Aloha, Mr. Steele 5/8
Date: Monday, May 19, 2008
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Aloha, Mr. Steele
Chapter five
Bright and early Monday morning, Remington and Laura walked hand in hand into the hotel lobby and asked the desk clerk for the wedding planner. He arrived shortly and introduced himself.
"Mr. Steele, Miss Holt, nice to meet you," he said, shaking both of their hands. "I'm Kainalu Namahu. But you can just call me Kai."
"Pleasure to meet you, Kai," Mr. Steele said. "Please, call us Remington and Laura."
"If you'll come with me," Kai said. "I have something to show you."
Remington and Laura followed as Kai led them out of the hotel and down towards the beach.
"We are so pleased that you have chosen to be married here on the island of Maui," Kai said. "We have a wedding just about to begin. I thought you might like to see what a traditional Hawaiian ceremony looks like."
The three of them stood a distance away. Close enough to see the ceremony, but far enough away to not intrude on the private moment.
The wedding was simple and yet so beautiful and elegant. Laura watched intently as each part of the ceremony was presented, becoming more emotional at each moment. Remington watched as well, but his focus was more on Laura and her reaction rather than on the wedding ceremony itself. He reached down and took her hand. She laced her fingers in his, tears welling up in her eyes. When the ceremony ended, and the bride and groom kissed, Laura could not hold her composure any longer. She released her hold and quickly walked away, trying to hide her emotions.
Kai, a man with great experience in matters of the heart, knew they needed time alone.
"I'll meet you two back at the hotel, Remington," Kai said.
"Thank you," Remington said, already walking towards her. "Laura?" He caught up to her. "Are you all right?"
He turned her around to face him. The tears were obvious. Remington pulled Laura cose to him and held her tightly.
"I'm okay," she said, her head still buried in his chest.
"Laura, we don't have to get married here," he said. "We can have our wedding wherever you want and whenever you're ready."
Laura looked up at him, her eyes glistening. "It's not that," she replied as she wiped the tears away. "Watching that ceremony was so emotional because I wished it were US. I WANT to marry you; right here, right now. In that same beautiful ceremony on the beach. I love you so much. It frightens me to say it, but it's the truth. What scares me more than being with you is being without you."
Remington smiled as he leaned in and gave her a deep, loving kiss. "I love you, too, Laura Holt," he replied. "Let's go plan our wedding."
They walked arm-in-arm back to the hotel to find their wedding planner
Kai, an expert in his field, smoothly walked them through every step of the process. They chose the flowers, the photography layout and the music.
"I don't think we need a cake," Laura said.
"Why not?" Remington replied.
"It's just going to be us."
"Laura, you only get married once," Remington said. "I want you to have the perfect wedding—including cake. We can eat the whole thing ourselves if we like." He winked at her. "I'm sure we'll expend the extra calories somehow."
Kai had the hotel bakery bring in samples of cake so they could decide what flavor they wanted. Of course, Laura wanted chocolate. But there were so many others to choose from. They decided on a very small Chocolate-Macadamia nut cake.
Next, Kai asked about wedding rings. Laura already had her beautiful engagement ring, but they both needed wedding bands. Kai showed them an assortment of rings from a local jeweler. They were so happy to find matching bands that coordinated perfectly with Laura's engagement ring.
"We're almost finished," said Kai. "Will you have any friends or family joining you for the blessed event?"
This question almost caught them off guard. "No," Laura quickly said.
"We're going to share our joy with our friends and family when we return home," Remington added, smiling at her. Laura smiled back.
"Ok," Kai said. "Now it's time for Laura to choose what she will wear for the ceremony and of course, tradition holds that the groom cannot see it until the wedding. So, Remington, you must leave us while she makes her choice."
Remington got up to leave. He leaned down and kissed Laura. "See you back in the room," he said.
Remington left Kai's office, but instead of heading back to their room, he went to the hotel lobby to find a phone. He picked up the receiver and made the long distance call.
"Remington Steele Investigations," a familiar voice answered on the other end.
"Mildred, it's me."
"Boss?" she replied. "How are you? . . . Where are you?"
"It's a very long story . . . One I'll share later," he replied. "But right now, I need your help."
"Anything, Chief. Shoot!"
Remington proceeded to give Mildred the information she needed to complete the assignment. He hung up, thoroughly pleased with himself. If Mildred was able to do this, he would be the happiest man in the world. Again.
Remington had one more call to make. He dialed the number.
