Real Bonds of Steele/ Bonds of Steele Redux
Date: Monday, October 08, 2007 12:23 PM
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Hi guys
So this is my first piece on fanfic. So when you read this - be
kind ;) I think I have wanted to do this piece for years but only
just came around to it this month. Unfortunately, I haven't had
anyone to proofread. I have tried to do so myself, but as you know..
sometimes you go blind to your own work. I hope it's not too bad. I
have never quite understood the principals of the English comma... so
now you're warned. Hope you enjoy and please, let me know what you
think :)
My working title has been: Real Bonds of Steele
There is some dialogue rip off from the original show just to get the
story going. This is how I imagine it should have ended.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, the setting or anything like
that. This is just for fun.
Rating: I'm not really familiar with the American rating system, but
I doubt that there is anything in here that requires warning. No sex,
no foul language.
"Just stop this car and let me out," she demanded.
"Sorry, I'm on a rather tight schedule. The best I can do is slow down."
She reached over and pulled the keys from the ignition.
"Laura, come on!" he scolded.
When the car rolled to a slow stop, she stormed out. He followed
her, "Laura, Laura wait please, Laura wait. You don't seem to grasp
the gravity of the situation. If I'm not married to an American
citizen by six o'clock this evening, I going to be thrown out of the
"So you're going to waltz down the aisle with the happy hooker."
"Laura, please this is no time to be jealous."
"I'm not jealous, I'm ANGRY, can't you tell the difference?"
"Why are you angry? I'm the one who's being deported."
"For some cockeyed reason, I expected less of you."
"Less? Less what?"
"Less trickery, less deceit, less of everything that makes me doubt
your feelings for me."
"Would you have married me?"
"Of course… I mean not… I..." She started out in the same state of
fury that had been the center of the discussion so far but paused....
feelings suddenly overwhelmed her, as she realized she had let down
her parades in one fatal moment and consequently had started her
reply the wrong way. "I certainly...." she tried again but stopped as her
eyes dropped and she looked very intensely at the ground at her feet.
"How dare you suggest…." Anger was no longer traceable in her tone of
voice. She turned her head and stared at some indefinite point across
the street. Her hand automatically tried to get a lock of hair away
from her eyes. Her eyes remained fixated on empty space as she gave
it one last try: "You…no, I...I...uhmmm.. look..I don't...." Laura sighed
as she gave up. Her eyes moved towards the ground again as she realized
that this was not a sentence she would ever find the courage to finish.
She bit her lip.Remington glared at her as if he had been bomb shelled,
his mouth ajar and his eyes wide open. He looked at her with horror as his
mistake became fatally clear to him: she would have said yes!
"Laura.." He started off very gentle as he tried to reach out to her.
"My God, Laura. I'm so sorry.... I had no idea....."
She stood beside him as nailed to the ground. Suddenly she looked at
the car keys in her hand. She twisted them and opened her hand to
look at them properly. Then she looked at him and without much
determination said:"I understand that you are on a tight schedule..."
She stumbled over the words and secretly hated herself for having let
her true feelings become the better of her. "You'll.... you'll need these....."
She walked over and left the car keys on top of the car. Without
looking at him she turned right and walked down the street.
Remington was still stupefied from what had just happened. He looked
at Laura's back knowing there was no chance in hell she would turn
around, lest even look at him. He looked at his watch. 4.50. He had
one hour and ten minutes... He looked at the keys. Looked at Laura as
the outline of her body became smaller and smaller and was almost
lost to his eye as she disappeared into the crowd. He mumbled to
himself: "What is the point of staying if I don't have her?... Oh, bloody hell"
He quickly grabbed the car keys, yelled: ”Laura”... and started
sprinting down the street. After making more excuses than ever before
in his life to all the people he almost knocked over on the way and
panting, out of breath, he finally caught up with her. He grabbed her
arm and positioned himself between her and her destination.
”Lau...” he was panting like crazy to catch his breath”..
”Laura....I.. I...I’m so sorry.....” He looked at her and was stopped
by her glass like eyes displaying no emotion. ”Laura.” He caught his
breath to some extent. ”My God Laura, I never realized what this
would mean to you... I mean, I never knew that you would have... No
let me start this all over again.”
”Mr. Steele... please there is nothing more to....”
”Laura, please listen to me.... I didn’t ask you, because I
wanted.... I wanted...”
”What did you want, exactly?”... Her eyes darted at him and the
return of her feistiness in her tone of voice gave him a little hope.
”Dammit, I wanted us to.. When we make that commitment one day, I
want it to be because we want to... not because I have a whole
immigration department breathing down my neck. I didn’t want you to
feel that a marriage proposal was only to stay in the country, but
because I .......I.......” These words came hard to him ”I want you.”
