SteeleFiction Challenge:
Write a story in which Laura or Steele finds something in the other's desk, pockets, etc that they weren't supposed to find. Short story. Due July 31, 2000

Chronicled Steele - By Angie Nothdorf (linked from her site)
Steele Photogenic- by Nancy Eddy
Ruff Steele - by Nancy2
Ecclesiasteele - by Anne Rose
Lost Art of Steele - by Lauryn Poynor
Steele Hoping for a Brighter Tomorrow - Debra Talley (linked from her site)
Steele Words and Red Holt Tears - Michael Bledsoe
Concealed Steele - by SteeleChic
Developed Steele - by Adriana
Steele Habits Are Hard to Break - Suejue
To Have and to Holt - Suejue
A Steele Secret Learned - By Betty Kouba (linked from off site) Link will open a new browser window.