Sweet Steele


Donald takes a wrapped package out of a suitcase and hands it to Laura. "A thank you for saving my life gift."
"Oh, how sweet," Laura coos, as she kisses Donald on the cheek.
Donald and Frances grab their bags and head out the door. More chit chat, promises to send kids' pictures and to call, as they are finally gone.
Laura slides the door shut and puts Donald's gift on her home desk. Steele points at it and asks, "Aren't you going to open it?"
"No hurry."
"Aren't you in the least bit curious?"
"You know me. I can go months without opening a present."
He considers it a moment. "Such willpower, eh?"
They stand there another moment, then Laura rushes over and rips the paper off the box. It's an enormous chocolate sampler, which must have come from the chocolate convention. Laura tries to hold out against temptation, then weakens. "Well, maybe just one."
"That's what Ray Milland said just before he lost the weekend."
"Nope," Laura said quickly placing the chocolate back in the box and replacing the lid with defiance. "I can't do it."
"Tell me, Laura," Remington started, tugging on his ear, "what happens if you give in to this little…ah…addiction…of yours. I mean…how dangerous can it really be?"
Laura shot him a look of indignation. She strode away from the desk where she had placed the chocolates as if to place as much distance as possible between herself and her affliction. "We all have our vices, Mr. Steele. For some, it's alcohol, drugs, or…," she turned to look at him, "theft. For me, it's chocolate. Once I start, I can't stop. Pretty soon, it affects my work, breaks my concentration, invades my every thought….it is an addiction. My line of work, not to mention my waistline, do not permit me such an indulgence. "
Remington picked up the box of chocolates from her desk and once again removing the lid, walked over to where she stood at the foot of the short flight of steps to her bedroom. "It seems, Miss Holt, that you allow yourself very few indulgences." He held the open box of chocolates right in front of her face so she could inhale the bittersweet aroma. All work and no play…"
"makes me a dull girl?" Laura finished with a playful frown.
"Mr. Steele, I have other ways of 'indulging' myself." She grabbed the box of chocolates from him and sat it down on the raised landing to her left. She grabbed his lapels and pulled him to her for a searing kiss.
"I see," Remington responded, staring into her eyes. "And will this 'indulgence' follow the same path as your one for chocolate?" Laura laughed as he continued, "Will it 'break your concentration, invade your every thought?' "
Laura smiled, "It seems that it already has." They kissed again, slowly and more passionately this time.
"It seems that jealousy can bring things to a new light," Laura said breathlessly. "It was flattering to think you would be jealous of my being with another man."
"Well, I mean, what was I supposed to think…no note as to your whereabouts, a hotel, a man with whom you were obviously more than merely acquainted…" Laura stopped him with another searing kiss.
"I thought we were talking about indulgences," she said suggestively.
"Yes..." he answered with another passionate kiss.
She tangled her hands in his thick hair. As their kisses grew even more intense, she removed him of his jacket. He did not object and continued his trail of kisses down her neck. Finally, he lifted her effortlessly into his arms and up the few steps to her bedroom. He stood her in front of him just at the foot of her bed. She began to loosen his tie.
"Laura," he said huskily, "speaking again of 'indulgences…'" Laura smiled at him. "Much more, and I won't be able to stop."
"You don't have to," she replied and sealed her intentions with her lips pressed hard on his. "And I don't think after tonight, you will ever again call me 'dull.'"
Remington wasn't sure if it was the smell alone of the chocolates, the jealousy he had professed to her the day before after seeing her with her brother-in-law in the hotel lobby or seeing Frances and Donald so happy that changed her mind about their making love, but at this point, his mind focused only on Laura and 'indulging' her.