He looked at her waiting for her to sentence his speech. For once he
didn’t have a smirk smile on his lips, but still a little out of
breath he looked at her with open eyes... obviously struck with
fright that she would just turn her back to him.
Laura didn’t know what to say. She looked up and their eyes met.
There was still fire in hers.
”You just never bothered to contemplate how this would make me feel?”
Her question was pertinent and very sharply put.
”No... and yes.... I thought that what we needed was time to grow
close... what you wanted was time.. That..”
“That’s what I love about you Mr. Steele… always knowing what I want
without the discomfort of asking.” Laura was practically spitting the
words out through her teeth. Remington raised his brow and continued
with an insisting voice.
“ And getting close would obviously be a little difficult with me
being shipped off to another country entirely. I never imagined that
you should.....ahem.... find out about the marria” Remington was
stopped by Laura’s eyes which beamed with fire… “agreement.”
”So, you just imagined things to go on. A wife stashed away somewhere
and me on the side. You never even bothered to think about let alone
ask me whether I would like to become the other woman. And what if
immigration wanted proof of your bogus marriage. Then what? It
wouldn’t look good if you snuck out at night to spend a few lustrous
moments with your employee. This is the most low life scam I have
ever heard of, you louse.”
”I never....I never really thought about that. I only wanted to
stay... so I can be with you.”
”And look where that has gotten us” Her voice was partially declining
and partially filled with anger.
”Wait... let me do this right...” He said, her eyes revealing that
she was a little curious about what “right” was”
He kneeled on one knee and took her hand. People around them started
to stop and look.
”Mr. Steele get up....” She tried to pull him up by the shoulder
padding in his jacket, clearly embarrassed by the crowd.
”Laura, I would be very happy, if you would agree to make me a
married man.”
”No worry you lousy ingrate, I will drop you off at the church. I am
sure Clarissa is waiting anxiously”
”That’s not what I mean. Will you marry me? Not just to keep
immigration off my back, but because you want to and I want to.”
”I... Get a grip on yourself, Mr. Steele” She looked at him, tried to
wiggle out of his grip.
”I mean it Laura. You will make me a very happy man...”
”I suppose that not being deported is enough to make even the lowest
snake happy” Obviously she was still very hurt.
”I realized just before I came after you, that staying here wouldn’t
mean anything if it wasn’t with you. You’re the reason I want to
stay. I.....I....I love you.”
Both surprised with this outburst of sincerity their eyes met....
they both held their breath, waiting, wanting to come off the
emotional roller coaster.
”I....I’m......okay.” She looked at him.
”I said okay....I mean...yes....” She looked at him with anticipation
in her eyes but with a stone face.
”Yes? Phew......” He jumped up and took her in his arms placing a
kiss on her lips. The crowd around them started to clap. He wavered
them off with his hands. The kiss lingered on. At first trying but
then their tongues met and the kiss became more and more passionate
as it channeled all the emotional turmoil of the day, all the
uncertainty and all the hurt out of their bodies.
”Well” She said when they finally released them selves from the
embrace. ”What time is it? We better not get you deported now that
you will make an honest woman out of me.... ” The irony in her voice
was thick as she pronounced “an honest woman”. She rolled her
eyes...”Good Lords, my mother is going to have a field day of this”.
”It’s about 5 he said looking nervously at her”
Back at being her old, planning self again Laura looked at Remington.
”Okay.... Lets get back to the car. You will call Mildred and tell
her to tell the happy hooker to scram, and get the priest to stay and
I will stop at the nearest department store to find something else to
put on. If immigration wants a wedding, a wedding they will get. And
you better sniff out some of your low life friends… we’ll need fake
papers, a marriage license, blood test results, the works.”
He smirked a happy, smirk smile while she took his hand and started
running towards the car.
A little later they pulled up at Saks. ”See you in 20 minutes” she
said getting out of the car, placing a fast kiss on his lips:
“Remember that my middle name is Elizabeth with a z for the papers.
Blood type O neg.”
The moment she had disappeared he ran out of the car and into Saks
himself…. Four minutes later he came out with a bouquet of flowers
and a little jewelry box. He jumped in at the drivers seat, placed
the flowers at the back seat and opened the box. In it was two
wedding bands. He looked at his watch. 5. 15 …he wondered if they
would make it as he turned the key in the ignition and pulled off the
15 minutes later he was back. He just pulled up as Laura exited the
department store. He looked at her….She was wearing a very simple
white dress and new white shoes…. Her hair still in a mess.
“You look simply wond….” He started but was interrupted.
“What about the papers?” Obviously she hadn’t forgiven him yet.
