Steele Haunted by the Past 1/3 NC-17
Date: 6 Jan 2000
By Katherine Simone <>

Rated: NC-17 Slash, m/m
If the idea of two adult men having sex bothers you, do not read this.

"It's my own bloody life come back to haunt me!"- Remington Steele to Laura Holt, "Woman of Steele"

Remington Steele finished his shower, and dried off, leaving the towel on the rack. No reason to cover up, he supposed. Laura was on a flight back from seeing her mother in Connecticut- in fact, he was due at the airport in an hour to pick her up. It would be wonderful to have her back, he thought, opening the bathroom door and entering the bedroom. The apartment had seemed woefully empty without her vivacious presence to fill it. And in recognition of how much he was looking forward to her return, his cock was standing fully erect, his balls tight. For a moment, he considered taking the edge off, so that he wasn't tempted to attack Laura the moment she got off of the plane. Then he decided that he would simply call Fred to take him to the airport. Then he and Laura could greet one another properly en route home

He'd only taken a few steps into the room when he realized that he wasn't alone. Tony Roselli was lounging on the bed, his eyes locked on Remington's mid-section with an expression that Remington wasn't altogether unfamiliar with. "Antony." He considered grabbing something to place in front of him, but he didn't want to give the other man the satisfaction of knowing how unnerved he was upon seeing that look. "I don't remember hearing the doorbell."

"You were in the shower," Tony said, lifting his eyes at last. "I let myself in."

"I hope my front door is still intact. Might be rather difficult to explain to Laura why it was knocked from its hinges."

"I picked the lock," Tony informed him. "So- Laura's not here, then?"

"Obviously," Remington said, forcing himself to move past where Tony sat on the bed to the dresser. He could feel that dark, hungry gaze on his back, and felt his ass cheeks clench in involuntary response as he determinedly found a pair of boxers.

"Do I make you nervous, Steele?" Tony asked in a soft voice that sent chills down Remington's spine.

But he hid his concern behind a smile. "The only thing that makes me nervous is wondering why you're here. I thought Laura made it clear to you in Ireland that she-"

"I'm not here because of Laura," Tony told him, and Remington turned to find him sitting on the edge of the bed- VERY close to where Remington was standing. So close, in fact, that all Tony would have to do is reach out a hand-.

Remington tried to keep his breathing even, clenching the silk boxers in his fist. "Then the question remains: Why ARE you here?"

"You know where I went after I left Ireland? London. Did some checking up on your old man. Daniel Chalmers had a lot of friends in London. Told me he'd found you in Brixton when you were young."

"Ancient history," Remington said, but he knew what was coming- and barely managed to keep from wincing at the pun he'd just made.

"Not so ancient that some of your old friends there have forgotten the scrawny kid who was willing to do anything for a quid. The name Nicky mean anything to you?"

"As I said, Antony, ancient history. Once I got out of Brixton-"

"That's not what your friend Felicia told me."

Remington closed his eyes, silently damning the blonde to hell for her loose lips. She'd sworn never to tell a soul about that night in Rome when they'd all had too much to drink and joking about a Roman orgy had turned into more than just jokes. He felt Tony's hand on his cock, and opened his eyes. "Antony, don't."

"Why not? Afraid of what Laura would do if she ever found out that you- uh- swing both ways, as they say?" Tony asked with a threatening smile on his face. His hand tightened, and Remington bit back a moan as his other hand grasped the tight sac below.

"You're trying to blackmail me into-"

"I don't think I'll have to," Tony said, pulling him closer with a gentle tug that belied the strength Remington felt in his hand. He could pull away, there was nothing stopping him. But it had been a long time since he'd felt this way. It was different from the way he felt with Laura. He shared a bond with her that made their lovemaking wonderfully special. But as Tony caressed his rock hard cock, Remington realized that he'd missed the feel of a man's hand as well.

Tony opened his mouth and took Remington's cock fully inside, then drew back all the way to the tip, encircling the purple head before swallowing it again. He was good, Remington thought, his hands coming to rest on Tony's shoulders. Damn good. A moan escaped his lips as Tony's hands moved to his hips, kneading the taunt flesh, separating his cheeks. He felt a finger enter his asshole, then press against his prostate. "Oh dear GOD!!!!!!!!" Remington yelled as his cock jerked and Tony sucked for all he was worth as Remington fucked his face rapidly. "YES!"

