurant seemed like a date and going to his apartment was a temptation shed rather not face at the moment so she offered, "How about we throw together something at the loft?"

"I'd love to rattle your pots, Miss Holt."

Remington bent over to look closely into Lauras icebox, "Well let's see, you have yogurt, four eggs, half a head of lettuce, some cheese that I suspect isnt suppose to be blue and assorted condiments. I am happy to announce that you are out of beer, however." He peeked around the door to assess her reaction to his thinnly veiled reference to Butch being gone as well.  She ignored him, pretending to check the pantry. He pressed further, "Did you put more beer on your shopping list?"

That got a reaction, "If youre referring to Butch, I told you, thats OVER. No... No.. let me change that. It would have to be SOMETHING first before it could be something to have an end."

He closed the fridge and stood behind her looking over her shoulder while she still perused the contents of her pantry. "Find anything?"

"Nope... We could order something to be delivered?"

"Oh and I was sooooo looking forward to rattling your pots." He bemoaned jokingly.

Laura reached around his shoulder took a pot down from the hook. She lightly nudged him to one side, pulled open the utensil drawer and extracted a whisk. She presented both to him, "Here, knock yourself out."

Laura walked over to the desk and began thumbing through the phone book. Remington returned the cookware back to its place and walked over to where Laura was standing. He reached for the switch on the wall. Turning off the lights, he pulled Laura close to his chest. Laura placed the phonebook back on her desk, surprisingly not protesting Remington's advances. His arms wrapped tightly around her body. She turned to face him and snaked her arms around his waist . Laura rested her head against his chest, relishing the feel of his lean body and masculine scent. She felt his lips press against the top of her head as his hands began to roam over her body; not the same forceful clutching manner as Butch. It was firm and strong, yet soft and caring at the same time. A touch she preferred. She realized if she looked up at this moment, a kiss would soon follow. She also realized that more than just a kiss would likely follow as well. She pulled out of his embrace, kissed him ever-so-briefly and turned the light back on. "You still hungry?" she asked, picking up the phonebook once again as if nothing just happened.

<God is that a loaded question> he thought to himself. "Famished, Miss Holt, absolutely famished."

She knew he wasnt talking about food.