by Andrea

Author's note - this is a work of fiction using characters owned by MTM Productions, Inc. It is strictly for entertainment purposes, and no copyright infringement is intended. This piece has no redeeming social value, breaks no new ground and does not advance the ongoing plot of Remington Steele fanfic. It is however rated NC17, so if you are not interested in this kind of material click on "BACK" now! Thanks for taking the time to read this - I just had to get this one out of my system. This one's for you, Jax!

Remington Steele came out of the fog of a heavy sleep, the sound of running water touching the edges of his consciousness, but not registering. He rolled over, expecting to drape himself around Laura, but when he found nothing but an empty expanse of cool sheet, he woke up fractionally more.

He forced one eye open to look at the clock radio and then shut it immediately. 7:30. The meaning of the running water finally occurred to him. What was Laura doing up at this gawdawful hour? Didn't she understand yet that no self-respecting hedonist was up before 9? Much as he hated leaving his haven, Remington thought it was always worth the effort to try to get Laura to come back to bed. He listened to Laura slamming around in the bathroom a minute more, then hauled himself up.

He opened the bathroom door to find Laura in her bathrobe, brushing her teeth like fury. He leaned against the door frame, his arms crossed over his bare chest, watching her with bemusement. He glanced around and noted Laura's nightgown on the hook, and the dry shower door, so he knew that she had not been up for long.

Laura willed herself to not look in his direction. She was already paying the price for having hit the snooze button three times this morning, and one glance at her husband in just his pajama pants was enough to make her stop everything and drag him back to their bed.

Laura had stayed up late the night before to finish her overdue project, and even though Remington had helped, it had taken longer than she expected. Oh, how she hated security contracts. But this one had been far too lucrative to pass up. They had been back from Ireland for only a month now, and while she wouldn't have traded their time there for anything, the agency's revenues had fallen off during that time, and Laura felt pressured to bring in some income. The agency wasn't in any danger of going under, but her enthusiasm for getting back to work had clouded her judgment a bit about the cases they would take on.

Everything would have been fine last night if Remington had not caught his second wind, and his powers of persuasion were beyond Laura's ability to resist. So now, having been unable to tear herself away from his warm embrace this morning, she was trying to make up for lost time. She thought she might succeed if she didn't look at her blue-eyed roadblock.

"Where's the fire, Laura?"

Laura shot her toothbrush into the cup and reached for a towel. "I told Mrs. Farmington I'd be at her house at 9:00 with that contract, and she lives way the hell out in Thousand Oaks," she said, gesturing wildly in that general direction.

"Can't we just call her, tell her you'll be a little late?"

Laura shook her head violently. "She's leaving for LAX at 12:00 and going to China for 10 days." She forced herself not to make eye contact with him when she spoke. Six weeks of life together as husband and wife had done nothing to cool Laura's passion for Remington, and she sincerely doubted that any amount of time would. She had found that the consummation of their relationship had only lit a hot persistent flame inside, and she could not get enough of the bliss of his body against hers. She loved him so much it drove her to distraction, and even some rather intense sessions on the office couch and in the back of the limo had not cooled her ardor.

Laura was trying to adjust to working in the same room with him without losing her focus, but she recognized that it was a lost cause. She knew from the goofy expression on Mildred's face that she sensed Laura's struggle.

Although by a force of will Laura kept her hands to herself at work at least, it was first thing in the morning that her resolve was weakest. The sight of a deliciously rumpled Remington in the morning, padding around the kitchen in his bare feet and open dressing gown, was irresistible to Laura. And the feeling of that morning stubble on her bare….

Laura snapped back to reality at the touch of Remington's hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly and before she could stop herself she looked into his eyes, and all was lost.

"I, uh, need to shower," she said dumbly, transfixed by his loving gaze.

"I'll help," he replied softly. Uh-huh, Laura thought. She could imagine just how much help he would be.

"I've got to hurry," Laura protested. "Mrs. Farmington is already steamed that she's getting this late."

"What time is Fred picking you up?"

"I told him I'd meet him at the office at 8:00."

"Well, he can pick us up here at 8:30, and that will give you a little more time."


"Yes. Since I'm going to be the one to blame for your running late, I thought I'd be along to smooth things over."

"'Going to be the one'?"

"Hmm-mmm. Now, no more questions."

He pulled Laura into his arms and kissed her deeply. He released her with a smile and went to the shower to turn the water on. Laura swayed slightly from the effect of his kiss.

Remington got the water temperature adjusted and came back to Laura. He slid her bathrobe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He quickly shed his pajama pants and escorted Laura into the shower.

A very tiny corner of Laura's brain told her this was going to make her really late, while the rest couldn't wait to see what would happen.

Laura stood under the hot water and let it soak her hair. Remington squeezed shampoo into his hand and began to massage it in. His fingers gently rubbed her scalp and nape. Laura knew she had always enjoyed having her hair washed when she got a haircut, but this was taking it to a whole new level. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his fingers in her hair. When he had finished, Laura rinsed out her hair and Remington put a generous amount of shower gel in his hand. When Laura opened her eyes he was smiling lasciviously. "Turn around, love," he whispered.

