Steele Playing House
Date: Monday, February 04, 2008
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This is my first fanfic. I am very nervous about posting it. I hope I
don't regret hitting the send button. Thank you to Nora Bolt, Xenos and
Lori for your fabulous input and encouragement. Thank you to Mickey
Boggs for Beta-reading. Feedback is appreciated. To quote one of my
favorite authors, "silence is deafening."
Standard disclaimers apply . . . . . Permission to archive under the
name SusanRS. (Those are my real initials. Lucky me!)
Steele Playing House
It was only 11:00 on Friday morning, but Laura was already preparing to
leave for the weekend. While she finished some paperwork, Mr. Steele
paced back and forth in her office, desperately trying to find a
solution to his problem.
"Can't you call and cancel?" he inquired.
"No, I can't," she replied.
Mr. Steele thought for a moment, "Tell her you're sick."
"Mr. Steele!" Laura scolded. "She's my sister, and she
knows when I'm lying. Besides, it's only two nights. You'll
be fine."
Fine? Remington thought. He didn't want to be fine. He wanted to be
with Laura. He had grown accustomed to waking up next to her and two
nights apart was two nights too many.
"I promised Frances long before we became lovers," Laura
continued. "She and Donald have been looking forward to getting
away alone together. She's counting on me."
Remington tried once more, "Couldn't she hire a nanny?"
"Frances would never go for that," she replied. "Why
don't you reconsider and come with me? At least we'll be
Laura had invited him to join her in babysitting her nieces and nephew.
It did sound like fun. Playing house with Laura again. He actually
enjoyed the children. But Laura insisted on no hanky-panky while they
were there. The idea of sleeping on the couch when Laura was just a few
feet away in the Pipers' guest bedroom was too much of a temptation.
He opted to stay home. Alone.
"No. I'll just wait for you to come home on Sunday night,"
he said, feeling dejected.
Laura took her purse out of her desk and walked over to him. "I love
you," she said sweetly, giving him a kiss on the lips.
As Laura started to walk out of her office Remington grabbed her wrist
and pulled her back into him for a deep, passionate kiss. He took her
breath away. "I love you, too," he replied
It had become so easy for Remington to speak those three little words to
her. Laura loved hearing it too. All those years of avoiding saying I
love you and now it had become part of their normal, everyday
Remington's eyes lit up. "I have a great idea," he said.
"Why don't I drive you home and help you pack and then . .
." He wiggled both eyebrows, "I could show you just how much I
love you before you head over to your sister's place."
"Nice try," she said with a smile. "But I'm already
packed. My suitcase is in the Rabbit. I'm going straight there.
Frances and Donald are leaving at 1:00." She paused, ". . . See
you in 48 hours."
Laura gave him a quick kiss and then turned and left the office.
Remington thought to himself. 48 Hours. Nick Nolte. Eddie Murphy.
Paramount 1982. This was going to be the longest 48 hours of his life
It was about 5:00 when the phone rang at the Pipers. Laura went to
answer it.
"Hello, my darling," said the sexy voice on the other line.
"What are you doing?"
Laura hesitated to answer, ". . . . . .I'm . . . . Making
"Really?" he said, rather surprised. "I thought you might
order in tonight." His curiosity was piqued. "What are you
making?" Remington thought she would say spaghetti, perhaps trying
to redeem herself in the eyes of the children.
"Tuna Noodle Casserole."
"What's that?!" He exclaimed. Laura could hear the cringe
in his voice.
She decided to play off of his obvious disgust, "It's a
delightful dish. First you combine noodles, canned tuna, frozen peas,
and canned mushroom soup. Then you crumble potato chips on top and bake
until it's golden brown."
Laura waited for his response.
"Sounds. . . . . . Absolutely . . . . Dreadful!" Remington
finally said.
Laura chuckled. "My mother used to make it for me and I know
Frances makes it for her children. I haven't eaten it in years.
It's one of the few dishes I can cook. I'd be happy to make it
for you, if you like," she joked.
"No, thank you," Remington replied. "I think I'll
continue to do the cooking and you can continue to do what you do
Laura smiled. "And what exactly is that, Mr. Steele?"
"I think you know what that is, but if you have forgotten, I will
remind you when you come home," he said with a lascivious tone in
his voice.
He is so damn sexy, she thought. Laura wished he was there with her.
Ever since they had become lovers a few short months before, she
didn't want to be anywhere except in his arms, in his bed. So, it
probably was for the best that he decided not to come with her. She
didn't think that she could keep her hands off of him if he were
"Laura?" Remington asked. "Are you still there?"
She snapped out of her reverie and asked, "What are you going to do
"Probably watch a movie and then turn in early," he replied.
"Which movie do you think you'll watch?" she inquired.
"I don't know," he said. "Hopefully one that won't
remind me of you."
"Good luck," she said with a smile, knowing that most of the
movies he owned reminded him of her.
"Call me tomorrow, Mr. Steele?"
"Count on it, Miss Holt."