“Weasel said we could pick them up on the way… They should be ready
by now. But Laura you really do look…”
“Just drive, we are late.” There was no way he could overhear the
very commanding and not very loving tone in her voice. As he drove,
she in vain tried to straighten her hair; the dust in her face was
taken care off in the ladies room, when she changed into the ‘wedding
Exactly 18 minutes to 6 they pulled up at the Little Chapel of
Perpetual Happiness and ran out of the car. He crabbed the flowers
from the back seat. Laura reached the church doors a little before
Remington and was stopped by Mildred, who was waiting with a big
smile on her face. “Everything’s ready. They are waiting for you at
the altar boss… and don’t worry about the floozy… she’s outa here.
Keyes busted her for soliciting. Oh…. Miss Holt you look beautiful
but what’s with the hair?”
“Wait…just wait a minute…” Remington said as a very eager Mildred was
proverbially shoving him into the church. “Flowers for my bride.” He
presented the bouquet from behind his back to Laura who looked at him
with gratitude in her eyes for the first time that day. He gave her a
chaste kiss on the cheek. Smiled at her. And then he darted of into
the church.
Laura was waiting outside with Mildred. Nervously still trying to
straighten her hair.
“So, you kids are really gonna do it?” Midred rhetorically asked with
a big grin. Laura looked at her….
“Would you believe it? I suppose with us it couldn’t be any other
way.. but I just wish… Why does it always have to be like this? What
is so wrong with the way normal people get married?” She sighed.
“Oh, hon” Mildred tugged her arm lovingly “I have known you and Mr.
Steele for quite some time now… and if there’s something I have
learned, it is that nothing is ordinary with you two. Not even the
way you love each other. I always figured it was part of the
The wedding march started to play. Laura looked at Mildred:
“Are you sure, he loves me?”
“Honey, this is your cue..” Mildred turned Laura to face the church
doors that were opening.
“I know.. but I need to know?” Mildred looked at Laura.
“I have never known any man to stick around with all you have put him
through. You have doubted him in every way possible. And still he has
showed up the next morning. Always with a smile on his face. And if I
had doubts even after all that, I’d just look at the way he looks at
you. There’s no doubt about it. He’s a goner.”
“Thank you, Mildred.”
“Now, if you don’t get that little pretty behind of yours up that
aisle, I’m gonna….”
“Alright Mildred.” Laura laughed, “Alright.” Laura turned and started
walking down the aisle as Mildred snug in the church doors behind her.
Remington was waiting at the altar looking anxiously towards the
church entrance. His eyes wandered over what he thought were empty
seats. But there was Norman Keyes of course, Estelle Becker…. And
much to his surprise he saw Frances, Donald and the kids…. He saw the
doors open and then his mind was suddenly empty of all thoughts as he
saw Laura enter the church. He searched for her eyes and found them
looking for his as she was trotting…almost running up the aisle. They
joined hands as she reached him at the altar. He grinned boyishly at
her. At 15 minutes to 6 the minister began the ceremony. Mildred had
convinced him to drop the “holy mombo jumbo” and cut to the chase:
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join in holy matrimony
this man and this woman.”
Remington looked at Laura out of the side of his eye. She was
beaming… still a little out of breath from the run up the aisle. She
looked at him with a nervous yet very determined smile….
“…this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife for better and for
worse, till death do you part?”
Remington’s thoughts jolted back to the minister who looked at him
anticipating his answer. Not wanting to give Laura anymore to doubt
him about the words came out very fast and loud.
“I do”
The guest snickered at the loudness of his answer.
“Now, Laura Holt, do you take this man to be you lawfully wedded
husband for better and for worse until death do you part?”
Remington looked at her, realizing that even at this moment he was
unsure about her answer. Would she say no and get him deported? Was
this a scam to get back at him, he smiled nervously, feeling a sudden
urge to loosen his tie.
Laura inhaled. So this was it… This was what her mother had been
babbling about all these years. And Frances too for that matter. For
a moment it crossed her mind that saying no would be the perfect
revenge. She looked at him. Everybody held their breath. Their eyes
met and in his she saw the man she loved. Without moving her head and
still looking into his eyes the words escaped her.
“I do…. Yes, I do”
“As you have given your word to each other, I now declare you man and
wife” The minister exclaimed…. Church bells and organ music began
roaring as they walked down the aisle - still looking into each
others eyes, still trying to learn exactly what the other was really
thinking. They were abruptly cut off by a loud beeping. They looked
up and saw Norman Keyes looking at his digital watch.
“Well, well, well…. You just made it in time….. but don’t worry
Steele. Even though you got your secretary to save your ass, I’m
still going to get you. I’m gonna prove this marriage is fake…. You
can run, but you can’t hide” He pointed his cigar at Remington and
went away through the church doors still cackling.
