Steele On My Mind II(Part 2)
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000
Suejue <>

(The story continues...BTW, I'm glad to see other stories come to life)

When Remington arrived, he had a bottle of wine in one hand and a can whip cream in the other. Motioning to the whip cream, he explained, "I want to make sure we have enough" .

"Good thinking, in case the five cans I have aren't sufficient."


"Yeah, remember the plan ...if dinner is a culinary disaster... we go right to the desert. Knowing my kitchen skills, I thought it best to be prepared for the likelihood of that."

They enjoyed dinner in relative silence. Finally Laura questioned, "It's not too bad?"

Remington swallowed and offered, "Believe me, Laura, given the prospect of the alternative, I have every reason to lie and tell you this is awful, but really this is quite good."

She smiled appreciatively not really sure if he liked it or was just being polite.

Laura started to put dishes in the sink when he approached her from behind. He spun her around in his embrace and placed is left hand under her jaw. Laura in turn leaned into his kiss. Soon they were pulling at each other in an attempt to make full body contact. Their confession of love this morning, combined with the suggestive dessert remarks soon made any further foreplay really unnecessary. By the time the ascended her bedroom stairs, their clothes was left in a trail originating by the sink. Remington eased Laura onto the bed and entered her in one motion. He panted "I love you" over and over as he drove her into bliss. On most occasions you could say they made love with each other. This time however, Remington was making love to Laura. He kissed, pressed, stroked, touched and expressed his love for her
in all ways imaginable. Normally, Laura's need to be in complete control made her more of a participant, but the minute her sweater hit the floor, she succumbed to him. As odd as it sounds, her giving into him, was more of a gift to him than if she was actually doing anything to him.

After climaxing, Remington rolled off Laura and pulled her onto his chest. Laura finally whispered, "God ,that was incredible." Her eyes met his, "I love you".


Sunday AM

Remington was sitting on the couch, putting his shoes on when he noticed the brochures on her coffee table, "So, thinking of buying a SUV?" Remington bellowed as he craned his neck in the direction of the bathroom door.

"Did you say something?" Laura inquired as she exited the bathroom pulling her hair into a ponytail.

"SUV?" Remington waved the booklets in the air for emphasis.

"Yeah, I thought it might be more practical." Laura walked over to join him. "I kinda like this one." She pulled out one out of the pile. He took it with some apprehension and leaned back to scan it more carefully. She studied his
expression looking for some reaction to her decision. When he made no overt response, she prodded, "What do you think?"

"It's your choice Laura....It's ....fine."

"This is a major decision for me", she then corrected herself, "For us. I'd like your input."

"Picking out a car together?...... That's not such a big decision for us, Laura. I'd say picking out a house together, now that's an important consideration for us." Remington emphasized.

"A house?" Laura asked skeptically.

"Yes, Laura, a house" he replied emphatically.

"You DON'T want to live with me, trust me, it's a bad idea. "She got up and walked away from him suddenly feeling very uncomfortable with the topic.

"Why? I think I know you better than anyone."

"That is precisely why you should realize this has disaster written all over it."

Feeling like a deer caught in the headlights, Laura froze, then gathered her courage along with her purse. "Do you want to look at cars with me or not?"

He followed her out the door not letting the living together subject drop entirely. "What about an apartment?"

She chose to ignore him as she decended the three flights of stairs from her loft.

He scurried down the steps, stopped on the landing infront of her and pressed once more, "I know your lease is up for renewal soon. Just... Just say you'll think about it."

"Why is this so important all the sudden?" Laura exclaimed in a huff.

"What if I said it isn't sudden.... that I've been giving it alot of thought for a while. All this shuffling from your loft and my apartment, you sneaking out at some godforsaken hour to change to get to the office, going up and down these damned steps in your building, rushing home to take a
forgotten pill.....

"So, let me get this straight, you're saying that you want to live together just because it's inconvenient when we spend the night together.?"

"NO, No that's not it at all. Laura, we are a team, we are together, we will always be together. Our relationship just merrily floats along without any real destination. It's time we have a plan...make plans for the future."

*Did I really say that?* he thought to himself.

Their conversation continued as they got into his car. Laura still wishing for it to drop, suggested, "Why can't we just leave well enough alone?"

"I am offering you a commitment, isn't that what you want?"

Laura remained silent

"Do you want a different commitment?(pause) Marriage?" he offered .

"This is getting worse by the minute" Laura replied incredulously.

Remington looked at Laura as if he were still waiting for an answer
Laura rolled her eyes and pleaded, "Can we just talk about this some other time."

Remington could tell she was getting quite agitated and finally let the subject subside.

Being a Sunday, they only could window shop for cars. True to form, Laura went right for the safe and pragmatic, while Steele always managed to gravitate to the sleek and sporty models. They stopped at a bar and grill type place for a quick dinner and were engaged in harmless conversation
regarding fuel efficiency, optional equipment, leasing versus buying when Laura suggested they go see a movie. She was really trying to create a diversion, further put off the continuation of the living together conversation. It wasn't so much that she didn't want to be with him, it was more a fear that her controlling or obsessive behaviors would drive him away.


When Laura got to the office on Monday, she felt like she had been away forever. She was refreshed and invigorated. Mildred was the first to notice.

"Miss Holt, you look like a new woman!"

"Thank you, Mildred. Did I miss anything exciting Friday afternoon?"

The older woman pick up a few items from her desk and followed Laura into her office.

"The trace came in on the Drew Mitchell's credit card usage." She handed her a printout.

"It was quiet until the 23rd then he started living it up. There are charges from restaurants, hotels, stores...."

"Well at least his card is having a pretty good time" Laura muttered as she digested the report. Laura put the report down. She placed her purse in the top draw of her file cabinet and grabbed a notepad and pen from her desk.
"Mildred, I need you to go to the last five places he charged". Laura started writing notes furiously. She was more focused and intense than she had been in a long time. "Show Mr Mitchell's picture around and see if the vendors recognize him." Laura was on a roll, "Get copies of the signed receipts and match them against old ones to see if he has really been frequenting these places or if we are on the wrong scent."

"You mean, Miss Holt, I actually get to do some real detective work." Mildred asked excitedly.

"Of course, Mildred, we can't have you chained to that desk forever"

Mildred smiled to herself. Laura was a changed woman. *Whatever the boss slipped in her drink was certainly a wonder drug.* She though to herself. Her grin widened when another idea struck, *or maybe something happened
after she woke up*.

Mildred made her way back to her desk only to meet Mr Steele walking through the double doors. "Morning Chief"

Mr Steele seemed less enthusiastic than Miss Holt this morning. All he could muster was a rather perfunctory "Good Morning, Miss Krebs".

Mildred grabbed a cup of tea for him and followed him into his office. "Miss Holt seems well rested." There was no response from him she tried again, "Boss? Something wrong? When I saw Miss Holt breeze in this morning, I thought things might be better."

"Tell me Mildred, what does that woman want?"

"Come again?"

"She harps for years about how we never talk, that I don't want to discuss our relationship. Then I attempt to bring it up and she wants to go to a movie. It seems we have exchanged personalities. ... like the theme of some low budget sci-fi movie."

"Oh Mr Steele, I don't pretend to understand your relationship, but I know how much you care for each other and I am sure you two will eventually work it out."

He remembered briefly their discussion in his kitchen during the bachelor's case when she was trying to a rid him of Miss Fairbush. He managed a weak smile. He really didn't expect her to have all the answers, but he was grateful she was there to confide in.

"Now, if you don't need me for anything else, I have some detecting to do." she turned and left the office.

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