Aloha, Mr. Steele 8/8
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Aloha Mr. Steele
Chapter eight
Remington unlocked the door to the Groom's Suite and led Laura inside. He slipped the *Do Not Disturb* sign on the door before closing and locking it; a move that wasn't lost on Laura.
"What do you have in mind, Mr. Steele?"
Remington pulled her close and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. "Do you know what you do to me in that dress?" he asked. Before she could answer, he kissed her again.
"Do you know what you do to *me* in those eyes?" she countered smiling.
Remington smiled back and wiggled his eyebrows. "What do you *think* I have in mind, Mrs. Steele?"
"Mrs. Steele?"
"That IS your name now, isn't it?"
She hadn't really thought about it. Laura Holt. Laura Steele. Laura Holt-Steele.
"Yes, I guess it is," she replied. "You still haven't answered my question."
"What question?"
"What do you have in mind?"
"I just wanted a few private, uninterrupted moments with my wife," Remington said, completely enjoying the fact that he could now call her his wife.
"Mildred is on the island now," Laura stated. "So the chances of us being interrupted have drastically increased.
"Yes, she is," Remington replied. "But she is waiting with the rest of our guests at the hotel restaurant. I'm sure if she needs to talk to us, it can wait until the reception."
"Reception?" she queried.
"Laura, you don't think I would fly our guests all the way to Maui to witness our marriage and not have some kind of a celebration, do you?"
"Another surprise," she said, trying to sound annoyed. He knew she was anything but.
"Laura, I know this week has been full of surprises . . . For both of us. You bringing us here was a wonderful surprise. But, the very best surprise that I've *ever* had was walking into Remington
Steele's office and staring straight into my destiny. I found the most beautiful, intelligent, intriguing, sexy woman. And now, three-and-a-half years later, the most incredible part, that woman is now my wife."
Remington leaned in and kissed her passionately. While they were kissing, he started backing her towards the bed. Laura pulled away.
"You'll wrinkle my dress," she said.
"It can't get wrinkled if you're not wearing it," Remington replied with a smirk.
"If I take this dress off," Laura replied. "I won't want to put it back on."
"I promise you it won't get wrinkled," he said.
"What about our guests?" she asked.
"They'll understand," he answered with a grin. "We're newlyweds."
Remington ran a finger under the thin strap of Laura's dress. She was melting at his touch.
" . . . I hate to say *no* after a week of unlimited yes," she replied. "But I don't want to show up to our reception wrinkled and disheveled; *especially* in front of my mother. But, I promise you I'll make it up to you later." She kissed him. "Not only will you have me for the rest of the day . . . But you can have me for the rest of your life."
Remington kissed her. "Laura, you drive a hard bargain. But, that *really* is an offer I can't refuse."
Laura smiled and replied, "Marlon Brando, *The Godfather*, Paramount, 1970."
"Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Remington Steele!" Kai announced as Remington and Laura arrived at the garden terrace of the hotel restaurant.
The entire courtyard had been reserved just for their private wedding party. Laura was in awe at the elaborate reception Remington had secretly arranged. The plaza was exquisitely decorated for a beautiful celebration.
A long table was prepared with a buffet of all the traditional Hawaiian luau foods: Kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, shoyu chicken, haupia, lupulu, poi, sticky rice and fresh pineapple, mango and papaya.
A small round table held a beautiful two-tiered Chocolate-Macadamia nut wedding cake that was adorned with fresh tropical flowers. A Hawaiian band played in the background.
Their guests rose from their chairs and applauded as the blissful couple approached the large round table that held a beautiful bird of paradise centerpiece. Laura couldn't have looked more beautiful. She was radiant and glowing. And Remington had an ear-to-ear grin. He looked
like a child on Christmas morning.
"Sorry to keep you all waiting," Remington said, flashing his trademark grin to the group.
"That's alright, Mr. Steele," Abigail replied with *her* trademark condescension. "It's *your* wedding day. I'm sure whatever you needed to do was more important than being here with your
"Please, Abigail, call me Remington," he told her, reaching out to kiss her hand.
Abigail smiled and practically blushed. "Remington," she practiced and then added, "Besides, it gave Mr. Chalmers and me a chance to get reacquainted."
Abigail smiled at Daniel as he pulled out her chair.
