Double Breasted Steele 1/?
Date: Saturday, May 13, 2000
sue hantak <>


by Suejue

"Miss Banks?........Laura Holt, Remington Steele Investigations." She extended her hand to the lady sitting at the bar.

"Thank you Miss Holt for meeting me here," Marla Banks motioned for Laura to sit. She was a petite woman having very similar dimensions to Laura.

"Any excuse to get out of the office," Laura cheerfully greeted as she climbed on the bar stool next to her.

"I need your help and Jeannette Kearns said you were the best."

"I hope your boss will allow you to pursue my case. When I explain what happened I think you'll realize why I need a female detective. Your agency has such a great reputation, but I would feel funny discussing this with Mr. Steele."

"Rest assured Miss Banks, Mr. Steele allows me to pursue my own cases and he need not be involved if you prefer."

"Maybe we should talk over there," Marla indicated a vacant booth in the corner.

Laura took out a small notebook, "You mind if I take notes?"

"Where should I start?" Miss Banks mumbled, more talking to herself than Laura.

"Just describe the problem and what you want me to do."

"It all started with my boyfriend, Bradley. We were ..." she stopped and made vague gestures with her hands and winked. " private, and he made a joking comment about my lack of proportions" Again she made a gesture this time pointing to her own chest.

Laura often wondered about that herself. Does that really matter to men? Would that matter to HIM?

Marla continued despite some noticeable embarrassment, "Anyway, on a whim I went to a plastic surgeon... JUST for information" she quickly clarified. "Miss Holt I feel so ridiculous. I don't know if what he did is common practice, My OB/GYN does breast exams, but this was somehow different. This involved prolonged touching, more like groping. He even took photos! I think this guy is a pervert and he should be stopped."

"How did you pick the doctor?"

"That's the curious part, I got a referral from my physician to go to Dr. Stanley Davis. When I called his number for an appointment, someone else answered and said they were taking over his practice. Here's their business card"

"Image Enhancing Consultants LLC, Dr. John Larson" Laura read from the card

"He said he needed to do an initial exam to determine if I was a good candidate for augmentation surgery. He took a $2500 deposit and when I called to say I decided against it, the number was disconnected. I went back to the office to find a for lease sign up and the place empty."

Laura continued to take notes.

"Miss Holt, it's not the money. I've learned my lesson. This guy is preying on women and I want to stop him before he does it to anyone else."

"I'll check into it and get back to you." Laura closed her notebook.

Laura's decided the best course would be to trace the victim's steps starting at Marla's primary physician.

There she received a version of patient privilege. The number for Dr. Davis and the empty office for the mysterious Dr. Larson gave her no clues. She returned to her office needing the help of Mildred and her trusty computer.

"Is he in?" Laura greeted pointing to Mr. Steele's office.

"Tuxedo alterations."

"Good, I need your help and I need for this to stay just between us. I'm doing a favor for a friend.....find Dr. Stanley Davis, he's a plastic surgeon. I need a current phone number and address."

Laura disappeared into her office. She decided to ask her own OB if she ever heard of any similar problems in the medical community.

"This is Laura Holt, I was wondering if Dr Mitchell had a few minutes for me this afternoon...No, no emergency...this is a different matter...3:15? Great, thank you."

Mildred found the usual directory information on Dr. Davis. The news database also revealed that his specialty happened to be breast augmentation surgery. She entered Laura's office and handed her the printout. Next to Dr. Davis' information, she scribbled, "Dr. Mitchell 3:15."

They both heard the familiar voice of Mr. Steele call from the outer office, "Laura?...Mildred?"

Laura quickly folded the paper and shoved it in her purse before Mr. Steele walked into her doorway. Mildred took notice at how nervous Laura appeared and how quickly she hid the information.

"Laura, where have you been all morning?"

"I met with our accountant."

Mildred knew Laura didn't have any meeting with the accountant, that was scheduled for next Wednesday. She excused herself and left Laura's office suspiciously thinking *plastic surgeon?* *friend?*

Laura and Steele's conversation continued.

"Well, let me have it," he opened his arms inviting Laura to yell at him.

"Excuse me?"

"Usually when you meet with the accountant, I get an earful about my spendin.g"

"What can I say?" she deadpanned, "You behaved yourself this month." She was sorting through the mail on her desk hoping he would leave her to work on her case. She glanced at her watch and, grabbed her keys. She tap him on the arm with her purse as she passed by him, "I've got a doctor's appointment
...I probably won't be back, see ya."

Remington wandered out to Mildred's desk and started some seemingly harmless smalltalk, "So Laura's off to the doctor's office, eh?"

Mildred was confused even more. Less than thirty minutes ago, Laura swore her to secrecy and now it appears she told him about it. "Dr. Davis or Dr Mitchell?" Mildred inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. Unfortunately, she also let out the wrong cat.

"Who the devil are Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Davis?"

"Oh boss, it's none of my business, but I think Miss Holt is making a terrible mistake."

"What kind of mistake?"

"I think she's thinking about getting a boob job"

"Don't be ridiculous." He was half laughing at the absurd idea. "Why on earth would our levelheaded Laura ever do that?"

"I don't know, maybe SOMEONE gawked at someone else's goodies or said something insensitive."

He was offended that Mildred would accuse him of such a thing, "Granted, she isn't the most endowed in that area, but I rather like Miss Holt's package."

"Then why is she off to see him." Mildred showed him the clipping from the Times identifying Dr. Davis as the "Breast Man of LA".

"You think Laura has an appointment with him?"

"She wrote 'Dr. Mitchell 3:15', maybe he's another plastic surgeon. You know her, she would probably get a couple opinions first."

"This is silly, Miss Krebs, Laura would be the last person in the world to do that."

End Part 1
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