Steele Difficult 2/?
Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2000
francis Piper <>

Steele Difficult 2/?

"NOOOOOOO" echoed through the halls of the hospital. "There must be some mistake I did everything right, doctor I even gave up coffee and chocolate."

"Laura we will get through this, Doctor, tell us what the prognosis is, you said the brain had not developed properly."

"That's correct Mr. Steele, Most likely your child will be born with a learning disability at the least, the childd could need around the clock supervision, the form of and the severity of the case may range from being able to function on his own in a group setting to needing around the clock care the rest of its life." As the doctor talked Laura began to imagine her life from this point on.

"Doctor what are our options?"

"Well Mr. Steele it's still early enough in the pregnancy to be aborted, you could also continue with the pregnancy it causes no health risk to Laura, you have about two weeks to decided. I will leave you to discuss the issues. Please take as long as you need in here."

Glad to have Fred waiting out side Remington rushed Laura out and into the limo "home Fred"



"No I don't believe it"

"Mr. Steele?" a confused Fred asked

"Home Fred"

"Very well sir"

Knowing they needed to be alone Fred closed the partition between them.

"Come here" Remington scooted Laura close to him

"Rem how are we going to do this?"

"We will get through this, we need to discuss our options, why don't we wait until we arrive home?"

"what do you mean OPTIONS?"

As he looked down at Laura leaning into his side he new he needed to tread very carefully.

"Laura we have a lot to consider"

She pulled away from him disgust in her eyes.


"Just leave me alone... Fred Pull over..."She turned to look at her husband "Mr. Steele is getting out here."

To Be Continued…
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