Remington and Laura followed him through the doors…followed by
Mildred, Fred, Frances, Donald and their children all throwing rice
at them and yelling their congratulations. Laura and Remington still
hadn’t spoken a single word since the ceremony, but as long as he
still had Laura hanging from his arm, Remington was content for the
moment being. Laura on the other hand was utterly confused and if one
looked closely her eyes told so, behind her apparent smiles that
still held a lot back. Had Remington really meant what he said about
loving her, about him wanting them to marry someday….about why he
tried to pull this charade with Clarissa… Frances grabbed her by the
arm, causing her to lose body contact with Remington. As Frances
began to speak, Laura was rapidly cut off her thoughts. Her elder
sister was thrilled to say the least:
“Oh, Laura….congratulations. There is something I would have sworn
off. A hasty marriage between my little sister and her boss… I wonder
what the cause may be.” Frances eyes descended to Laura’s abdomen.
“You look great Laura…but what in earth happened to your hair?”
Frances tried to straighten Laura’s hair but quickly gave up.
“Well, Frances… you see….” Laura tried with a voice that was already
tired from the innuendo in Frances’ words, but was cut off.
“Never mind… I am just happy to see you happy. So you were really
serious about starting a family of your own someday. Well, who would
have thought? I assume you haven’t told mother yet. I think you
should do so in person….I mean, wouldn’t want to give her a heart
attack now, would we? Well, Laura… we really must run now, you know.
Danny has soccer practice. And I need to do some grocery shopping….
But I am glad, we made it. We’ll talk.” Frances gave her sister a
quick kiss on the cheek and dragged her family off. Donald in the
midst of congratulating Remington with his prenuptials.
Laura stood back with apparent fright about the fact that she had to
tell her mother. One thing was Frances, but her mother… She decided
to cross that bridge later and willingly let her thoughts be
distracted by an ecstatic Mildred.
“So, you kids really did it, huh? I thought, you might need a ride,
so I told Fred to get down here….well, now hurry up, get in the car.
I’ll meet you at the boss’ apartment… And don’t worry, I’ll take care
off the bureaucracy” Mildred said with a big smile nodding towards
Estelle Becker.
Fred went to the limo and opened the door for Laura and Remington,
who willingly got in. Eager to get away from the church and
everything connected with it. While Fred began to drive they both
looked out the window closest to them. They were both searching for
the right words to set off the conversation. Remington was the first
to try- He turned his head and looked at Laura:
“Laura…. I know that I have put you through a lot today…”
She looked at him and he saw that her eyes were trying to hold back
tears. It cut right through the heart of him. He took her hand.
“If you are wondering about whether I was sincere earlier, when I
told you why I planned it this way… I was.”
“Was everything you said sincere?” Her voice was low.
“You mean everything, including your emotional outburst”
He cleared his throat.“Yes, even that.”
“You mind a rerun just to make sure?”
“Well, Laura, I hardly think….” He was stopped by her piercing look.
“Laura…. I….I…..ahem….I love you:”
“Well, so you say.” He hadn’t won her over yet. “You also once said
not to judge people from what they say but from what they do…. How do
you think you come out on that scale?”
“Not very good, but if you just listen… You weren’t supposed to find
“I am a detective, Mr. Steele, so I detect” Her voice was still cold.
She was starting to get angry.
“Laura, there is really nothing more, I can say…. I am very, very
sorry. I don’t think you can imagine how sorry. But at the same time,
I am also very happy.” She looked at him with somewhat surprise. Eyebrows raised.

“You are?”
“You see” He took her hand “I am sitting here with a beautiful woman,
in the back of a nice car… And I have the privilege to call her my
Laura rolled her eyes at the expression.
“Laura, I took the liberty to pick up some necessities, while you
were at Saks.” He took the jewelry box from his right pocket and
opened it. Her eyes widened as she saw the wedding bands.
“I hope you will allow me” He took her hand. “Now, I hope that it
will fit, there wasn’t exactly time to try them on for size.”
“Well, if you must” She said, the beginning of a thaw in her voice.
Gently he slipped the ring onto her left ring finger.
“I’ll be… it looks like a perfect match.”
“Well, I suppose you can’t be wrong all the time, Mr. Steele.”
Remington looked at the remaining ring in the box. He took it out and
fumbled with it. He wanted her to put it on but was uncertain to ask.
Laura looked at his hands and the ring, knowing full well what he was
waiting for. Well, this is it, she thought. I can decide to carry on
the war between us… or I can order the soldiers back to the trenches.
“Why don’t you let me?” She gently took the ring from his fingers and
put it on his left ring finger.
“So, I guess there is no turning back now?”
“Not as far as the immigration department is concerned” He took her
left hand in his left hand. The wedding bands met and made a muffled
“They want to see a happily married couple for the next two years, or
they will start booking my last plane ticket out of here.”
“Well.” She swallowed something, she wasn’t herself sure wasn’t her
pride. She returned his caress on her hand. “I suppose, we better
make the best of it.”
“May I suggest a honeymoon, Miss Ho…. I mean Mrs. Steele?”
“A honeymoon, it is…Mr. Steele.”
THE END? I think not...

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