Steele Vows Finale
Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2000
Sue Hantak <>



Biting back what he wanted to say, Remington quietly left the bathroom. It took even ounce of self control not to stay and confront her. He reasoned she would just storm out the apartment. Again. No, it was best not to provoke her now. They had the Benefit Gala to attend tonight. With the watchful public eye and press in attendance, it was best to be on good terms with Laura to not attract any undue suspicions about their marriage. Remington decided that this evening after the fundraiser he and Laura could finally work this whole thing out.

Laura threw herself into a project that (not-so-coincidentally) kept her occupied alone in her office. She did her best to avoid him during the workday. She could not, however, escape the reoccurring thoughts that distracted her. One thought kept coming back, *Maybe everything does happen for a reason* . Laura left the office early to get her gown altered for the benefit. When she arrived at the apartment, Remington was already putting on the finishing touches. Gold magnifying glass cuff links(the ones Laura gave him) adorned his impeccable attire. Laura thought to herself, *God he's attractive*. Her eyes assessed him up and down and when they traveled back up to his face, his eyes met hers. She was roused from her admiring stare. "You look very nice," Laura said automatically.

"Thank you," He relieved her of the hanger she was holding. "and what will you be wearing this evening, my dear?" He began to tear away the plastic that concealed her dress. He got a quick glimpse of the satiny dark green material when Laura jerked the dress into her possession, "you'll see soon enough" She wiggled her eyebrows in a playfully mysterious manner and disappeared into the bedroom.

Remington almost spilled a glass of champagne on his crisp white shirt when Laura made her entrance. Laura was a vision. Her hair was simply brushed back with one side held back by an ornamental clip. Her strapless gown clung to her body and swirled over her shapely hips and tapered to her knees. She was holding her shoes in one hand and clasping her gown close to her chest with the other.

"Would you zip me?" Laura deposited her shoes on the sofa, walked over to Remington and turned her back to him. Remington put down his glass. His eyes looked down admiringly at the bare skin of Laura's back. With the dress open, he could plainly see" that Laura wasn't wearing a bra of any kind. Remington reluctantly zipped up the gown. Laura craned her neck up and to the right, "All done?"

"Not quite." He whispered provocatively. His hands slid down the side of her body and came to rest on her waist. With her still slightly turned, he bent down to surprise her with a kiss. She turned her body to continue the kiss. She snaked her arms around his waist and stepped in close. Laura instinctively parted her lips below his. Their tongues met in a sensuous implication of what they both desired. After several heated moments, Remington's lips traveled to her exposed neck. Laura breathlessly interrupted, "Mr. Steele........"

Remington's postponed desires took over. He then concentrated on the hollow behind her ear at the base of her jaw. Laura's was turning to putty. A slight moan betrayed her resolve, "hmmm....Mr.........mmmm........Mr...... Steele......... you're.....ahhh.... going to wrinkle". Laura barely managed to finish her sentence.

Close to her ear, he suggested, "Then we'll just have to take off the clothes" .

"But we're expected at dinner?"

"Laura, for once, let's do something unexpected," He pulled back from her neck, slightly cocked his head with silently pleading eyes.

She didn't say anything. She knew the longer she contemplated it, her logical and cautious sensibilities will once again make the same old decision. In a preemptive move, she reached up and tugged on his bowtie, "You've convinced me."

After four years of telling herself she was never going to "just fall into bed with him", she in fact, did exactly that. She always imagined they would consummate their relationship after some dramatic scene; a profound declaration of their love for each other, jetting off to some exotic locale or some other similar fantasy. She knew he loved her, if for nothing else, he put up with her nonsense for all these years. She was replaying all the sweet moments between them in the VCR in mind as she lay atop his body, gently stroking his chest. This time she did not see them with the same suspicious and frightened eyes that clouded her judgment in the past. Laura saw a man trying to show a woman that he loved her. She was so lost in thought she did not hear him call her name. She lay, staring into space still numb by what just transpired


She looked up at him with her chin resting on his sternum, "What?"

"Where were you?"

"Closer to heaven than I've ever been".

The End