Steele Difficult Part 1
Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2000

francis Piper <>

I am a lurker. I have been reading the fan fiction for sometime now, and thought it about time I threw my hat into the ring. This is my first story, and I have written it in E-mail. I apologize ahead of time for the grammar and punctuation, I have not had anyone proof it, I know where I am going with this but I don't know how I am going to get there. Please give feed back as I said this is my first attempt at writing Fan fiction. Feed Back is very welcomed!


Steele difficult 1/?

Laura laid on the cold steel table, the cool clear jelly spread across her swollen abdomen, the cold metal probe rested gently on her unborn child, her eyes glued to the small monitor to her left, "Is that my baby?"

"Oh Laura I love you" he bent down to kiss her cheek lingering a little longer "I have never been more in love with you in my life"

"Baby, look that's our baby" Laura's smile was wider then he had ever scene it

"Doctor Laura and I decided we would like to know what the baby is if poss… Doctor?"

The frown on the doctors face as he examined the monitor was not lost on the Steele's "Mr. Steele… yes… I am seeing something that is disturbing me a bit."

"What is it" Laura asked as Remington clutched her hand

"Doctor please just tell us if we need to worry or not?"

"Well the fetus has not developed as I would like it too"

"Fetus? Doctor this is our baby… just tell me what I need to do" Laura voice was paned

"I would like to get a second opinion… Lets not worry yet… why don't you get dressed and we can make an appointment in a couple of days. I will have more information for you then, in the meantime just continue to do as you are."

The car was extremely quiet on the ride home, Laura noticed the music was louder then normal, He usually kept the radio at a volume where a conversation could still be had. As they pulled into the driveway both sat in the car, not wanting to go inside, not wanting to look at the nursery, not wanting to think of the possibility.

"I know he thinks this is my fault. I know he thinks I should have stopped working, but I know I didn't do anything wrong this is not my fault" Laura thought as she begins to cry.

"shh love, it's ok it will be ok" He spoke as much for her sake as his own, everything has to be ok they couldn't raise a child that needed extra care.

The next three days were quiet around the house neither saying anything to the other except an occasional pass the sugar. The night before the dreaded doctors appointment Remington reached for his wife, he wanted to assure her that it would be ok that what ever the results were they would deal with it together. As he reached for her, his hand settling on her stomach Laura jumped "Don't please"

"Why the bloody hell not, you are my wife and this is my baby," he caught the anger in his voice and continued in a softer tone "why?"

"I just don't feel like cuddling" she turned over scooting as far away from her husband as she could be.

He rolled over to his side content in the knowledge that tomorrow the doctor would assure them that everything was going to be ok. It had to be.


"What time is our appointment again?"


"Well we better get up then. We will have time to stop by the office and let Mildred know we won't be in the rest of the day"

"We won't?"

"No Mr. Steele I don't think we'll feel like seeing clients after our meeting with Dr. McGregor, Do you?

As Remington started to get out of bed Laura Reached for him, "Rem, I love you, Please don't forget that"

"Oh luv, I love you more then I ever thought possible." He rolled back into bead reaching for Laura; he pulled her on his chest. Holding her as if she were his lifeline to the world.

"Make love to me!"


"Please" I want to make love to you one more time before we find out, it may be the last time that you make love to me.

"I guess what they say about hormones is true" he laughed but the look in her eyes showed she needed him.

He kissed her soft lips, and let her take over.

Two hours later they were sitting in the waiting room, her hand clutched to his knee, his arm rapped around her shoulders. Through that door they would find out the fate of the rest of their lives.

To Be Continued...
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