Steele Holted After All These Years Part V
An Addition to newSue's Story
Date: Sunday, February 04, 2001
Alicia Huberman
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Steele Holted After All These Years
Part V
Rated NC 17
by Alicia Hubermann

A continuation of NewSue's story. MTM owns the characters of Remington Steele, I am merely borrowing them for amusement purposes.

His kiss was deeper, more demanding, than any he had given her. In turn, she explored his mouth with her darting tongue, tasting, teasing. He left her swollen lips for a moment to groan softly as he pulled her closer to his growing hardness. With nimble fingers, he unclasped the pin holding her elegant updo and ran his hands through her wavy chestnut hair until it cascaded onto her bare shoulders. She reached out and placed her palms on the hard plane of his chest, entangling her fingers in his silky black chest hair and murmuring contentedly. Laura thought about how long she waited to touch him like this. How tempted she had been whenever he was wearing a buttoned down shirt in her presence.

Remington cradled Laura's face in his hands gently and began to lay tiny kisses on her eyelids, her nose, and then he began to tease at her lower lip with his teeth and tongue. But when Laura attempted to complete the kiss he turned from her lips and started to taste her neck. His trail of hot wet kisses caused her to tremble and she arched her neck to offer him better access. Meanwhile her fingers were making feathery light circles on his nipples, which were responding quite definitively to her touch. He worked his way to her naked shoulders and placed his open mouth over her freckled skin like he wanted to devour her in one love bite. Laura moved her hands around to his backside and began to knead his firm buttocks through the silk pajama bottoms and succeeded in pressing his erection more firmly against her body. He eased her zipper down and slid the gown off, kissing her flesh as it became exposed, and then she stepped out. He took in a deep breath as he looked at her up and down; his eyes were almost black with passion. Laura was a vision in a black lace strapless push up demi bra, a scrap of lace that might be loosely termed a panty, and a garter and sheer, black stockings. He suckled gently on her earlobe and then whispered in her ear, "Laura, God, how I want you! You are so beautiful." Then in his next breath he whispered hoarsely, "Please just tell me that you didn't wear that for Patrick."

"No, I wore it for myself, Mr. Steele," she purred. "It made me feel more beautiful in my new dress." Laura began exploring his throat, neck and shoulders with her lips and tongue. He moaned in pleasure and endeavored to access her body better. He continued his onslaught of her décolletage, sliding his tongue under the edge of the demi to tease her nipple. Her back arched as he undid the hook of her bra in one smooth motion. She thought she would die of pleasure when he completely enveloped her breasts, one at a time with his hot, ready mouth. She ran her fingers through his luxuriant black hair and urged him onward as he teased and suckled. She knew she wasn't as well endowed as those big breasted blondes he had seemed so enamored of in the past, but she noticed that he didn't seem to mind a bit.

Suddenly Remington gathered her up in his arms and carried her over to the king size bed in the center of the room. He deposited her gently on the bed and began to explore the curves of her body with possessive roaming hands while his mouth took hers. Laura broke the kiss and flipped him over. "My turn!" she said playfully as she relished the feel of the rigid contours of his body and let her tongue follow the trails that her fingers had traced earlier on his decidedly masculine chest. She was circling his nipples with her lightning fast tongue and then sucking them. She drew a line with her tongue from his chest down to his abdomen and kissed his flat hard stomach, dipping her tongue into his navel. When she began to tease him with her hot breath and light touches through the thin silk he involuntarily lifted his hips. She slid her tongue just inside the waistband and he murmured her name. Hooking one finger on each side of the waistband, she slowly drew the bottoms down as her tongue trailed down his thigh, torturing but not quite touching the center of his desire. Restlessly, he kicked off his bottoms. The evidence of his strong passion for her, previously felt; never before seen aroused Laura. Suddenly, she had to taste him. She teased his shaft with her tongue while brushing his testicles with a featherlight touch. He moaned and grasped her head, gently pulling on her hair, but making no attempt to guide her. Slowly, she took his entire length into her soft warm mouth and began to move faster up and down. Even while she enveloped him, her tongue swirled around his sensitized head. One hand gripped the bottom of his shaft and the other gently caressed the softer flesh beneath.

"Oh, God, Laura," he moaned in desperate hunger. He reached for her breasts and the juncture of her thigh where despite the lace barrier; he could feel her moist arousal on his leg. It was driving him crazy that Laura kept eluding his caresses with subtle shifts of her body. "Please, Laura, stop I can't last much longer with you torturing me like this," he ground out. Laura was enjoying her dominance and looked forward to making Steele lose control. "I want to be inside of you, now," he pleaded with a hoarse whisper. He tried to sit up.

