Double Breasted Part 4/5
Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2000
sue hantak <>

(Part 4)

He walked her to her car Friday after work. She brought along a small overnight bag just as a prop which she left on her passenger seat. He had been acting strangely all day. Now, as she was about to leave, he decided he'd better speak now or forever hold his peace. He took the keys out of her hand, "Laura...wait..."


"I know this is none of my business. It's your body, but Mildred and I both think it's a mistake."

"What's a mistake?"

"We know there is no conference at the Marriott."

"Were you checking up on me?"

"She found the brochures in your purse."

"What brochures?"

"The pamphlets on implants and those pictures of know...enhanced?"

"You think I'M having surgery?" she exclaimed incredulously.

"Well, given the evidence, what am I supposed to think?"

"Exactly how much time do you spend thinking about my breasts?" It did sound pretty bad when she put it like that. It wasn't safe to answer that. She continued her tirade, "Didn't you learn anything from that Bedside Babes fiasco?...NO you just jump to conclusions...very embarrassing conclusions, I might add."

"Then what is all of this about?"

"Come with me, I'll show you."

She filled him in on all the details in the car. Once she got home, she showed him the printout of plastic surgeons that she was painstakingly working through. "You see, I need to call all of these after-hours to find the fake doctor...I wasn't making very good progress. I made up the Women's Seminar so I could work this weekend uninterrupted."

"You haven't explained the photos in your pocketbook."

"Dr. Davis was soliciting his services when I went to his office."

"What are you going to do if you find the phony Dr. Larson?"

"Set up an appointment and catch him in the act."

"Your going to let him grope you and take photos?"

"If need be," she replied nonchalantly.

"Laura! you can't be serious."

"You have no idea how despicable this guy is. He preys on a woman's insecurities. A woman feels self conscious enough about her body without scum like him exploiting that."

"I won't let you put yourself in that position."

"Hopefully it won't go that far before I get enough incriminating evidence to nail this guy."

"You're taking this too personally, Laura. Why not call the police when you find him?"

"I will...I will...but first I have to find him." She picked up the printout to continue her task. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do," she walked over to the door and slid it open for him.

With her back against the door and her right hand still on the latch, he walked over to her. He put both hands on either side of her head with his palms flat against the door. "I'm not leaving until you promise me you won't do anything reckless."

"I won't do anything reckless," she repeated unconvincingly with her eyes rolled back to avoid making contact with his.

He pressed closer and directed her chin to look him in the eyes. "Try that again, but this time with a bit more sincerity."

"I promise I...won'," she annunciated while looking him square in the eyes.

She ducked under his arm to get away, but he put his arm around her waist and pulled her back . Mildred's advice still echoed in his mind. * give her a little extra attention...compliment her...SHOW her that you like what she has* "Ah, not so fast," he whispered as he wrapped his other arm around her as well."I'm sorry about jumping to the wrong conclusion before..." He held her tight against his body and rained promising kisses to her brow. "You're beautiful just the way you are..." His shower of affection trailed down her jaw to her neck and back up. When he reached her lips, he whispered against them, "I'd hate to see anyone mess with perfection." Then he covered her lips with his own, first barely touching for a gentle taste, but soon progressing into a full, head-spinning-tongue-dancing clinch.

His hypnotic charm had Laura flustered for a long moment. Unsure how to respond verbally, she countered with a provocative kiss of her own. Remington reluctantly pulled away. Kissing in such a zealous manner would only make for a very long weekend without her. "I'd better go while I still can."

"Bye," Laura finally breathed.

