Steeling a Moment (Adult)
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In the words of Monty Python.....and now for something completely different...

(Sexual Content- be warned)


by Suejue

Laura entered the lobby of the hotel a bit confused, "He did say lunch, didn't he?" she questioned herself. It was only when a hotel employee approached her with a discreet, "Miss Holt? Would you please follow me." that she put two and two together. Sure, they joked about it, but she never
thought they would act on that fantasy. Of course they had that discussion, before they ever thought it would become a necessity. For the past six weeks, Mr. Steele had the unwelcome company of Vinnie Capeti, small time mobster with big time information. The only way he would agree to testify in the federal organized crime trial was to have the Remington Steele Agency provide for his 24 hour protection.

With Remington hiding out with Vinnie, Laura was left to run all the other agency business, they only saw each other in fleeting moments and frustration was approaching desperation. The bellhop opened the door for Laura. Remington thanked him with a Ben Franklin and locked the door behind him.

"Where's Vinnie?" Laura looked around the room still wondering if she really was summoned to this hotel for the carnal purpose of a nooner.

Remington confirmed her suspicions when he pulled her into an embrace and began to finger the buttons of her blouse. His lips silenced her with a searing kiss. He broke the kiss and began to concentrate on undoing her buttons.

"Shhh I don't want to talk about him. I have spent over a month with that Godfather wannabe. Do you know that little man had the nerve to insult my marinara? I'm about ready to shoot him myself."

"Mr. Steele, we shouldn't do this."

"Why not? He'll be at the courthouse for about an hour," he eased her onto the bed. His tongue sought out her ear as his hands traced the contours of her body.

She pushed up on his shoulders and looked him intently in the eye, "NO, I mean we can't do this now."

"Why? Don't you miss me as much as I miss you?"

"Of course I do, but my diaphragm won't do us any good sitting in my medicine cabinet at home. When you said lunch, I thought you meant lunch."

"Laura, we haven't been intimate for six weeks. You should know me well enough by now to know that lunch doesn't mean lunch?"

"Maybe there's a drugstore nearby."

"Laura we only have an hour." He looked as his watch, "And we were already behind schedule. We're supposed to already be in the throes of passion by now." He pulled up on her hip to get to the zipper in the back.

"I think you're missing my point. This might not be the best time to be completely spontaneous."

"No, I hear you loud and clear. Just tell me one thing, what day are you on? What is the likelihood?"

"Hand me my purse." She couldn't believe she was even checking. Laura pulled out her dayplanner. Remington continued disrobing her, which was too much of a distraction, "Mr. Steele, please stop that for a moment."
Remington stood and took off his shirt and pants. She spoke aloud to better concentrate. "Okay today is the 27th. I should start on the 9th. Subtract back fourteen days." She stopped and posed, "Sperm lives 48 hours and the egg 72? or is it the other way around?"

He looked at her dumbfounded, creased his pants neatly and returned to the bed in only his underwear. She continued, "No matter, either would fall into our window of opportunity. Like I said before, we can't do this." She
snapped her portfolio shut. Laura tried to get up from the bed but Remington pulled her back and resumed his seduction efforts.

"I don't care Laura," he whispered as he covered her body with his own. His arousal was more than apparent to Laura. She tried once again to bring him to his senses before she lost her own.

"Mr. Steele, I don't think your brain is calling the shots at the moment, so to speak."

Her rationale seemed to fall on deaf ears as he seemingly ignored her and continued his persuasive tactics while removing the remnants of her clothes. He kissed his way down her neck and in between her breast. He bit the front clasp of her bra between his teeth until a soft click separated the satin fabric and exposed her nipples which were obviously aroused as well. Laura actually found the prospect of making love unprotected somewhat daring and extremely romantic. Of course she was in for two weeks of pure hell of
wondering "am I?" and quite possibly followed by a lifetime of parental hell from this one hour of passion. But when the man you love more than anything is bringing you to the brink of ecstasy, merely by peeling off your underwear, you only want to follow it through to its logical conclusion.

Laura started responding with kisses and stroking of her own. When he realized Laura's hands making their way to the waistband he scooted down her legs out of her reach, to tongue her into a pounding climax first. Panting and out of control, she grabbed him gently by the hair and summoned back up her body. He rolled slightly to her left and resumed kissing. This time when she reached for him, he allowed her to her handiwork. Her right hand slipped inside his underwear that was already a bit damp. She applied pressure to his length while her fingertips gently massaged his balls. In the meantime, her left hand worked his briefs over his hips and she toed them off down his legs. She withdrew her hand to his tip and rubbed circles around his head
while holding his member in her grasp. He began thrusting against her hand.

His left hand slid up the inside of her thigh and glided between her folds massaging in a matching rhythm to the thrusting against her hand. Remington rolled to his back pulling Laura's leg over hip positioning her on top. They
looked at each other almost as if to ask "Are you sure?" They silently answered each other as he lifted his hips and she sank down on him. He pulled her face to his. Finally joined, they kissed again just savoring the intimate connection. His hands once again molded to her body as he ran them down her body to her hips. There he guided her up and down. Needing to feel closer, he sat up and suckled her breasts, nipping and flicking in response to the unstoppable intensity that overcame both of them. Just before he climaxed, he rolled Laura over to her back. Remington shuddered, then stilled his body as he buried himself deeply inside her riding the powerful, indescribable pleasure.

Remington rolled again to his back holding Laura close to his chest. Her hand drew random patterns down his arm. She propped herself on one elbow supporting her chin with her left hand, "That, that was..."

Remington anticipated the word 'unbelievable', but Laura finished with, "incredibly stupid."

Remington looked at her somewhat hurt. They just shared the most wonderfully amazing experience and Laura was already regretting it. "Shit, Do you realize what we just did?"

"Laura I refuse to apologize for that."

"But what if..."

"IF it happens, I'd be the happiest man alive and I'm not just saying that because I'm the happiest man alive right now."

The End.