A Very Brady Steele
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2002
Lauryn Poynor <lpoynor@yellowhammer.com>
Anne Rose <LCHAnne@hotmail.com>

Though the union frowns on us doing requests (unless we at least
get scale) my writing partner Anne and I decided to make an

Note to SJ: you're on your own with the Partridge Family.

A Very Brady Steele

Here's a story of a lady shamus
Who was busy with a business of her own
They were three friends, working all together
Their mystery boss unknown.

Here's a story 'bout a blue-eyed conman
Who had more than his fair share of sex appeal
On the trail of some hot rocks he took a detour
To meet a man of Steele.

When the lady looked up and saw this fellow
The man she had invented became real
And after the merry chase was over
He decided to become Remington Steele

Re-ming-ton Steele
Re-ming-ton Steele
He decided to become
Re-ming-ton Steele
The End