"Daniel? . . . You'll never believe what I'm going to tell you . . ."
Laura couldn't believe she had just spent the last two hours choosing and being fitted for her wedding dress. Sure, almost every girl dreams of her wedding dress---her wedding day. Even Laura had the same dreams. She had just become so cynical in the last few years, unsure if love would ever be a part her life. But, here she was, choosing a wedding dress; one that was completely different than any wedding dress she would have ever imagined wearing. But, this wedding was unlike any she had ever dreamed of. Hell, the man she was going to marry was unlike any man she had ever dated, let alone imagined. But she was happy. Unbelievably happy.
Laura could hear him whistling as she unlocked the door to their suite. Remington was in the kitchen, cooking. She came up behind him and put her arms around his waist.
"Smells wonderful," Laura said. "What are you making?"
"Pasta Primavera and Caesar salad," Remington replied. "It's almost finished." He pulled Laura around to the front of him and gave her a deep kiss. "I thought you might be hungry when you got back."
"Hungry *and* tired," she replied. "It's only 1:30, but I am exhausted."
"Let's take a nap after lunch," Remington said, suggestively.
"Great idea," Laura said with a chuckle, "As long as you let me get some sleep, too."
"Deal." Remington kissed her again. "Did you get your dress taken care of?"
"Yes. It's going to be beautiful. I think you're going to like it."
Remington wiggled his eyebrows. "I *know* I'm going to like taking it *off* of you," he said with a lascivious tone.
Laura gave him a gentle slap on the arm. "You're incorrigible."
Remington smiled and said very sincerely, "Because when I do, you will be my wife." He leaned in and gave her a deep, passionate kiss.
Laura let go of their embrace so he could finish making lunch. She kicked off her shoes and walked over to the couch to lie down.
The room was silent for a few minutes except for the clank of dishes and Remington's soft whistling. As much as Laura wanted to close her eyes, she couldn't keep from watching him. This incredible man, who walked into her life and turned it upside-down, or so she thought. She was now realizing that her life was upended before and he actually made everything right.
"It's amazing," she said.
"What's that?" Remington asked without turning around.
"Most people spend months, sometimes years, planning their weddings," Laura answered. "We did it in half a day. Kai said everything will be ready for the ceremony on Friday morning."
"Well, Kai has a lot of experience," Remington remarked. "He probably organizes hundreds of weddings every year."
"It's actually nice," she said.
"What's that?"
"Planning it all in one day," Laura replied. "It seemed so easy, so simple. Some couples break up over the course of planning a wedding. We didn't have one disagreement about anything."
Remington smiled to himself. She was right. They HAD agreed on everything this morning. What she didn't know was that he let her have everything she wanted. Sure, he made it seem like he was involved in the decision making process. But when it came down to it, every detail was what Laura wanted. And that was perfectly fine with him. It didn't matter what color flowers they had or what flavor the cake was. The only thing that *really* mattered to him was that he was marrying her.
Laura woke from her nap, disoriented for a moment, and then she remembered where she was. She looked down at the ring on her left hand and smiled. She felt so incredibly happy. She could not believe how amazing this week was turning out. Making love with him was fantastic. Not that she hadn't thought it wouldn't be; but, it was even more fulfilling than she had ever dreamed it could be. And now, as she gazed at the exquisite antique diamond ring she was wearing, her love for him grew stronger. Just knowing that while he was gone from her----gone because of a careless decision she had made, gone to find his past . . . his name. . .something tangible that he could bring back and give to her to prove his love and devotion---he was still thinking of her, wanting to return to her, wanting to make a commitment to her. She rolled over to look at him, but he wasn't there.
"Remington?" she called out.
"In here," he called from the other room.
Laura put on her robe and padded out to the kitchen. She found Remington at the stove, cooking again. She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.
"You know, we *are* on vacation," Laura said smiling. "We could order room service or go to a restaurant."
Remington pulled her around in front of him. "I know," he said, "But I like cooking for you." He leaned in and gave her an enthusiastic kiss.
"I like having you cook for me, too," she said.
"How was your nap?" he asked.
"Great," she answered. "I'm feeling much better."
"Good," he replied.
"Is this what being married to you is going to be like?" she asked.
"What do you mean?" he said.
"Well . . . You let me sleep all afternoon and then when I wake up, you're here making me dinner." Laura smiled at him. "And then after we eat you carry me to our bed and make wild, passionate love with me."
Remington smiled and kissed her. "Yes, that's exactly how it will be."