Everything was perfect. The guests talked, ate, drank and laughed. Daniel gave a lovely toast to the happy couple. Abigail was in top form as she interrogated Remington and Laura about their relationship, asking questions like: How long have you been dating? And, where will you live?
Laura was relieved that at least she didn't ask when they were going to have children.
The Hawaiian band was so delightful. They played a nice mix of Hawaiian and American songs. At one point, the bandleader stopped to speak to the wedding party.
"This next song is a special request from the Groom to the Bride," he said.
Remington stood up and took Laura by the hand, leading her to the dance floor. When they reached the center of the dance floor, they turned towards each other and he held her close as he had so many times before.
As the music started, Remington leaned in and began quietly humming in Laura's ear. When the musician started singing the lyrics, Remington quietly sang the words to Laura. At first it was just a whisper, but then his voice grew stronger.
I can only give you love that lasts forever,
And a promise to be near each time you call.
And the only heart I own
For you and you alone
That's all,
That's all...
Laura was surprised to hear him singing. She was so touched by this romantic gesture. She could recall hearing him sing once before, when he sang to a baby, but that time he didn't know she was listening. His voice was trembling, but he was so sincere in the words that came from his lips. Laura listened intently to the lyrics.
I can only give you country walks in springtime
And a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall;
And a love whose burning light
Will warm the winter's night
That's all,
That's all.
If you're wondering what I'm asking in return, dear,
You'll be glad to know that my demands are small.
Say it's me that you'll adore,
For now and evermore
That's all,
That's all.
As the music ended, he looked into her glistening eyes.
"I love you, Laura," he said reverently and then added,"Forever."
"I love you, too, Remington," she replied, "Forever."
Remington leaned in and softly kissed her. Before their kiss ended, the band started playing another song. Their lips parted.
"Would you like to dance?" he asked
"Love to" she replied.
Their bodies gently swayed to the beautiful music. They were lost in the moment. It was as if they were the only two people who existed on earth. They were completely oblivious to the eyes that were watching them.
Donald stood up, took Frances by the hand, and led her to the dance floor. Daniel followed with Abigail, leaving Mildred alone at the table. Kai quickly took notice and escorted Mildred to the dance floor as well.
When the song ended, they all returned to the table to open the gifts.
"That one is for Laura," Abigail said, pointing to the beautifully wrapped gift.
Laura removed the card from the envelope.
I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You have
become such a beautiful, strong woman. You are strong willed like your
father. Don't let that get in the way of your happiness. Remington
is not your father. He is a good man. Don't punish him for your
father's mistake. I hope you will cherish this gift as a reminder of
the love your father and I once had and the happiness we felt when you
were born.
A tear came to Laura's eye. She carefully opened the exquisitely wrapped gift, taking extra care not to rip the paper. She removed the lid from the box and could not believe what was inside. It was the framed wedding photo of her parents that used to sit on the mantle at her home when she was growing up. After her father left, the picture had disappeared. Abigail had told Laura that she had gotten rid of it.
"Mother?" Laura asked. "I thought this was thrown out years ago."
"I know you did, Laura," Abigail answered. "I had to put it away. I couldn't stand looking at it. But, I knew how much you loved it. I have been saving it to give to you for your wedding. The
sterling silver frame was a gift from my parents on my wedding day."
"I never knew that," Laura replied.
"Me neither," Frances added.
Laura was genuinely pleased with her mother's thoughtfulness.
"Thank you, Mother," Laura said sincerely. She reached over and squeezed Abigail's hand.
"So, when are you two going to give me another grandchild?" Abigail blurted out.
Mildred almost spit her drink across the table. Frances rolled her eyes, shook her head and buried her face in her hands. Donald and Daniel tried to contain an obvious chuckle.
And if things couldn't get any worse, Abigail added, "You're not getting any younger, Laura."
"Mother!" Laura exclaimed.
Of course, it couldn't last. The wonderful feelings she had for her mother just a few moments before, quickly dissipated. Laura took several deep, cleansing breaths before she could even speak.
"Remington and I . . ." she paused.
What could she say? She certainly didn't want to admit to her mother that they hadn't even discussed the possibility of having children together before they got married. Laura looked over to Remington for help. He just gazed at her with his intoxicating blue eyes and an exquisite lopsided grin.
She began again, "Remington and I . . . will let you know."
"Why don't you open the rest of your gifts, Laura?" Frances said, quickly changing the subject.
