Steele Holted After All These Years 1/?
Date: Thursday, January 04, 2001
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Steele Holted After All These Years

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Part 1/? This part rated PG 13 for adult situations, may become R or NC 17 later

Steele strode confidently through the door of Remington Steele investigations, wearing an understated, elegantly tailored dark blue suit that emphasized his azure eyes, "Good Morning Mildred!" he said cheerily. The older woman looked up from her computer with a nervous smile.

"Morning boss!" said Mildred

"And where is my lovely associate this morning?" Steele asked.
He was carrying a gift envelope with gold ribbon wrapped around it.

"Miss Holt's in her office but she's very busy," Mildred said.

"With a client?" Steele asked

"No, but I wouldn't . . . .," Mildred started haltingly

"Nonsense, she can't be too busy for this, Mildred" Steele said, seemingly oblivious to Mildred's hesitancy. "Laura!" he shouted as he barged into Laura's office, "You will never guess what I managed to accomplish last night!" He slapped the gift envelope down onto desk with a flourish.

Startled, Laura looked up from her desk where she appeared to be on hold, the telephone held slightly away from her as she tapped her fingers to some inaudible beat. "I shudder to think, Mr. Steele, but somehow I doubt I would be surprised at any of your nocturnal activities," Laura stated wryly with a teasing light in her sparkling brown eyes. She was wearing a soft pearl colored silk blouse beneath a taupe riding jacket.

"Oh, believe me, Laura," he stated in a low, confident tone, "any fantasy you may have about my after hours potential would pale in comparison to the inevitable reality of you and I engaged in, shall we say, more intimate . . ."

"Any fantasies, would be yours, Mr. Steele, Laura interjected emphatically, blushing slightly, "I was merely referring to your tendencies toward cat burglary and jewel theft!"

"Laura, you cut me to the quick! I procured these highly desirable front row tickets to Tony Bennett's San Francisco show this weekend for your Birthday, quite legally I might add, and of course reservations for two at Marty's and The Mark. I thought we might finish what we started in the city by the bay!"

Laura suddenly returned her attention to the phone, "Listen, mister, I told you I needed that evening gown altered by Thursday night and you said that was no problem! I don't want to hear any more excuses now just do it and I will pick it up today at 1:30 on my way to the airport!" She slammed the phone down and took a breath. "I am sorry, Mr. Steele," she looked up a little sheepishly, "did you say this weekend?"

"Yes, why is there a problem, Laura? I couldn't help but overhear about the gown, . . . Did you make some other plans for us?" there was trepidation evident in his face and voice.

"No, Mr. Steele, I am afraid that I have a . . . previous engagement for this weekend. It's very important to me and it can't be helped but I thank you for the invitation and I'd love to request a raincheck."

"Bloody Hell! A previous engagement! One requiring an evening gown, no less! A raincheck! Do you think Tony Bennett performs in San Francisco every day then?" His tone was getting louder, his accent stronger and his face was visibly reddened. "I paid a bloody fortune for those tickets because I KNEW how much you loved his singing!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Steele, but you should have asked me first!" Laura shouted.

"What is it then a case?" Steele asked, ignoring Laura's comment. "Are we back to that again- you working on cases without me?" She shook her head. "Well then who the hell is so damn important to you that you'd rather spend your birthday with . . .," He dropped off and his expression softened as a thought came to him, "Your family then, perhaps, Abigail, Frances, Donald, and the kids?" he asked hopefully.

"No", Laura replied, "I made these plans months ago and they have nothing to do with my birthday. I'd be glad to celebrate that with you on another weekend but this weekend, I am busy."

"Nice of you to throw me a bone like that, Laura! A few months ago, you say?" Steele looked pensive. "When you had decided we weren't seeing each other outside of business hours? eh?"

"Yes, exactly," replied Laura thinking that Steele was finally going to be understanding about the whole thing.

"And this engagement as it were, do you expect it will take up the entire weekend?

"Yes, Mr. Steele, I am afraid it will.

"Who is then?" He shouted loudly not really giving her any time to answer, "Maybe it is that accountant you were dating while you had your roadblock up, Bill wasn't it," he spit out. Weekend! I can't believe you are going to spend a weekend with another man just because you had it planned before we." he broke off and Laura looked at him flabbergasted with her mouth open in shock. "I guess I am learning a valuable lesson here, Laura, first a calculus professor, then a banker and now a goddamn accountant, apparently a man has to be a boring, passionless, number cruncher to get into your bed!" Laura slapped his face hard and he moved away from her. "Well I would become an actuary tomorrow if I thought it was worth it, but frankly, Laura, I just don't give a damn anymore! So have your little tryst this weekend but don't expect me to jump through anymore hoops for you in the future!" He exhaled loudly.

Laura was livid. She spoke in a cold, measured tone. We are not engaged in a committed relationship, Mr. Steele, and consequently, I owe you no explanation whatsoever of how I spend my free time; however, I will tell you two things. One: that your assumptions about Bill and I are incorrect and two: that I do not allow any man to talk to me the way you just did. Please get out of my sight and out of my office now!"

"Steele hung his head a little, just now realizing that in his jealous rage, he went too far. "Laura, I'm sorry I shouldn't have spoken . . . "

"I said just get out now. Laura pushed Steele out of the office and then slammed her office door in his face.
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