Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000
by Suejue <>

Laura has an addiction that I think we all can identify with... I'm surprised I haven't seen this subject matter yet.

"For God's sake Laura, turn that thing off", Remington implored exiting the bathroom turning off the light behind him.

Laura motioned with her hand in a patronizing manner, never taking her eyes off the screen.

Remington circled the bed she was sitting on, "I did not buy you that bloody machine so you can take it to bed with us."

"I'm just checking my email," she continued, oblivious to the fact that he did not have a stitch of clothes on.

He pulled back the covers on his side of the bed and climbed in. Laura sat Indian style in the middle of the bed, vigorously tapping away at her laptop.

"I think we should reject the Weston case," Remington attempted a conversation.

When he received no response, he tested Laura to see if she was listening at all. "I think I'm going to steal the Hope Diamond."

"uh, huh", Laura agreed obviously preoccupied.

Remington then tried a way to get her attention physically. He scooted behind her and gently rubbed her shoulders. Again, getting no response, he doubled his efforts. His hands wandered up underneath her shirt and made contact with her bare skin. She shifted uncomfortably and spoke rather agitatedly, "Please, I'm trying to read."

"Laura what is so damned interesting?" he leaned forward and looked over her shoulder. Looking at the screen he read, ""

"It's one of the newsgroups I subscribe to"

"You mean you find a discussion about a twenty year old television program more appealing than being in bed with me?"

"Aren't you being a little over-sensitive?"

"Actually I am quite sensitive at the moment" he added a flirty smile.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

He flipped down the screen of the notebook and laid it aside. "Well, let's see if I can put this in terms you can relate to. ... My hardware needs to integrate with your software." he pulled her back to his chest to emphasize his point. Laura laughed at the absurd metaphor but thought up one of her own, "Or maybe you have a plug and play looking for a port?".

Laura turned. They were now face to face. Even with his limited computer experience, he held his own in the innuendo-filled conversation, "Actually I was unable to establish a connection and I'm making a second attempt."

"You will need a user id and a valid password " Laura advised. Remington rolled her beneath him. "Well, this is what I call logging on." As they kissed, he intentionally kicked the laptop from the bed onto the floor.


The next morning Laura retrieved her computer from the floor, took it into the living room and plugged it into the phone jack. When Remington woke, he attempted to call Fred, but instead of the dial tone, he once again heard the all-to-familiar fuzz of the modem connection. Disgusted, he got out of bed in search of Laura's cell phone. Seeing her glued to monitor, he chastised her again, "Laura, I think you have a problem."

"This is an amazing information tool."

"Are you looking up more amazing information on atomic man? Or is it the Godiva Chocolate Website this time?"

"Godiva has a website? I'll have to do a search for that" Laura replied in a mockingly excited tone.

"Be serious, Laura, If you stranded on a desert island and could only take one thing, it would be that blasted thing wouldn't it?. Why, I bet you couldn't go an entire day without your Microsoft fix.".

"You're not baiting me into another silly bet."

"Afraid you'll lose?" he challenged.

Laura was fiercely competitive and threw down a gauntlet of her own. "I'll give up my laptop but you have to forego anything movie quotes, no references, no rentals, no big screen, not even A&E's Biography special of Bogart and Bacall... you'll crack waaaaaay before I do"

Accepting the challenge, he added, "Winner picks next vacation destination."

"You're on" They shook hands sealing the bet.

Part Two