Saturday morning Laura awoke to an unexpected but familiar smell. She
glanced at the clock---6:33. She quickly hopped out of bed and put her
robe on. Laura entered the living room and looked out the front window.
Nothing unusual. Then Laura made her way to the kitchen and was
delighted at what she saw. There was Mr. Steele making breakfast. She
hoped he hadn't noticed the burnt casserole dish soaking in the sink. He
saw her when she came in.
"Good morning, my love." Remington said.
Laura walked over and kissed him on the lips, "Good morning,"
she said. "This is a surprise. You're up rather early."
Remington stopped what he was doing and slipped both arms around her
waist, holding her close. "Couldn't sleep," he replied and
planted a hard, passionate kiss on her lips. It was a good thing he was
holding her, because she could barely stand up after that kiss. Laura
wanted so badly to pull him into her bedroom, into her bed. But the
children would be awake any minute.
"Besides," he continued, "We have eaten breakfast together
for the past 76 days. I didn't want to break tradition."
Laura smiled at the thought of him keeping track of how long they had
been sleeping together. "Been counting, eh?" She looked around
and noticed several bags of groceries on the counter. "Planning on
staying a while?"
"Only as long as you are," he replied. Remington wiggled his
eyebrows and asked, "Are you hungry?"
"Very hungry," she replied in a deep, seductive voice. Laura
kissed him again and then pulled away. "I'm going to shower and
get dressed and then I'll be back to eat."
"Shower?" he said, raising one eyebrow.
"Don't get any ideas," she said, smiling.
"Too late," he added.
"I'll be quick," she said.
"That's what you said yesterday," he said, recalling the
shower he interrupted and made them late for work.
"That wasn't my fault!" she said playfully. Laura kissed
him again and then headed off to the bathroom.
When Laura returned to the kitchen, Danny, Mindy and Laurie Beth Piper
were sitting around the table and Mr. Steele was dishing up their
plates. When they saw her enter, the kids started giggling.
"What's so funny?" she asked.
Mr. Steele chuckled to himself and shot a wink and a glance towards the
children. "Oh, nothing," he said. "Just a little something
between us."
"Well, if it's nothing," Laura said with a smile, "You
won't mind sharing it with me."
"Perhaps, later," he said, quickly changing the subject.
"Right now we need to get you some breakfast." Remington led
her over to the table and like a true gentleman, pulled out her chair
for her. He brought her plate of food. Remington retrieved his plate
and sat directly across from her.
"Aunt Laura?" Mindy asked. "What are we going to do
"Yes, Aunt Laura," Remington mocked. "What ARE we going to
do today?"
"Well . . ." she hesitated. "I thought we could go the
library or to a museum."
The kids let out an audible groan. Laura thought she heard Mr. Steele
say something under his breath.
"What's that, Mr. Steele?" she asked, a bit annoyed.
"It's just . . . . The library, the museum . . . . They're
so . . . . ."
"So . . . . What?!" Now she WAS annoyed.
"So . . . . . Boring!" He exclaimed. The children giggled.
"Well, do you have a better idea?" she demanded.
Remington knew exactly what to say. "Well, yes. When I was on my
way over here this morning, I noticed that the circus was in town."
Laura's eyes lit up. "The circus?" she said, joyfully. Her
heart leapt.
The kids quickly joined in. "Please, Aunt Laura, may we go to the
Laura thought for a moment. If she couldn't have Mr. Steele, at
least she could fulfill her desire for cotton candy. "Sounds like
fun!" she replied. "Go get ready."
The children ran off to their rooms.
Laura looked across the table at him. Remington was staring back with
those beautiful blue eyes. He gave her a sly grin. He knew her better
than anyone. She had always wondered where their relationship would go
once they crossed the line into the bedroom. The past 2 ½ months had
shown her that things had changed, for the better. Her fears were
unfounded. They fought less and played more. She didn't know where
they were going, but she sure was enjoying the ride. She reached out
for his hand and smiled.
"Thank you for breakfast."
They all piled into the Pipers' station wagon and headed off to the
circus. Remington wasn't sure who was more excited to go, Laura or
the children. He really got a kick out of her childlike excitement.
They had a wonderful time. They saw every attraction; the fat lady, the
sword swallower, the fire breather, the snake charmer and the palm
reader. Then they watched the main attraction under the Big Top. They
ate corn dogs, French fries, popcorn, snow cones and of course, cotton
candy. It was a lovely day.
On their way home they picked up pizza from their favorite pizza parlor.
After dinner, Laura helped the kids get ready for bed while Remington
cleaned up the kitchen.
"They're all tucked in," Laura said, as she entered the
kitchen. "What do you want to do now?" she asked, sheepishly.
Remington put the last dish away and walked over to her. He put his
arms around her waist and gave her a kiss. "What do YOU want to do
Aunt Laura?" He replied. Before she could answer he kissed her
He took her breath away. Laura could barely speak. "What I WANT to
do and what I'm GOING to do are two completely different things, Mr.
Steele," she said breathlessly.
"How about watching a movie?" Remington suggested. "I
brought some of our favorites."
