Sweet Revenge
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2002
Roz Bertier <lifesanstd@touchmyinfection.com>

Hey! A new fic! Descoine's POV, on why he's so mad at Steele, and it's him reflecting on what happened with Lilly. Enjoy it!


I looked at the newspaper clippings. I hated him. I hated him with every bit of my being. I despised him. he had not only taken away part of my life, but he had taken away the one thing that I lived for. My Lilly. He took my Lilly away from me.

Whenever I thought of her, the first thing that I thought of was of him, and what he did to me. And then I felt sad, more than sad, I felt like there was nothing left to live for. Not with Lilly gone. I missed her so badly. At least I still had Rose. Rose was the only thing keeping me alive.

But Rose was also killing me. She looked so much like her mother. She was beautiful, nice, perfect, just like her mother. When I looked at her I saw Lilly. I wandered the famillliar park, heading towards the back, to the familiar area. Towards the cemetery.

I walked to Lilly's grave, laying a single rose on it. She died ten years ago today. I wanted nothing more than to kill that pretty boy detective. Or his partner. I wanted to make him bleed. Make him hurt like I hurt.

But he'd never be able to feel the pain that I feel. He could never know how much it hurts to have the one reason that you live, your love, the mother of your child, die, because of you. Die almost at your hands. And watch her die. I hadn't gotten to the vats in time.

I remember going to the acid vats, I had followed her, but my car stalled before I got there, and I had to walk the last mile. When I got there, Lilly was already on the bridge, about to jump. The last thing, I'll always remember this, but the last thing she said was she told me goodbye and jumped. Her anguished, pained scream cut through the air for a minute, before it faded away.

I had stood there for about 10 minutes, just standing there, silent tears running down my cheeks. When I left, I had sworn my revenge on him. It was his fault that she killed herself. It was the perfect crime. It had been, at least. Until he came along, and cracked it.

As I stood at her grave, silent tears running down my cheeks as I remembered that day, I plotted my revenge, it was perfect. Revenge would be sweet. Oh yes, Revenge was VERY sweet.

The End