Holt's Just Desserts (Part One of One)
Date: Monday, February 19, 2007 7:16 PM
By The Abbott of St. Costello

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Holt's Just Desserts

"Laura? Do you ever have fantasies?"

"What?" curiously uneasy.

"Fantasies, you know… candles, exotic places, exotic faces…" He let the sentence finish itself as he took a sip of wine as coolly as possible.

"Um yeah" she smiled "a warm chocolate bath."

"Really? A… ah…single bath?"

"Why waste a perfectly good fantasy on only a single." She raised her glass to his, gave him a challenged look to reciprocate.

"Yes, well…In keeping with the food theme, I guess mine would run to a buffet of desserts."

"No commonality to the dessert just an endless variety?" pointedly referring to his dating habits.

"Actually" he shifted, setting down his glass and brushing a stray lock behind her ear, "the setting has been remarkably consistent; only the food changes."

"Care to divulge the location?" she asked caressing his forearm in encouragement.

"I think I'd rather show you," he said excitedly as he got up and went to the kitchen.

"What are you looking for?"

"Ahh - something sweet and creamy, possibly chocolate. I know you have something! Ah ha!"

"I thought this was about your fantasy, not mine?" she yelled to him.

He returned shaking the can vigorously and then squirted a small amount on his fingers then invited her to taste. She lingered, careful to get it all. "M-M-M chocolate spray whip cream! God bless science!"

"You have a little on your lip. Allow me." He leaned in and licked the invisible speck quickly, then too lingered into a soft kiss, wanting to not only enjoy the moment but also heighten the anticipation.

"Do you think were ready for this kind of an imaginative culinary experience?"

"Don't worry, this will merely be the appetizer size, not the all you can eat buffet."

"Sort of a coming attraction before the movie?"

Taken aback at her double entrendre for a moment, "Precisely. I certainly couldn't have said it better myself." He eased her back until she was resting on her elbows and then began to unbutton her blouse from the bottom. Her hand covered his as she pulled back slightly to gauge his intent. "Trust me" he murmured against her lips.

"Ok" she replied swirling her tongue around his, "I'll work on that."

"I won't let you down." He stopped unbuttoning just below her bra and pushed open the silk to reveal her tightly drawn stomach. As he drew his hand lightly across, feeling her tense muscles quiver in response, he told her "Ah the source of some of my tastiest temptations." He reveled in the opportunity she was affording him. He continued to lightly explore her undulating nervous cadence. She caressed his silky hair as his hot breath inched closer. Then his soft warm mouth covered her belly button. She sighed with delight and felt a shiver of anticipation run up and down her body. She lightly caressed a spot by his ear that generally caused a slight distraction. She then reached in the direction of the can of whip cream, just as he turned his head to check her reaction. He saw a devious look of mischief on her face. He moved the can farther out of reach, causing her to lean farther into him. He froze as her breast, first grazed his cheek, and then her nipple went to his stunned and parted lips. As instantly hardened, he gave it a light flick with his tongue. This finally diverted her attention from the whip cream can. She took a sharp sudden breath as she felt his lips lightly suckle her over her barely there blouse and skimpy lace bra. The sensation felt electrifying. She could feel herself at the tipping point between reason and desire. He saw her eyes pleading with him to give her final confirmation for the reason behind the desire. "Trust your heart," he told her.

Still she waited, wondering and weighing. Meanwhile he moved his lips to her neck and continued to caress her butterflying stomach soothingly. She stroked his back matter of factly, still at the apex of indecision.

"I'm just as nervous about this as you are," he told her softly between kisses.

"Yes, well I think the nervousness has different origins for both of us."

"I don't want to rehash old arguments," he said pulling back slightly. "We need to find a new perspective on this roadblock."

"Okay, I'm willing to give it a shot." She blew out a deep breath and she began. "I haven't always needed so much reassurance before beginning a physical relationship. I know I set the bar higher for you and that may not seem fair…"

"…But all's fair in love and war," he tried to reassure her.

"But I know if you're able to do this, then I won't ever have any doubts because I do trust you that much. I'm not asking for guarantees. I just need to know your heart."

"You know my heart," he told her quietly.

"I've been wrong in the past."

"Not with me and I can't change your past with words." He pulled away and stared off, unsure where or what to do next.

"You don't have any reservations about us?" She put her hand on his arm to bring him back to the conversation.

"Hmm" he smiled ironically shaking his head in disbelief. "Us? No." He swallowed and looked away. "Reservations about me disappointing you? Yes, a suitcase full."

"The few times that has happened, it's been because you haven't given me the chance to get past myself. You don't give me the opportunity to put you first." She paused to let him understand and then continued. "I'm not always going to make the same decision as you, but you're not even giving me the chance."

"When have I…?"

"You left when DesCoines tried to frame you. When Henri needed help, you just assumed I wouldn't help you…"

"You know you wouldn't have helped me."

"The point is… you didn't even give me the chance to prove myself to you!"

"What do you have to prove to me?"

"That I …" she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "that I love you and I won't use that to hurt you."

"You … love…me?"

"Yes" she told him with unshed tears in her eyes.

"I don't know what to say." He was clearly stunned by her revelation. Not the sentiment he realized, but by her courage once again to get to the essentials. He saw the hopeful anticipation on her face, her gamble to go first with the words she needed so badly. "And I'm still disappointing you" he realized.

"If it's any consolation it's happening less frequently," she admitted. "And I prefer the reality of an occasional disappointment to a life without you in it. As you said - all's fair in love and war."

"No need to quote me so accurately."

"You're being awfully hard on yourself," she smiled. "I thought that was my job."

"I'm sorry. I seem to have misdirected a good portion of the responsibility for our relationship to you, when you have been extremely forthright with your expectations and feelings."

"Yes, well, I've been fairly inconsistent in our more intimate moments. I had always wanted you to tell me first, so you would have to take the risk. I didn't realize I was being such a coward."

"You're the bravest person I know, an example of whom I strive to emulate. All those qualities you imagined for Remington Steele, courage, loyalty and honesty, that's you. I realize I'm a few steps behind, but I am trying. Just keep leading the way and I'm sure we'll get there." He told her seriously.


She nodded her head, "Okay just make sure we don't get lost. Now where's that can of whip cream?"

He just shook his head, smiled and gave her a large blast of science before kissing her still chocolately mouth.

The End

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