Much Ado About Steele - 1/4
Date: Friday, January 05, 2001 <>


It had only been a week since their return to Los Angeles from London. They were trying to come to terms with their marriage but the spectre of INS hung heavily over their heads.

After leaving Ireland, they'd stopped off in England's capital city so that Mr Steele could finally show Mrs Steele around some of the famous sights and high spots. Hand in hand, they'd strolled around Covent Garden enjoying the uncharacteristically warm weather. Buskers, mime artists and musicians entertained the appreciative crowd and the lilt of Laura's laughter continuously filled the air.

As he'd watched her, Steele was struck by an idea. He knew he'd require Mildred's undoubted efficiency to help pull it off but if anyone could do it, it was her. After dining at Richoux's in Knightsbridge, Steele casually expressed a wish to see Edinburgh Castle.

"It's a place of great historical interest," he'd told
her, "Remarkable fortress, former royal residence and splendid, panoramic views of the city too."

She'd smiled and feeling impetuous had easily acquiesced, "Why not?"

They threw enough clothes into bags for a couple of days stay in Scotland and on arrival in Edinburgh, journeyed straight to their hotel. Steele had waited for Laura to unpack before shocking her into silence by admitting that they were not remaining in the ancient, beautiful city. They were really there to journey on to Gretna Green and get married. For real, this time.

Now he stared at her as she slept in his bed: still finding it difficult to comprehend that after all their years together as adversaries, as friends, as partners - they really were legally married. She was his wife; he was no longer a bachelor. His impossible challenge was well and truly conquered. His mouth lifted at the corners: well, in truth, only one part of her was well and truly conquered. Laura Steele, nee Holt, remained very much her own woman.
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