suburban scrap
Date: Friday, July 06, 2001
sue hantak <>

(permission to 'file', Krebbie)

Suburban Scrap Scene

by Suejue

The disposal choked down the last of the spaghetti. It sputtered and gagged as if it were as indigestible as everyone else seemed to think. She took small solace in the fact that at least made an attempt. She could have easily taken a pizza order from the kids, but felt she could put together a simple meal. Now he was the hero, the fun one. Remington played with them before dinner, saved them from the unspeakable dangers of her cooking, and now he was telling them stories before bed. And oh, did he know how to tell a story. Without the aid of any book, he told the most vivid and entertaining tales. Laura became increasingly annoyed with each giggle that emanated from the bedroom. It was unfair to be mad at Mr. Steele, but she couldn't face the truth that she was mad at herself. Saddened would be a more accurate word. Laura realized that she was fairly inept in a homemaker role. But was it really necessary for Frances to write down '911' on the reminder board by the phone before she left?

She turned out the kitchen light and gathered up the toys in her path. Mr. Steele, too, had amassed a handful as he walked down the hall back toward the same room as Laura. He unloaded his pile in a nearby chair. He took the items from Laura as well and dumped them in the same chair. She protested, "Mr. Steele, I don't think that solves anything."

He reached around her to untie the apron from her waist. "On the contrary, how can we possibly do this..." He removed the apron and wrapped his arms once again around her body, "if we are holding all of <that>?

Laura wiggled out of his grasp, "Not tonight, Mr. Steele I have a headache." She grabbed everything that was deposited in the chair and walked down the hall.

Remington knew he was still paying the price for the spaghetti rebellion earlier. With his pizza co-conspirators now tucked in bed, he now had to overthrow Laura's mood. No easy task. She hardly said a word during dinner other than an occasional 'fine' spoken in such a way that was far from assuring him that everything was 'fine'. When she returned to the family room, Mr. Steele was waiting with glass of wine in hand. "If you want an aspirin or something stronger, just say the word, Laura."


"For your headache," he clarified.

She graciously accepted the glass he held out, "We'll try this first."

Remington smiled, thankful that Laura's quick temper was only surpassed at times by her ability to steer herself out of a skid.

With his free hand he led her to the sofa. He sat near one armrest and was pleasantly surprised when Laura reclined closely against his chest.

After a few quiet moments, Laura sipped her wine then returned the glass to the coffee table. Remington, too, set his glass aside and dimmed the lamp. Just as he reached out to pull Laura back to him, she began to get up, "If you're tired, you can take the master bedroom, I'll sleep on the sofa."

A bit exasperated at her not picking up on his subtle clues, he yanked her back to his lap. "Laura, are we ever going to NOT have the who gets the sofa discussion?"

This time he managed to hold Laura in place.

"As long as we are in my sister's house with three children nearby, we will."

"Well, I'll gladly sleep on the couch, later...much later." Remington breathed in a ragged whisper. He lowered Laura against the cushions, then maneuvered himself on top of her.
"And now?" Laura panted, a bit ragged herself at the close proximity.

"And now we are going to play naughty babysitter who sneaks in that sex-starved rogue who mom and dad disapprove of, to snog on the sofa."

"Snog?" Laura giggled at his choice of words, "What's that?

"Allow me to demonstrate." Remington kissed her soundly. His lips and hands roved with a playful aggressiveness.

(Phone rings)

Remington glanced over his shoulder then back at Laura, then closed his eyes asking the rhetorical question, "I suppose we have to get that?"

"I'm sure it's Frances. Can you imagine her hysteria if we didn't answer?"

Laura pushed Remington up and reached across his body to pick up the phone from

the end table.

"Hello?...Yes, Frances,(she gives Remington an I-told-you-so look).

"Everything is fine."

"Yes... well balanced dinner... all the food groups, bread, meat, cheeses... even fruit."

"Baths... teeth brushed... in bed."

The confident assuredness in her tone in the conversation sharply changed to one of uneasiness, "Room mother?"


"No...No...You and Donald stay there...Yes, I'm sure...Frances, I can DO CUPCAKES!"

She returned the phone to its base. Remington knew by the apologetic look.

"I have some baking to do." She got up from the sofa and covered herself once again with the apron.

"Cheer up, Mr. Steele, we can snog while they bake."

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