Cannes We Steele be Friends? Part 1
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2000
From: sue hantak <>

I have started a story, but simply have no idea where to take it. I decided to use it as the basis of an experiment. You the readers get to put in your 2 cents(or more). Simply read what I have started and give me your input on what should happen next : Will he stay? Will he go? Should we involve Daniel? Just email me off list if you have any thoughts.


"Miss Holt?"......

Laura was lost in thought. A million details to process. I 'm so late for work. This is the dumbest thing I've ever done. How am I going to work like this?

The nurse gently touched Laura's knee and spoke a little louder, "Miss Holt?

Is there someone you would like to call to pick you up?"

Laura snapped her attention back to her surroundings; small white sterile room with nondescript curtain dividers along with all the usual emergency room equipment and staff. She sat there in an ill-fitting hospital gown draped around her front, just a bra and jeans underneath.

The nurse prodded again, "Do you have someone to help you out?"

Laura finally spoke in a low trancelike tone, "Umm no, I ah, I drove myself."

"Are you sure you can manage with that cast?" the nurse asked skeptically pointing to the plaster covering Laura's left arm up past the elbow.

"I'll be fine," Laura replied with a bit more determination even though she clumsily got down from the gurney . She shook the gown from her body and picked up her t-shirt and then she realized that dressing herself along with almost everything else was going to be a bit more challenging.

She was never any good at asking for help. She had grown accustomed taking care of herself, not wanting to be too dependent on anyone. Besides, she didn't really have anyone that she was close to; in that way. Frances and her mom both lived across the country. Murphy had been her best friend for all those years, but he too, was gone. That left Mildred and him. Mildred worked for the agency though, and this was somewhat personal. Of course, HE was the last person in the world she ever would ask for help.

It was three weeks ago when she laid down the RULE... in Cannes about keeping things professional. They came back to LA keeping their distance. It wasn't working though, they had argued just two days ago. The argument was over nothing. The tension between them, however, was the catalyst that agitated a mild disagreement over agency spending into yet another brouhaha that ended with Steele storming out the office.

"I can do this ", Laura assured herself as she juggled her belongings in one hand and fumbled her way to her car. "At least it's Friday, I'll go home, call into Mildred and have three days before I have to face the office(i.e. HIM). Driving the car wasn't the problem, but within the small confines of the Rabbit, she had to slightly twist her body and move the seat back just to get in or out.

"Remington Steele Investigations?", Mildred's voice announced.

"Mildred, its me, Laura. I'm going to be working from home today, could you messenger over the files on my desk"

"Sure Miss Holt, is there anything wrong?"

Laura thought for a moment in confiding in Mildred her predicament, but she decided to downplay it to avoid any undue attention. "No, just a slight problem driving in today."

"Miss Holt, I can call Fred if you're having car problems..." Mildred offered.

"No Mildred, that's ok, just send me what's on my desk. Is Mr. Steele in?"

"Sure let me connect you,"

She really didn't want to talk to him, but before Laura could protest, Mildred had connected her to his extension.

"Laura, Where the devil are you?" Steele inquired.

"I'm working from home today, I was just checking in. Don't forget you have that luncheon today with the Women's Anti-Crime Coalition. I'll have Mildred reschedule any real appointments. "

Really, Laura, I think I could handle taking on some ....Remington started, but was cut off.

"Mr. Steele I hate to think what would happen if you tried to handle a case alone.

Laura scolded. "just charm ladies at lunch, its what you do best."

Again he was relegated to being just a showy frontman. Doing the dog and pony show, rubber chicken circuit was getting old and very demeaning.

"Fine, " he replied in a very hurt and deliberate tone. Why am I putting up with this? I could be anywhere in the world. It's time to give Daniel a call.


He decided to stop by her loft on the way to the airport that evening. It would have been too easy to just get on the plane. He was wanted the petty satisfaction of seeing her wounded by telling her he was leaving. He had enough of her sanctimonious

crap. He pounded on the metal door, his goodbye speech was well rehearsed in his head. When she opened the door however, all was forgotten when he saw her somewhat disheveled appearance with a cast on her arm.

"Good Lord Laura, what happened to you?

"Nothing,'s nothing... I fell." Laura responded rather unconvincingly.

Again he was reminded that she did not trust him, would not confide in him about things and snapped back to reason for his visit...
End Part 1
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