Steele Bitter (part 4)
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2000
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(Part 4)

Laura spent the night in a dark, barren cell. It all seemed like a horrible dream. Not just her arrest, but everything that transpired over the past week. Her thoughts too drifted back to last Sunday; his sweet lips waking her, sharing an intimate day of cleaning (of all things). It's sounds so odd to think that cleaning would be an intimate activity. There is a tremendous amount of trust involved in allowing someone else to clean out your fridge or see what's under your bed. What most people would consider rather ordinary and domestic, Laura saw sharing the day that way to be incredibly personal. It was foreplay, in a sense, and when they tumbled on the bed it just seemed natural for Laura to pull him into an intense and tantalizing kiss. She was the aggressor at first. When he put his arms around her and reciprocated, she became keenly aware of how close she was to losing control. His lean body pressed erotically against hers. Their hands caressed involuntarily. Laura pulled away, at first just to catch her breath but when she caught sight of Remington; aroused and breathing heavily on her bed. She panicked.

*It's no wonder he found someone else* she sadly confessed to herself. *Why would he send me flowers though?.......Maybe I was too harsh at lunch......Now this business with my mother and the drugs?*

"None of this makes any sense" she lamented out loud.

Early Tuesday morning she was allowed her phone call. She reached Mildred at home. Laura relayed her ordeal to Mildred who promised her an Arizona attorney. Mildred following Laura's instructions, placed a call to Detective Jarvis. Laura needed the LUDS from her phone to find out who set this up as well as a cooperating law enforcement officer to vouch for her return to LA.


Of course Descoine and Devin would not leave a trail back to them. LUDS from Laura's phone showed the "doctor's" call originated from Remington's phone. As disappointed as he may have been at her and even factoring in their apparent breakup, Laura could not believe he would plant drugs and get her arrested. All of this began to seem vaguely familiar. Laura couldn't put her finger on it. As uncomfortable as it was going to be, Laura had to confront Mr. Steele. Laura went straight to Remington's apartment. She was still oblivious to the lie foisted on Remington of her phantom affair. She banged impatiently on his door and burst in when he opened it, "We have to talk."

In a rather cold manner, "Ah Miss Holt ....... Did you have a satisfying weekend?"

*Satisfying? jail?* "What are you suggesting?"

He shut the door and walked over to her. He towered over her accusing, "I know about HIM, Laura. I went to your loft.... I listened to the message he left...... I saw the lingerie....I saw your bed.....I saw what was left by the lamp....Did you enjoy stringing me along all this time?" His voice was escalating to a near shout, " He waltzes in tells you what you need to hear. I could have done that too. ....or is this about teaching me a lesson?"

Laura looked at him like he was speaking a foreign language. "WHAT are you talking about?"

"John Devin?"


"Laura don't play dumb, I know you and Devin are involved"

"Involved?" Laura seemingly getting more confused by the moment.

"Do I have to spell it out?" He circled around her, "Making love?....Sex?... Getting laid?...Fuc..."

She slapped him before he could finish the last one. "How dare you accuse me...... when you were the one in bed with God knows who the other night."

They both looked at each other, hurt and angry. This was exactly the blow up Descoine was hoping for. Instead of listening to each other and realizing they've been manipulated, they put up a defensive wall between them..

In a low deliberate tone, Laura seethed, "First of all, I spent the weekend in a filthy Arizona jail. Second, I don't know any John Devin. And third, I am insulted that you would even think I would...(she stopped herself and contemplated whether to actually say it)....... fuck anyone" She stared at him with her voice quivering, "I needed your help......but I don't think I want it anymore." She pushed her way past him and out the door.

He had never heard her use such vulgarity. Only when he heard her say <that word> did he realize how absurd he sounded just a few moments earlier. He slumped against the back of the sofa when her accusation finally registered. *Why would she think I was in bed with someone?*

Laura was in her car driving with no particular destination when she too reflected on the situation. They both jumped to the same conclusion about each other. That is just too odd. She made a u-turn and headed back . Mr. Steele was on the phone with Jarvis when Laura reentered. "Are you sure?.....Yes.....Yes.. I'll tell her." He hung up the phone.

"Who was that?"

"According to Detective Jarvis, John Devin fled the country. He is under federal investigation by the seems they are about to indict him on some serious telephone allegations."

"It seems that we've had our own phone problems lately," Laura pointed out. "Why on earth would he bother to stir up problems for us?"

"Jarvis also mentioned he was implicated before in the MediaTech scandal, but they never had enough to warrant an arrest."

"MediaTech.! it all makes sense.....We......I mean....before you were Remington Steele had a client that lost a fortune to MediaTech. Murphy and I helped put MediaTech out of business.

"That still doesn't answer the question of what would he possibly have to gain by setting all of this up?"

"What kind of a sick mind......? Laura started, then had a revelation. Steele, too, made the connection. In unison they declared, "DESCOINE" Laura spun around to quickly go to the office to get Descoine's file.

Remington followed her. He grabbed her wrist as she reached for the doorknob.

"Laura, first, I owe you a huge apology......about what I said before.....I shouldn't have....."

"Let's just figure out what to do about Descoine, okay?" she was still offended by his accusation; hurt that he would even think she was capable of that.

He could see she was still upset. The best way to get this behind them was to get some revenge of their own. He followed her out into the hall and pressed the button for the elevator, "What else can we do about Descoine?........ I mean he's already in jail?"
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