There were three envelopes on the table. Laura picked up the first one and removed the contents. It was from the Piper's. Inside was a gift certificate to a gourmet kitchen supply store in Los Angeles.
"I didn't know what you might need for your kitchen," Frances said.
"This is very thoughtful, Frances," Laura replied. "I'm sure Remington can find *something* that is lacking in his kitchen."
Remington opened the next envelope. It was from Mildred. It was a note informing them that a bottle of Dom Pérignon `76 and a pair of Waterford crystal toasting flutes were going to be delivered to their home on Rossmore.
"Thank you, Mildred," Remington said. "This is truly amazing. You've really outdone yourself."
"My *kids* only get married once," Mildred replied, hoping she wasn't stepping on Abigail's toes by saying it.
Remington smiled at Mildred. She was the closest thing he'd ever had to a mother and he absolutely loved her.
Remington picked up the last envelope. On the outside was simply scrawled, "Harry." It had to be from Daniel. Remington opened it and could not believe what was inside.
"Oh . . . Daniel . . ." Remington said, speechless, "This is *too* much."
Remington handed the note to Laura. Her mouth fell open as she read it.
Well, Harry, my boy, you've really done it now. I never thought you
would get married. That is, until I saw you with Laura. All I can say
is, "It's about time!" I've known from that firstmeeting that you were
destined to be with her. I wish you both the very best. You deserve it!
Harry, we have had many great adventures together and I have always
tried to provide a home for you. And now, as you embark on this new
and exciting chapter in your life, the time will come when you will
outgrow the home where you live. My wish is to purchase a home for you
and Laura when that time comes. You have been like a son to me and I
truly cherish the many years we spent together.
"What is it, Laura?" Frances finally asked. The suspense was killing her.
"Daniel wants to buy us a house," Laura answered.
"What?" Abigail replied, "Where?"
"Wherever we want," Laura said. "Do you mind if I read the card, Daniel?"
Daniel nodded.
Laura read the note. There was not a dry eye in the bunch.
"That's incredible, Daniel," Abigail said.
"Why do you call him Harry?" Frances asked Daniel.
Laura answered before Daniel had a chance.
"That is the name he went by before he moved to Los Angeles and changed his name to Remington Steele," she said. "Remington has had quite an interesting life and I'm sure now that he is a part of the family, you will get to hear *all* about it."
Remington smiled. He was part of a family. Her family. His family. Their family.
They all continued to eat, drink, dance, talk and laugh. The afternoon soon turned to evening. The sun was setting. It had been a glorious day, but it had to come to an end.
Remington and Laura said goodbye to their guests. Daniel and Abigail left first, together. As they walked away, Daniel could be heard inviting Abigail to his villa in the south of France.
Laura hugged Mildred. "Thank you *so* much for everything you've done to make this day so wonderful," she said. "I'm sure Mr. Steele couldn't have done it without you."
"It was my pleasure," Mildred said. "It has been great seeing the two of you so happy."
"We'll see you back at the office on Monday," Laura said.
"Sure thing, Mrs. Steele," Mildred replied and then winked at Mr. Steele.
Laura smiled as she realized she was in for a lifetime of conspiracy between those two.
Remington walked over to shake the hand of his new brother-in-law. While Donald and Remington talked, Laura said goodbye to Frances.
"Laura, this wedding was so beautiful," Frances said.
"Thank you, Frances," Laura replied. "It really *was* the wedding of my dreams."
"I never thought you dreamt about getting married," Frances stated.
"True, Frances, I didn't spend a lot of time dwelling on getting married," Laura replied. "I would have been perfectly happy to spend the rest of my life single. But once I met Mr. Steele, I knew I
could never be truly happy if I wasn't with him. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He really *is* the man of my dreams."
"I'm surprised it took the two of you so long to get married," Frances said.
"Well . . ." Laura hesitated. "It took some time to make a commitment."
"I had to convince Donald, too," Frances whispered.
Laura smiled. "*I* was the one who needed the convincing," she confessed. "I had a lot of issues to deal with, you know, with Daddy leaving and then Wilson. It's been hard for me to trust a man again. And then, I wasn't sure how Remington felt about me."
"Laura, the man has been in love with you since at least the first time I saw you two together," Frances reassured. "I'm sure it was a lot longer than that."
"It was obvious?" Laura said surprised.
