XXX Holt
Date: Saturday, August 11, 2001
Steele Chic <>

OK Fic fans, this piece is a continuation of a great little story by Lovesteele called XXX Steele, I recommend reading it first, it can be found on her site. Thanks for letting me borrow the idea. Her story was writen from Steele's POV so of course I've switched it to Laura's POV for the continuation.

I started it way back in February on an airplane but kept getting interrupted by a male steward who I think was hitting on me while I was deathly ill with the flu and not wanting to be disturbed.

After that, I would add slowly to it when I had spare time at school in Canada but then something strange happened,(Warning - too much information may follow), I discovered that I cannot write about sex when I'm getting some. Weird, eh?

Anyway, I finally completed it, so here it is. It hasn't been edited at all, and it's not one of my better pieces, but here goes...

XXX Holt
By SteeleChic
Rated NC17 for sex scenes and material of a sensitive

XXX Holt.

Laura shoved the door to her loft closed in
irritation. She tossed her keys and purse onto the
kitchen bench and continued through to her bedroom.

"Nice work, Laura," she muttered sarcastically to
herself, tearing off her sweater, "You handled that
just *brilliantly*."

She stripped off her jeans and underwear and stepped
into the shower, anxious to wash away the grime and
sweat she had accumulated during the day by helping
her mother move house.

Never had she imagined that she would ever walk in on
Remington Steele using pornography to gratify himself,
When she had first envisioned her invented superior,
she had seen him as strangely asexual, and to have
been suddenly confronted with hard evidence, so to
speak, that the incarnation of her great detective
Remington Steele was all male, with the usual needs
and urges, had been an awkward and embarrassing

Uncomfortable, Laura had fled, and it was only now
that she began to suppose that she should be thankful
that he chose to take care of his own needs, rather
than turn to another woman to satisfy him, especially
as Laura acknowledged that she herself did little to
assist him in that respect.

Besides, she now reasoned, it's a perfectly natural
part of life, everybody does it, and anyone who says
they don't is probably lying.

Laura shut off the faucet, wrapped herself in a terry
cloth robe and returned to the living room. She put
some soft music on the stereo, switched on a lamp,
picked up her book and stretched out across the long

The book was a trashy, steamy romance novel borrowed
from her mother. Not the legal thriller or crime novel
Laura usually preferred. The hero, tall, dark haired
and light eyed, did little to dislodge Remington's
image from her mind.

She reflected that, of the handful of lovers she'd
had, none had ever been able to completely release the
well of pleasure Laura knew she held deep inside.

It had been so long since she'd attended to her own
needs, it would be so nice to relieve some of this
tension, it would be so easy to just...

Laura let the fingertips of one hand drop from the
book, trail lightly over her throat, down over the
swell of her breasts, beyond her abdomen and between
the folds of her robe.

It was easy to imagine herself in te role of the
heroine, easier still to imagine Remington Steele
doing with her all the things her characters were
doing. For hadn't it been that way in her dreams for
the longest time?

Laura sighed as she felt her tension mounting, her
pleasure cresting, until -


"Oh God!!"

She leaped up, book still in hand, and clutched the
robe tightly around herself, "Who is it?" Laura
called, hurrying to the door.

"It's me Laura," came Remington's voice, "I need to
talk to you, to try and explain....can I come in?"

She pulled open the door, her face a mask of guilt,
and allowed him to step inside. As he closed the door
behind him, Remington looked at her quizzically. His
gaze moved to the dimly lit room, the stereo, still
softly playing music, focused on the cover of the book
still held in Laura's hand, and noticed the deep flush
that crept up her neck from her breasts and suffused
her cheeks with a rosy glow.

In a low and deliberate voice, Remington said, "If you
wanted pleasure Laura, all you need do was to ask for
it," he took a step towards her, "You knew that."

Reflexively, Laura took a step back, backing away from
this person she barely knew, yet knew better than
almost anyone else. The person she tried desperately
to understand, a little more each day. The person who
knew her, perhaps better than she knew herself. The
person who had the power to hurt her deeper than she'd
ever been hurt before. This person who meant more to
her than anyone else in the world. This man.

This time she stood frozen to the spot as he stepped
towards her, once, twice, until he was close enough to
touch her, running a finger along her throat where the
scarlet hue of her pleasure was fading slowly away.

"You knew that," he repeated softly.

And he was right. She did know. In her dreams she knew
exactly the kind if pleasure he would give her and in
reality she knew that he'd already possessed her heart
and that it was only a matter of time before he
possessed her body as well.

Laura pulled on the ties of her robe, shrugged
slightly and let the heavy garment fall to the floor,
pooling around her feet. With one motion she'd bared
her body and in her eyes she bared her soul as she
looked up at him.

"Laura?" he questioned uncertainly, surprised by her

She shook her head, ever so slightly, raised up on tip
toe, and, closing the gap between them, she kissed
him, hot, open and oh so sweet.

Remington groaned into her mouth, thrust one hand into
her hair and anchored the other arm around her waist,
drawing her tighter against him. He took what she
offered, his tongue thrusting forward to tangle with
her own.

Laura gave a moan of longing as she opened one knee
and pressed close, arching against him the part of her
that needed him most.

Remington ran a hand down her back and over the smooth
skin of her buttocks and lifted her effortlessly.
Instinctively her legs went around his waist as he
carried her to her bed and lay her gently onto it.

They were still kissing feverishly as Laura went to
work on his clothing and soon they were both naked.

"Let me look at you," Remington uttered raggedly,
drawing away from her, "You're so beautiful," he
murmured, almost in wonder, as his hands caressed her
breasts and moved lower until he was parting her
gently and sliding a finger inside.

Laura bucked against him, reaching up to draw him back
down to her. Her hands roamed every inch of him,
finding him hot, hard and smooth to the touch.

"Laura, I want you," he told her, "But I want you to
be sure."

"Then take me," Laura breathed, "Take all of me."

He paused at her entrance, suspended over her, before
easing slowly into her.

Laura cried out at the delicious sensation as her body
stretched to accommodate him. Remington groaned as her
body hugged him tightly, a perfect fit. He withdrew
from her completely, wanting to experience the magic
of the first thrust all over again.

He kissed her this time, as he eased slowly back
inside her, the tortuous pace maddening for them both,
before their bodies began moving to a timeless rhythm
that would lead them to a mind- blowing crescendo.

In and out, in and out, over and over again as
sensation after sensation crashed down over them until
they called out each others name, their pleasure
carrying them to a shattering climax.

As she lay, curled in his arms, Laura gave a secretive
smile of contentment as she acknowledged what she had
always known would be true. It had been better than
even her wildest dreams.