Remington's legs collapsed from under him, and he found himself sitting on the floor, watching through a sated haze as Tony unfastened his jeans and pulled out his own rigid cock. Turn about was fair play, he told himself, as he grasped the turgid dick in his hand and went to his knees before Tony. He slipped a hand under Tony's balls and went straight for his asshole, as he began to return Tony's ministrations in kind. He forgot everything- everything except for the hard cock in his hand. He realized he was salivating as Tony removed his shirt and leaned back on his hands, lifting his hips to allow Remington greater access to his ass. "HMM," Tony murmured. "That feels good. Nicky was right. You're good." The reminder of Nicky, Remington's old friend, caused him to attack Tony's penis with relish, remembering all of the little tricks Nicky had taught him. He pushed his tongue into the slit of Tony's cock, licking the pre-cum, his blue eyes on Tony's. Tony sank to his elbows, using his hands to pinch the circles of darker brown on his hairy chest into tiny nubs. Remington pushed a second finger into Tony's ass, massaging his prostate. Tony grunted in appreciation.

When Tony's hips lifted, Remington drew his back until only the swollen head was still inside of his mouth. A slight push of his fingers and Tony cried out, his cock jerking as it released its load of cum. Remington swallowed, then pulled himself to lie across the bed beside a spent Tony.

Tony's soft laughter caused him to turn his head to meet those dark eyes. "What?"

"You remember that fight in Ireland?"

Remington smiled at the memory. "How could I forget it?"

Tony's hand moved to cover Remington's rapidly recovering cock. "I wanted you so damn bad that day. Wanted THIS."

"Then- it was never Laura--?"

"Oh, I didn't say that. Like you, I- uh- take my pleasure where I find it. I still wouldn't mind a go at your missus. But failing that--" He was rhythmically stroking Remington's now rigid shaft. Lifting his other hand to his disguarded shirt, he pulled out a foil packet and laid it on Remington's chest. "Why don't you put that on while I finish getting undressed?" he suggested with a seductive smile.

As he watched Tony bend over to remove his jeans, Remington tore open the foil packet and rolled the condom over his cock. As he lay there, watching, Tony ran his hands over his own chest, down over his cock and balls before climbing back onto the bed, keeping his ass high in the air. Looking behind him to where Remington lay, he smiled. "You gonna fuck me or not, Steele?"

Remington blinked, then slid from the bed and went to the medicine cabinet in the bath, returning with a bottle of body oil. He slathered some on his condom covered cock, then poured a measure into the palm of his hand, warming it slightly before applying it to the crack of Tony's ass- concentrating on the winking, wrinkled eye.

He slipped his middle finger inside that hole, past the knuckle, then another- and wasn't surprised when he encountered no resistance to a third. He stroked his cock, then guided it to the now empty hole. When the head entered, Remington paused, putting his head back, closing his eyes, feeling Tony tighten- and then relax his muscles. "Ah, yes," he sighed. Heaven. He'd almost forgotten what this felt like. Grabbing Tony's hips, he drove his cock in all the way. Nothing felt this good. This tight. "You like that?" he asked Tony as the other man moaned, moving his hips back until his cock was just outside.

Tony moved his hips back, seeking to fill his ass again. "Fuck me, dammit!" he yelled.

Remington slapped Tony's back lightly. "Turn over on your back," he said. Tony did as he was told, then smiled as Remington lifted his legs over his shoulders, raising his hips to impale him once more. Their eyes met as Remington's hand grasped Tony's prick and began to jack him off as he pounded Tony's ass. "God," he said. "Your ass is so tight!"

"Good muscle control," Tony ground out as his fingers clenched the bedcovers. "I'm- gonna- cum!" he panted, and Remington's pace increased. As he felt the first drops of cum on his hand, his own cock exploded filling Tony's rectum. He collapsed on top of Tony, giving him a kiss full on the lips, releasing Tony's legs.

"That- was- incredible," he managed between breaths. He glanced at the clock. "Ohmigod."

"What is it?" Tony asked.

"I was supposed to meet Laura at the airport," Remington said, pulling his cock from Tony with a soft "pop!" "I have to take another shower- there's no way I'll be on time. What the HELL am I going to tell her?"

"How about the truth for once?" Laura's voice asked from the doorway.

Both men turned to face her, as Remington rolled off of Tony. "Laura."

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