Laura smiled back. "I should have married you years ago." She kissed him again.
"I thought we said no regrets," he replied.
"It's not a regret," she said smiling, "Just an observation."
Laura leaned up and whispered seductively in his ear. "Let's go back to bed."
Remington raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Dinner's almost ready."
Laura whispered again. "*I'm* ready now." She began giggling.
Remington laughed. "Is this what being married to *you* is going to be like?"
Laura grinned at him, showing that cute dimple. "Yes."
Remington smiled back at her. "Then you're right, Laura. You *should* have married me years ago." He leaned in and kissed her passionately.
The week went by rather quickly. Almost too quickly. There were still a few minor details to take care of, to prepare for the wedding; applying for a marriage license and a final fitting of their wedding attire. But, for the most part, the time was theirs to do as they pleased.
It could not have been more romantic; relaxing in the sun, playing in the surf, snorkeling off Molokini, Lahaina---Maui's much smaller, more quaint version of Waikiki, dining on tropical cuisine, walking hand-in-hand on the beach at sunset, dancing in the moonlight, talking, laughing and making love as much as humanly possible.
On one of the days, they rented a car and for the full day took the long and winding, but picturesque Road to Hana. They stopped at the many waterfalls along the way, including Wailua Falls, where they had a picnic and ate the delicious lunch Remington had prepared. They also saw The Seven Sacred Pools and Waianapanapa State Park where they hiked around and explored the black sand beach, the caves and the blow hole. On the way back, they stopped at a roadside fruit stand where the friendly locals helped introduce them to less common fruits and vegetables.
They'd spent three-and-a-half years denying their feelings for each other and in a few short days, they'd begun expressing them so openly and honestly that it surprised both of them. They were anxious to get married and start their life together, but they were in no hurry for the week to end. Before they knew it, it was the night before their wedding.
"Laura, have you thought about the office this week?" Remington asked, as they finished their dinner on the balcony of their suite.
"Not really," she replied. "Though, I'll admit, a couple of times I have resisted the urge to call Mildred and see how things are going."
"And why haven't you?"
"I remembered why we're here," she said. "And I realized that our agency is in capable hands and it won't collapse with us gone for a week."
Remington was pleased that she said *our* agency.
"That's so unlike you," he replied.
"Well," she said with a sly grin. "Perhaps, I just needed some time alone with you to relax a little and concentrate on something other than work."
Remington smiled at her as she continued.
"I *have* been thinking about what it will be like once we get home," she added. "I wonder how difficult it will be to work together and keep our minds on business after this week."
Remington had to laugh. How quickly things had changed. For almost four years *he* had struggled to stay focused on work when she was just in the next office; it had been even more difficult for him when they were in the same room together. Now *Laura* was the one who didn't think SHE could keep her hands off of HIM!
"Laura," he replied. "Just knowing that I will wake up every morning with you in my arms and we will retire to the same bed every evening will make it very easy for me. Avoiding intimate contact with you for a few brief hours at the office will be a piece of cake compared to the years of wanting you and going home alone."
Laura stood up from her chair and walked over to Remington. She sat down in his lap and wrapped her arms possessively around him. She slowly kissed up his neck, nibbled around his earlobe and then whispered breathlessly in his ear. "I'm doing all I can to help you forget those years of waiting, Mr. Steele." Then she planted a hard, deep kiss on his lips.
Remington caught his breath and smiled. "You're doing a fabulous job so far, Miss Holt," then added, "Keep up the good work." He kissed her again. "Speaking of that," he said. "Kai mentioned that the hotel has a Groom's Suite for the grooms to sleep in the night before the wedding. I was just wondering if you would like me to---?"
"No!" Laura said quickly and emphatically.
Remington smiled. "Sounds like you're sure."
"Positive," Laura replied. "Like you, Remington, I have grown accustomed to waking up in your arms, as well."
"What about superstition?"
"I'm not superstitious," Laura replied. "I have a black cat for heaven's sake."
"What about me not seeing your dress before the wedding?" Remington asked.
"That's more tradition than superstition," she replied. "I just want the first time you see my wedding gown to be when I walk down the beach to you. I can't wait to see the look on your face. But that doesn't mean I don't want you to sleep here tonight"
Laura leaned in and kissed him passionately.
"Was that meant to prove it?" he asked.
Laura looked at him seductively. "Time for dessert, Mr. Steele."
Remington stood up, keeping Laura in his arms and carried her into the bedroom.
To be continued . . .
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