Steele Holting Out For You 5/9
Date: Monday, January 08, 2001 11:18 PM
Breezy <>

"Well, let's see. We have a number to the restaurant she went to this afternoon, a note that doesn't make any sense, and her credit card," Laura stated to no one in particular.

"I just don't get it. Emergency, back Thursday, don't worry, attack. M. Either she was working on some odd poetry or this is some sort of code. It has to be," Remington muttered.

"How do you feel about running a computer Mr. Steele?"

"I loathe the thought, but if it'll get our lovely Miss Krebs back, I am all for it, Miss Holt."

"That's what I love about you Mr. Steele, your unwavering fight for those in need."

"When we're finished I can tell you about someone else who is in great need, Miss Holt."


Mildred wasn't sure if her plan would work or not. She had been thinking for what felt like hours about how she was going to get away from the moron in the front of the cab. The only scheme that came to fore was the one she was desperately pulling together while her lunatic captor babbled on about family honor.

"Yes, Mr. O'Doyle, we did your family a great disservice. I am sure Mr. Steele would apologize if he knew how you felt. Maybe he could pull some strings and get your brother released," Mildred stalled as she finished tying her scarf in a knot. She knew that this would all depend on her timing. She swallowed once and jumped forward.

The driver lurched as he fought to see through her scarf while she tied the scrap on his head and his seatbelt. The taxi came to a stop. She had opened the door just enough for the latch to let go earlier. Now she kicked it open, dove out, and ran.

O'Doyle pulled his blind off in time to see the retreating form of his would be victim fade off over the horizon.


"Boston? Who does she know in Boston? She has a sister, but she doesn't live in Boston. The pieces just don't fit, Miss Holt. What kind of a emergency could be in Boston and why have you been so distant lately?"

"What? Mr. Steele, right now we need to find Mildred, we'll deal with the rest later. As for Boston, I think we should pack and make reservations. I'll meet you at your place in an hour. Be ready."

"Sure thing, Laura, sure thing," he did not feel good about the cold shoulder he had just received, but he needed to find Mildred before the lost little boy in him broke down and started crying.


"Hello... Laura, where was sh--? Oh, you didn't find her. Boston!? Fine, I'll be waiting for your return. Good luck and umm," Murphy shifted uncomfortably, "be careful, I, uh, I care about you," he slammed down the phone not waiting for an answer.

He sat down heavily on his bed and tried to figure out what can of worms he had just opened.


"Laura, luv, I'll be out in one minute. Just have a couple last minute items to pack," the blue-eyed sophisticate shouted through the doorway. He slid an envelope and a small box into his carryon. He made one last perusal of his room and, satisfied with the results left.

"Are you all set, Laura?" Remington walked up behind her and touched her shoulder lightly, "Earth to Laura, we have a flight to catch in forty-five minutes, we need to be off."

"Hmmm? Right, let's go," she jumped up, giving Steele's hand the brush, and ran out the door.

"We will get to the bottom of this," he gritted his teeth as he shut the door.


Mildred got to the airport just in time. After she got back onto the main thoroughfare, she hopped on a bus; she put in a quick call to the cab company and to the police. As she hung up the phone they announced her flight. "This is it," she whispered to herself, "Here's to the kids." She pulled her ticket out of her purse and with a determined pace, went to the terminal.

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