"*Very* obvious," Frances replied. "Remington isn't anything like Wilson, or even Daddy, for that matter. He loves you. I just *know* the two of you will be happy. I've never seen you look more content than you look today, Laura. He's good for you."
"Thank you, Frances," Laura said and gave her a big hug. "I'm so glad that you and Donald could be here with us."
"I wouldn't have wanted to miss this for anything," Frances said. "Thank you for inviting us. It was *so* romantic."
"It was all Remington," Laura said. "He is definitely the more romantic one in this relationship."
"Well, I think some of that romance has rubbed off on Donald," Frances said smiling. "He has made arrangements for us to stay another week; sort-of a second honeymoon."
"That's wonderful, Frances," Laura replied.
"Are you and Remington staying here for your honeymoon?" Frances asked.
"No, we're not," Laura answered. "We've already been gone a week. We need to get back to the office."
"That's too bad," Frances said.
"Well, I guess Remington and I are a little unconventional," Laura said smiling. "We had the honeymoon *before* the wedding."
Remington unlocked the door and carried Laura across the threshold of their hotel suite. The drapes were closed and the room was dark. He set her down to place the sign on the door and then locked it. Remington lifted Laura into his arms again and proceeded into the bedroom which was illuminated by the light from dozens of flickering candles. Red rose petals were generously scattered on the bed. A bottle of champagne was chilling nearby.
"This is beautiful!" Laura exclaimed.
"So are you," Remington replied and gave her a deep kiss. He lowered her to her feet, right next to the bed. Laura noticed a large envelope propped up against the pillows.
"What's this?" she asked, picking it up.
"Open it," he said.
Laura was amazed at what she saw. She grinned as she removed the contents.
"Two first-class tickets to . . ." Laura was speechless.
"I thought it was the perfect place to spend our honeymoon," Remington replied. "We leave on Sunday."
"Sunday?" Laura asked. "What about getting back to the office? What about Mildred? Is she just going to sit around and answer the phone while we continue to play?"
Remington smiled. "Actually, I've booked Mildred on a singles cruise around the Hawaiian islands. She took care of all the office details before she left, so we could close up the agency while we're *all* playing. Who knows? Maybe *she'll* find love in Hawaii as well?"
"Close up the agency?" Laura asked tentatively.
"It's only one more week, Laura," Remington replied. "We *can't* get this time back. We have been trying for years to close the agency and take a *real* vacation. If we postpone our honeymoon, it
could be *years* before we can get away again. Besides, the arrangements have already been made." Remington kissed her softly. "And . . . When we get back, I promise you I'll be the hardest
working detective you've ever seen." Remington grinned and pulled her closer. "I have a vested interest in the company now. I'm married to the boss."
Laura looked down at the documents. "It *does* sound wonderful."
"It *will* be wonderful," he replied.
"But, I thought *this* week was our honeymoon," she said. Laura looked up and smiled at him. "I guess it was just the dress rehearsal."
Remington winked. "I'd like to think of it more like the *undress* rehearsal."
Laura laughed. "I love you, Mr. Steele."
"I love you, too, Mrs. Steele."
Laura smiled. She already *loved* being called "Mrs. Steele". And she knew that he *loved* saying it. Remington smiled back as he leaned in and gave her a warm, loving kiss.
"This is the best day of my life!" Laura exclaimed as she fell onto the bed, taking her husband with her. Rose petals went flying everywhere.
"It is?" Remington asked smiling.
Laura grabbed a handful of rose petals and sprinkled them on top of him. "Oh, yeah," she purred.
Laura leaned in and gave him a loving kiss. "And I've had some pretty good days, too. . ."
Laura started unbuttoning his shirt as she spoke: "The day I graduated from college . . . The day I opened my own agency . . . The day you walked into my life. . ." She smiled and then kissed him
again. "The first day we arrived here . . . Actually, *every* day that we've been here has been *more* than wonderful."
Laura opened his shirt and ran her fingers through his fabulous chest hair. She leaned over and placed a kiss in the center of his chest and then looked up into his mesmerizing blue eyes.
"But today is the *best*," she said with all the love she felt for him.
Remington wiggled his eyebrows. "Laura, this day isn't over yet."
Laura smiled at her gorgeous husband. Remington smiled back at his beautiful wife.
Their lips met and they started a kiss that didn't end for a *very* long time.
AN: "That's All" was written in 1952 by Alan Brandt and Bob
Haymes. Used without permission.

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