Steeling a Glimpse at a Christmas Past
Date: Friday, March 21, 2008
From: "dashing_and_dollface" <>
Hello. This is my firts RS fic so please tell me what you think. I
crave feedback.
Steeling a Glimpse at a Christmas Past
He was cold. The clothes he was wearing were old and worn
out. They barely covered his small frame. He huddled in a corner, out
of the snow. What he wouldn't give for a warm coat. He would even
settle for a shirt that fit. But that was just wishful thinking.

He wrapped his arms tighter around his chest as his body was
wracked with a series of hacking coughs. He wished they would go
away, but knew they would probably last until spring. It had been
that way ever since he hit the streets three years before. Each
winter he hoped it would be different, but hopes only existed so they
could be crushed.

He thought he should be used to the cold by now. It was his
constant companion, as was the hunger. He hadn't eaten today. All the
shops and street vendors were closed because of the snow and the

He hated Christmas. His whole life it had served as a
reminder of how alone he was. He was more likely to get a beating
than a present. Not any more though. He had gotten out and no one was
ever going to beat him again.

He was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of footsteps
approaching. He looked up as a father and son past by on the other
side of the street. They were pulling a sled and talking about
something that had them both amused. He heard the son laugh at
something the father said.

He watched, feeling more alone than ever. He found his
thoughts wandering to his own father. For what seemed like the
thousandth time, he wondered what his father was like. He wondered
why his father had left. Why didn't his father want him? Did he do
something wrong?

He couldn't remember his father. He wasn't even sure if he
and his father had ever met. He wondered what it would be like if he
had lived with his father. How would his life have been different?

He looked down the street at the father and son. They were
just disappearing around the corner. Suddenly, he got up and started
to follow them. He wasn't sure why. He told himself it was for the
sled. Yes, that was it. He would steal the sled and sell it. He could
get at least a couple of quid for it. Enough to pay for a place to
sleep. That was it. He wanted the sled. But, even as the thought it,
he knew that wasn't the real reason.

He followed them to a neighborhood. They went up the steps of
a house. He leaned over the rail and looked through the window. He
saw a Christmas tree with presents under it. There were people
gathered around. They were smiling and laughing. He watched silently
for several minutes. Just once he wished he could be part of a
family; to be loved and wanted. He felt tears in his eyes and dashed
them away angrily. Why wasn't he wanted? Why!? He picked up a rock
and hurled it through the window, lashing out in his anger. Abruptly,
the sounds form inside ceased. He froze momentarily, then turned and
ran down the street.
The End

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