Steele Holting Out For You 1/?
(working title)
Date: Thursday, December 07, 2000 <>

I'm not exactly sure of how this works, but this is just something I was working on today between breaks in rehearsals and classes. I suppose if it needed a rating possibly pg-13 for minor amounts of double entendre. And if
you don't like it or the idea of it please delete and never think of it again. :)


The comfortable silence was broken into a million tiny fragments as Remington Steele shot out of bed to shut off his alarm.

"Damn, I feel like I need another six hours," he said to himself as he ran his fingers through his hair and stepped drowsily into the bathroom. He looked into the mirror and to no one in particular spoke, "I still don't get it, just have to make a Cary Grant out of my own Archie Leach." He went through the shower and stepped back into his room, in front of his closet.
"Let's see," He contemplated his closet as if he were a Russian master assessing his chess board, "Ah, yes!" He pulled his choice out and proceeded to get dressed.
As he strode into the kitchen, he pulled a pale blue carnation from a vase on the counter and placed it in his lapel before he prepared his breakfast. It wasn't anything fancy, just his favorite -- bacon and eggs.
He cleaned the table when he finished his meal. He looked down at his jacket to make sure he hadn't dropped anything and left his apartment to start his day.

Cruising down the road in his Auburn, Remington listened to his favorite tape -- "Greatest Movie Themes of All Time," not everything about him was a surprising mystery. He reached the garage and pulled into this space. He looked around hoping he was there before his associate Laura Holt, but, "Damn," well there's always tomorrow.

His trip up to the office was uneventful and glided through the doors, "Good morning!"

"Chief, shhhh, I'll have your coffee ready in a minute. Miss Holt is sleeping in her office," Mildred Krebbs, faithful Girl Friday for the agency hushed.
"Really? I thought she was going home early last night."

"She was on her way out when she got a phone call. When I came in this morning she was sound asleep at her desk."

"Alright, send any calls into me and let her rest, She has been up late every night for weeks," Mildred gave Steele an accusing glance, "You know it's only because she's been working hard, luv."
"I know, but a mother hen can't help but hope," she smiled as Remington rolled his eyes and ducked into his office.

Around 11:30 Mildred buzzed, "Mr. Steele, you have a client coming at noon."
"Thanks I'll wake Laura, do you have the file?"

"No, this one is in Miss Holt's handwriting, I think the file is her pillow."

"I guess I'll take care of it then," he let go of the button and crossed over to the adjoining door and walked into Laura Holt's office quietly.

He had been trying all morning to come up with the best way to wake her. He walked up behind her and bent over her shoulder. A little smile was creeping over his lips, he breathed in the scent of her hair. Then he quietly murmured, "Miss Holt, Laura, we have an appointment in a half hour and you're drooling on the file," Laura turned slightly, "Laura, you need to wake up."

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. Then she proceeded to pull him down for a kiss when she opened her eyes. "Mr. Steele! What are you ... wait, what am I doing here?" Remington congratulated himself. *Good choice. *

"We have a client in a half hour that you penciled in. I, uh, came in to, um, arouse you out of your slumber..." his eyes twinkled. He knew it would happen sometime. It had dawned on him quite sometime ago that he was head over heels for her. Now it was her turn.

"Mr. Steele," she had by now gained her composure, "I'll be in your office in five, start reading," she handed him the file as she left the room to freshen up.
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