She pushed him back down with a hand on his chest. "Shhh," she soothed, "We have all night. Now let me finish what I've started."

Laura continued to work her magic on him and he began to moan softly. "Oh, Laura, my Laura." His breathing got ragged and a low growl escaped his lips. She felt him stiffen and spasm as his warmth flooded her mouth.

She crawled back up towards his face and softly nuzzled his neck as he held her in arms. Steele took a moment to catch his breath again. It didn't take long for his body to urge him onward again with Laura's half-naked body pressed against his. He loved the feel of her slim athletic form. Her nipples were jutting up against him.

He poised himself above her again and after kissing her breasts and traveling down to her belly with his mouth he sensuously peeled her stockings off as if in slow motion, kissing the exposed flesh. "Ahh such glorious legs you have, Laura," he murmured softly between kisses. He caressed her thighs and taunted her with a light touch and hot breath through the scrap of lace that was covering her. She moaned softly, wordlessly begging for more. "Payback's a bitch, Laura," he whispered huskily. Steele had dreamed about tasting her this intimately for many frustrating years. He wanted it to be perfect so he dragged her hips down to the foot of the bed for better access and kneeled down in front of her.

Instead of removing her panties, Steele edged them down slowly and followed their path with his tongue. He kissed her swollen lips so softly. Laura writhed in pleasure and moaned as he reached gently suckled her epicenter. Finally he discarded her panties and threw them on the ground. Laura couldn't remember ever feeling this much pleasure as he penetrated her with his tongue. She was so hot, so wet, she thought the intensity of the sensation might overwhelm her. His tongue was magical. Somehow, she had known that he would be highly skilled at this particular craft. Perhaps it has been his kiss or his crooked half smile when he looked at her with those devilish eyes. But reality had exceeded even her high expectations. Sensation built upon sensation, pleasure upon pleasure, until she exploded in rapturous delight.

The sight and the feel of Laura coming completely undone made Remington's desire surge almost painfully. "Please Remington, now!" she urged in a soft voice as she scooted back up the bed and grabbed his hands to guide him towards her. He covered her body with his and placed hungry kisses on her collarbone and breasts while poising himself above her. "Are you certain?" he asked breathlessly.

"Mmmmhhh," was her only reply as she lifted her hips to meet his arousal. He entered her slowly, filling her completely. He gave her body time to accommodate him and then started moving, slowly at first and then gradually faster. They fell easily into a rhythm. Laura's breathing increased and she ran her fingernails down his back, feeling the lithe muscles there. He felt so perfect inside of her. Steele groaned as Laura used her muscles to pleasure him further. She rotated her hips corkscrew fashion and it seriously challenged his restraint. He knew he must be in heaven.

"Laura, love, open your eyes, look at me," he whispered brokenly, "I want to see you." She fought to open her lids that had shut involuntarily in response to the overwhelming sensations he was evoking. She noticed his face was a dark mask of passion but his eyes glowed with something else. In that unguarded moment, she had never been so certain of him or of his feelings for her. Laura grabbed his buttocks and pressed their bodies more tightly together as she thrust her hips upwards and after a few more strokes she was over the edge and falling into wave after wave of undulating pleasure. "Oh, God, Oh . . . Mr. Ste . . . Remington!" she screamed and moaned in appreciation.

Remington could hold back no longer after her spasms had rocked him to his core. He exploded inside of her, coming apart with the sheer pleasure of it all. They held each other in warm contentment for a long time as their heavy breathing slowly subsided. "Absurdly passionate, indeed, Laura," said Steele finally breaking the silence. "I knew you were hiding a certain . . .ardor . . . somewhere far beneath those coolly professional tailored suits but that was delightfully decadent."

"Even better than your blonde from Nice?" she asked teasingly.

"No contest, hands down, this was the most incredible night of my life. And I hope there will be many, many more to follow." He smiled.

"Well, than I guess I better admit . . . you weren't so bad yourself," her eyes were sparkling.

"Not so bad, eh? I did reduce you to a grunting, monosyllabic beast!" he smirked.

"And I, you," Laura sated without skipping a beat.

"Touché, Miss Holt, touché!"

"Wait!" she suddenly exclaimed, bolting upright from his arms.

"What? Laura, what's the matter? Not having any regrets?" there was a hint of desperation in his voice. Then he propped himself up above her and more calmly he asked, "What is the matter love?"

"Oh my God! What about Nero? Who is feeding him?"

Steele laughed softly and shook his head in wonderment. Leave it to Laura to think of something like that at a time like this. "Mildred is taking care of him, Laura," he replied. Now lets see if I can I can get your mind off of Nero and on to bigger and better things." He flashed his crooked half smile and pulled Laura on top of him.

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