Laura turned her back to him as his slick hands massaged her back and shoulders. He worked his long fingers over her tight neck muscles and on down to the small of her back. He knew just where she carried her stress, and he gently tried to rub it out. Laura felt the tension melt away under his touch as she put her hand on the shower wall to support herself against the gentle force of his ministrations.

Laura was so relaxed that she was not aware that his slippery hands had crept around to her front, slid up to her breasts and over her nipples. Laura almost collapsed with the sensation, fully aware now, and Remington pressed himself against Laura's back to support her, his growing erection against her spine.

As he continued to massage her breasts, Remington bent his head to kiss Laura's neck and nibble on her earlobe. His hands moved to soap her arms and sides as he continued to wash every inch of her. Laura was literally turning to putty. He put more gel on his hands and moved to Laura's thighs. Already wet from the shower and her own arousal, Remington's fingers moved slickly over her sex. Laura gasped at his touch and leaned against him even more.

The hot water ran down Remington's arms to where his hands met at her vagina. The flow of the water and the touch of his hands were quickly bringing Laura to the brink.

Laura turned in his arms, wanting to hold off for just a few moments. The shower stream rinsed her back as she kissed him hungrily, her slick body pressed against his.

Laura broke their kiss and put some shampoo in her hands. She returned the hair washing favor, massaging Remington's scalp and temples. He closed his eyes and reached for the wall beside him to support himself. Laura took her time running her fingers through the thick black hair she loved so much.

Eventually she guided Remington to the shower and he rinsed the shampoo out. She put some shower gel in her hands and began to massage his chest and shoulders, working her way down his flat belly to his erection.

Laura slowly pulled her slick hands over his penis, gently squeezing with each stroke. Remington tried to support himself as his blood flow headed south. Laura stopped for just a moment to spread some gel on herself, pressed her slick breasts against his chest and returned to her stroking.

"Oh, god, Laura, I've got to have you, very soon."

Without another word Remington took Laura by the shoulders and put her where he had been under the water. He picked her up by the waist and pressed her against the marble wall. Laura hung on to his slick shoulders as he picked up her legs and entered her.

Laura's body reacted to the sensation of the cold stone on her back, the hot water gushing over them, and the even hotter point of their joining. She tightened her grip on his torso, thrusting her hips against his.

This standing position put Remington into overdrive, and he held Laura's weight against the wall as he thrust into her faster and faster.

"Harder," she ground out, and Remington jammed his body against hers, urging his leg muscles to hold on a bit longer.

That was too much for Laura, and she cried out his name as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Remington groaned loudly, arching into her as he came. With his last bit of strength Remington slid Laura to the floor and collapsed on his hands and knees, the shower beating his back. Laura sat on the tile floor, breathing hard.

When she had recovered Laura pushed Remington's wet hair out his face and kissed him. He smiled broadly as she rubbed the stubble on his chin.

"Are you OK?"

"Hmm, never better. How's your back?"

"I'm fine. Now how are you going to explain this to Mrs. Farmington?" Laura teased.

"Don't concern yourself about that. I think I know how to placate her." Remington reached up and turned off the water. He slowly got up and then pulled Laura into his arms.

Laura now allowed herself to freely study Remington's face. His eyes glowed with his love for her.

"I love you, Mr. Steele."

"And I love you."

Laura kissed him lightly and stepped out of the shower. Now time was of the essence and she had to move.

Remington made quick work of shaving and dressing. Laura still marveled at how he could be pressed and dressed in ten minutes, although today his hair was still wet.

"Where's Mrs. Farmington's phone number?" he called from the bedroom.

"In her file. By the front door."

Laura resorted to French braiding her wet hair and jumped into her clothes. In the other room she could hear Remington pouring on the charm to the unsuspecting Mrs. Farmington.

"…yes, yes, we're on our way out the door right now…your flight? Oh, no, we wouldn't want that…yes…no…uh-huh, uh-huh…perhaps you would allow us to escort you to the airport…why, certainly…yes, yes…and we can discuss your security arrangements in a more relaxed…oh, my sentiments exactly, Mrs. Farmington. Now why don't you finish packing and we'll be there before you know it…yes, sure, yes…bye-bye."

Remington let out a heavy sigh and hung up. Laura came out of the bedroom pulling on her shoes. "Poor woman, she'll never know what hit her," she laughed.

Remington eyes twinkled as he dialed again. "Fred? Good morning…yes, fine, thank you." He glanced at Laura. "Slight change of plans, old man. Would you mind coming over to the Rossmore, we're running a bit…you're already headed this way…ah, wonderful, Fred, good man." He hung up and looked at Laura.

"All's well that ends well, eh?"

"I think Fred's learning to read your mind." She went over to him and put her arms around him. "Will the day ever come that you can't charm your way into getting exactly what you want?" she asked.

"The ultimate weapon," he said softly, his lips very close to hers.

"Well, I surrendered a long time ago. I've been disarmed, permanently."

Remington's lips met hers for a long lingering kiss, broken only when the phone rang once as Fred signaled his arrival. Laura sighed heavily.

"Too bad your charms don't have any effect on inanimate objects, Mr. Steele."

Remington laughed as he opened the door for Laura and they headed for the elevator.