H.O.L.T. Blue 1/?
Date: Thursday, January 11, 2001
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>
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H.O.L.T. Blue

by Suejue

He held the black article in his right hand reminding her, "Ah, Laura, you're forgetting this."

"I'm not putting that thing on," she responded defiantly.

"Well, Jarvis must have included it with the intent for you to wear it."

Ignoring him, she adjusted her belt, put her gun in its holster and slapped it against her thigh, "Well, how do I look?"

"You'd look better with this on." He tried one more time to get her to wear the armored vest.

"Since when are you trying to put clothes on me rather than take them off?"

"This will just be the first layer I get to peel off when your shift is over. That rasping sound of me tearing velcro from your body, what could be more seductive?" he flirted light-heartedly hoping she would indulge his anxiety.

"I'm suppose to be undercover, you know, blend in. Wearing that inside the precinct will just draw attention."

Remington closed the distance between them taking a step with each pleading, "Wear it?....Please?.....For me?"

"I'll be fine." Laura kissed him briefly, took the bulletproof vest and threw it aside, "I'm just investigating who's behind the thefts from the evidence locker, I'm not planning on responding to any armed criminal actions." She walked towards the door but turned and added, "I do plan, however, to apprehend you this evening on a charge of domestic aggravation."

"Apprehend me?" he responded with a hopeful smile. "Can't wait."

Detective Jarvis was assigned to a special task force. He enlisted their help prompted by yet another high profile drug case that was dismissed when the critical evidence disappeared from the police lock up. With egg on its face, the district attorney's office need to put an end to the corruption. A war was brewing. An ugly, finger-pointing, pissing contest between the police department, internal affairs and the District Attorney's office. Ostensibly they are all on the same team but justice was not being served amid the turmoil. Not knowing who was involved, combined with the police department's unspoken policy of blue loyalty, Det. James Jarvis had to go outside the police department for help on this one. He would go through the motions of formal interviews, and all the 'official' procedures dictated by the "book" while Laura secretly operated without the stickiness of any red tape.

The first stop on the trail of the missing cocaine was the arresting officer, Detective John North. He was a 20-plus year veteran with no apparent motive. Why would he want to lose probably the biggest collar of his career? Unless he was dissatisfied with his meager pension and was padding his retirement nest egg. Laura bumped into him at the firing range. She chose the bay next to the one where he was practicing. Laura put on her glasses and ear plugs. In truth, she detested guns, but they were a necessary evil in her line of work. Although she rarely even had the agency gun with her, she did periodically go to the range to keep in practice. Her form and accuracy gave her a credible presence among real policemen. She spent her ammunition then stopped to reload.

"Not many rookies choose the revolver these days," Det. North commented.

"I have a Remington 9mm automatic at home." Laura held in a snicker thinking how insulted Mr. Steele would be with her entendre. She further explained, "My father is a cop in San Diego, it was a gift from him. It makes me feel like he's with me. Pretty silly, huh?"

"I think that's admirable...." he looked at her nametag, "Holt.. is it?"

Laura nodded.

He quickly glanced around jokingly, "Oh, I hope nobody heard or saw that."
"What?" Laura asked genuinely puzzled by his actions.

Det. North spoke as he reloaded his gun. "Well I just said something nice to a woman and looked at her chest. Might be construed as sexual harassment. You never know these days. Whole department's fucked up. Cops suing other cops, stabbing each other in the back for promotions, beating up suspects, evidence walking away from the property room. It's not the same department I joined 27 years ago. It's a damn shame."

He replaced his safety glasses and earplugs and fired at the target with a loathsome expression. Laura took note of his genuine disgust of the current state of the LAPD. It was unlikely that he had anything to do with it.
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