Steeling Proposition
Date: Friday, November 16, 2001
By: Cindy <>

Steeling Proposition
rated NC-17

Laura was sitting at her desk when there was a knock at her door. "come in"
she replied not bothering to look up from her computer screen.

"hard at work, eh Miss Holt" Remington leaned in the door way.

"Always, Mr. Steele." she looked up at him. "Do you need

That was a loaded question, "just checking in seeing what you
are up to."

"Finishing up the Broughten case, should be done in about two
seconds," with a few key strokes she announced "ta-da, all done." She stood
up and stretched a bit. I think I need to get away from this desk for a

"Well, Laura all work and no play," Steele trailed off not
needing to finish.

Laura crossed over to him and placed her hands on the knot of his tie
casually straightening it, "are you saying I am a dull girl?"

"You? Dull? Actually, yes." Steele looked down to see Laura feign a hurt expression. Laura let go of his tie and slid by him into his office. Steele turned to follow her shutting Laura's door and leaned against it. Laura was heading towards the middle of his office when she turned around. Remington was surprised to see her slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

Well, then, I guess I'll have to do something to change your impression of me." Remington didn't move, he only smiled. Laura walked back towards him, ever so slowly, she had her blouse unbuttoned by the time she reached him. She went up on her toes and captured his mouth with hers.
She pressed him to open his mouth and he happily obliged. He slowly put his
hands on Laura's waist and began to untuck her shirt from her skirt. When he
had it freed, he wrapped his arms around her. Laura reached up to undo his
tie. She backed away from him and pulled him with her by his undone tie. She
backed all the way to his desk and stopped when the back of her legs came up
against it.

"Perhaps not so dull, Miss Holt" He leaned in to kiss her again and removed her blouse sliding it off her arms to the floor. She slid his tie from his shirt and began to work on the buttons. remington let his hands roam around her warm skin, until he found her breasts and gently began teasing her nipples. Laura finished with the buttons and slid his shirt and suit jacket off in one fluid motion and it joined her blouse on the floor.

Remington reached down to Laura's hips and lifted her onto his desk. Laura
began to kiss his chest and return the favor of his teasing, gently sucking
his nipples while undoing his belt and zipper. She then cupped the increasing bulge in his trousers.

"Not dull at all," he barely got out. He reached down while Laura continued to stroke him and unzipped the back of her skirt. He worked it down over her hips along with her hose. Laura then let his pants fall around his ankles. She then put her hands inside his boxers and grasped him in her hands. When she did that Remington's control was all but gone. He ripped off her shoes and pulled the rest of her clothes all the way off, while simultaneously doing the same to what was left of his clothes.
Both naked now he laid Laura back on his desk and ran his hands from her breasts to her stomach. He felt around lower and watched Laura writhe and moan under his touch. She was ready for him and he slid her back to the edge a little more towards him and entered her swiftly. Laura moaned her pleasure and began to move away from him. She was playing with him now. He pushed them both back farther on his desk until he was lying on top of her. Maybe it was the location maybe it was pure passion but both of them were ready to climax quickly. Remington felt Laura tighten around him and wrap her legs around him to press them even closer together, he quickly followed her into bliss. Panting and sweating Laura finally found her voice, "don't ever call me dull, Mr. Steele," Laura gave him her most devilish grin.

Almost breathless he replied, "Wouldn't dream of it Miss Holt," he kissed her again.
THE END..............or is it? NEXT!