Early Sunday morning Laura finally got hijacked to Image Enhancing Consultants while dialing Dr. George Wagner. She lamented to herself, "W? He had to pick a doctor at the end of the alphabet." Like opening a cereal box at the bottom to get the prize, she hated herself for not starting with the z's. She made an appointment for Tuesday morning which would give her all day Monday to stakeout his office and set up the surveillance equipment. She had been up most of the weekend and decided to use the remainder of her Sunday to sleep. She shuffled to the bathroom and surveyed her medicine cabinet in search of something to counter the massive amounts of caffeine coursing through her body. After taking two Tylenol PM's and placing them back on the shelf, there, she saw the demulen. It was Sunday afterall, and she was on her period earlier in the week. *If we end up going to Napa next weekend...* she rationalized. After a brief argument with herself, she opened the case and poked the white pill through the foil. Before she disconnected the phone from the jack, she dialed Steele's number, "I think I've found him."

"Laura? What time is it?"

She lost all concept of time over the past two days. Glancing at the clock she realized that she just woke Mr. Steele up at 7:40 on a Sunday morning. "I'm sorry, I had no idea how early it is. I just wanted to call before I disconnect the phone and go to bed."

"You're just NOW going to bed?"

"I knew I'd find him eventually."

"That's what I love about you, Laura, your dedication."

"I'll let you go back to sleep. Goodbye"

"Sleep well, Miss Holt."

Remington still felt the need to make up with Laura over the surgery misunderstanding. He armed himself with flowers, wine and groceries to make her a sumptuous Sunday dinner. If that failed, he also bought a box of the finest chocolates to convince her. He knew his talents of silent break-ins would someday be put to good use instead of wrongdoing. Since she locked her door from the inside, he'd have to come in a window. Aided by Laura sleeping with a pillow over her head, he managed to set the table, and prepare dinner without waking her. She rolled and inhaled deeply catching the aroma of his cooking talents. As she began to stir, he walked up to her bed and carefully laid next to her with his head propped up by his elbow. He watched her as she lay on her back, covered from the waist down, dressed only in a white ribbed tank that clung to her body. The shirt rode up her body revealing her slender frame and smooth skin. Barely hidden by the fabric were her small, but alluring breasts. He smiled admiringly when the light touch of the cotton induced her nipples to emerge. Staring for a lingering moment, then feeling somewhat lecherous,(not to mention that she would kill him if he got caught at this moment) Remington smoothed her shirt down and pulled the cover up. With her decency restored he kissed her on the cheek hoping to wake her up.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she groaned half-conscious.

"I don't's too late to call it brunch...What do you call an early dinner or a late lunch?...Dunch?..Linner?" he mused.

"It's called, GO AWAY." she put her pillow over her head for emphasis.

Pretending he didn't know what she was wearing, he peeked under the covers, "Ah just as I suspected, you need to change. I'll give you some privacy." He scooted off the bed, and drew the divider-curtain closed before disappearing into the kitchen. Laura couldn't help but laugh at the determination of this man. How could she berate him when he obviously went through a lot of trouble to surprise her?

Laura slipped into a pair of jeans and buttoned a shirt over her tank top. She made a beeline for the bathroom to make sure the birth control pills were out of sight. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she at least felt a bit more prepared to face him.

The sun was streaming through the solarium windows that surrounded her dining table. Remington held the chair out for her to sit. Before taking her seat. She complimented, "Thank you, this is nice...I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier."

"I know how irritable you are when you wake up...," he smiled with his good-natured criticism then added , "...I only wish I could witness your crankiness on a more regular basis."

"That's what I love about you, Mr. Steele, the way you can insult and compliment me all in the same sentence." Laura said as he took his seat across the table from her.

" think you found Dr. Imposter?"

"I have an appointment Tuesday."

"You still intent on being a decoy?"

"I thought I would go tomorrow and stake out the office and tomorrow night we could set up the equipment."

"How do you propose to catch him on tape without ...excuse the pun, exposing yourself?"

"The camera will be behind me. The audio tape will reveal the fraudulent payment."

"And you're going to allow him" Remington made crude gestures with his hands.

Laura nodded half-heartedly.

She looked uncomfortable at the prospect and Remington was extremely disturbed at the thought.
End of Part 4
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