Steele Drivin' Man 1/?
Date: Friday, September 01, 2000
Anne Rose <>

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Steele Drivin' Man 1/?
by Anne

July 1, 1982
Mileage: 1,084

My first day on the job. I think I was really lucky
to find something so soon after Mrs. Thornhill had to
move to the nursing home. I sure am going to miss
that fine old Packard.

It's kind of strange, though - I've only spoken to
Miss Holt, and I never even took Mr. Steele out for a
test drive before he hired me. You'd think that he'd
at least want to know how I drive. I know Miss Holt
had Mr. Michaels check me out thoroughly, and they
both made sure I knew my way around LA. But she told
me that Mr. Steele spends a lot of time out of town,
and has her make all the hiring decisions. If he's
out so much, I wonder what they need a chauffeur for.
I've got the job - hey, I'm not going to complain.
Still, I wonder when I'm going to meet him.

This afternoon I took Miss Holt to a client's house in
Thousand Oaks, so we had a nice long drive while she
explained everything I needed to know. I'm not too
crazy about making myself available 24 hours a day,
but she did promise me at least one day off a week. I
can live with it - after all, how often do big-shot
detectives work in the middle of the night?

She also gave me the discretion and confidentiality
lecture, but she doesn't need to worry about that. I
didn't keep my job with the Thornhills for over 10
years without learning to keep my opinions to myself.
Eyes front and watch the road, that's my motto.

Mr. Steele seems to be running this big operation with
the help of only three people, and I hope he doesn't
turn out to be some kind of pennypincher who figures
out in a few months that he can't afford to keep me.
I really need this job.

To Be Continued-
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