"Sounds lovely," Laura said, relieved that he seemed to be
changing the subject. "Which ones did you bring?"
"Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, Charade, Barefoot in the Park and
Damn, he's good, Laura thought. All of her favorite romantic
movies. Remington knew what would happen if Laura watched them. And she
knew he knew it.
"Is that it?" she asked.
"I did bring a couple of others, but they are for the kids."
"Well then, on second thought, I think I'll just turn in,"
she said, reluctantly. Laura leaned in and kissed him. "I left
some bedding on the couch for you." Laura could see the longing in
his eyes. "Only one more night," she said before kissing him
again and heading off to bed.
Remington went into the living room and made up the couch. He thought
of the many times he had slept on the couch or a chair when Laura was
only a few feet away. He had hoped those days were over. Remington put
Casablanca in the VCR and settled under the blankets with the remote
control in hand. A few hours later, he woke to static on the screen.
He searched for the remote and turned the television off.
Laura was sleeping soundly and didn't even hear him enter her room.
Remington quietly crept into her bed and snuggled up behind her. He
snaked his hand around her waist and under her pajama top. He began to
caress her soft, smooth skin. Remington leaned into her and began
nibbling and kissing behind her ear.
"MMmmmm," Laura began waking up. "Am I dreaming?" she
whispered, knowing full well it wasn't a dream.
Remington didn't say anything. He just kept up his ministrations.
She opened one eye and looked at the clock---2:17. "I thought I
told you we weren't going to do this here," she said quietly.
Remington whispered in her ear. "Ever since you said yes, I have
had a hard time taking no for an answer."
Laura smiled. "It hasn't been easy for me either." Laura
was tingling all over from the touch of his hands and lips, the smell of
his body, the heat from his breath and the sound of his voice. She
wanted to taste him.
"I'll make you a deal," he said softly, right into her ear.
"You keep your eyes closed and when you wake up in the morning, I
promise I will be back on the couch. You can dream the whole thing. I
was never here."
Remington expected another rejection or at least for Laura to let him do
all the work. But he was pleasantly surprised by her reaction to his
proposition. She immediately said "Deal" and in one single,
silent movement she turned towards him, pounced on top of him and began
kissing him passionately, all with her eyes closed. One day of pent-up
desire was released.
When Laura woke the next morning, she rolled over and smiled. He was
gone. She never imagined being happy about waking up alone in bed. She
put on her robe and padded out to the living room. She found Remington
sleeping peacefully on the couch. Laura kissed his forehead and then
went to take a shower.
After her shower, Laura stripped the sheets from the guest bed and put
them in the wash. She could hear Mr. Steele and the children talking
playfully in the kitchen. His idea to go to the circus yesterday WAS
wonderful, but she needed to let the children know that she had fun
ideas too. Laura bounced into the kitchen.
"Morning, morning, morning!" she said, with an extra amount of
"Good morning!" they all replied.
"Who wants to go to the zoo today?" she asked, enthusiastically.
The children looked at her with disappointment on their faces, as if she
had asked them to clean their rooms or do their homework.
"Aunt Laura," Danny offered. "It's raining."
Laura hadn't even looked outside yet. Sure enough, it was raining
cats and dogs. There was no way they could do anything outside today.
Now what? she thought. Remington knew what she was thinking. He
stopped making breakfast for a moment, walked over to her and whispered
in her ear. She smiled.
"How would you like to have movie day?" she asked the children.
"Yay!!" they cheered.
When the kids weren't looking, Laura mouthed the words "Thank
you" to Remington.
After they finished breakfast they all went into the living room to
watch the first movie, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Laura told
the kids that this was their Grandpa Holt's favorite film.
Remington was surprised that she shared this personal memory of her
father. When they started the next movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,
Remington went into the kitchen to make lunch. He brought it out on a
tray and Laura spread out a blanket. The kids were thrilled to have a
picnic on the floor. Laurie Beth got scared when the children in the
movie were snatched by the evil toymaker. Laura was pleasantly
surprised when she went to Mr. Steele for comfort. She told Laurie Beth
that this part of the movie frightened her when she was a child, too.
After the movie ended, the children wanted to play a game while they
waited for their parents to return. Remington wasn't in the mood to
play games, so he went into the kitchen to start dinner while Laura and
the children decided which one to play. Laura, Danny, Mindy and Laurie
Beth all sat around the kitchen table to play cards. Laura tried to get
Remington to play with them.
"Are you sure you don't want to play?" she asked. "Have
you ever played UNO?"
UNO? he thought. Never UNO. But he would like to play dos with Laura
again very soon.
"Never heard of it," he replied, and gave her a very lascivious
Laura smiled back at Remington. She didn't know what he was
thinking, but she was sure it was naughty.
"I'll just work on dinner," Remington said, smiling.
Laura had a great time playing the game and watching Remington cook.
After they ate, Frances and Donald returned. Laura and Remington gave
quick goodbyes and headed home.
Remington unlocked the door to his apartment and led Laura inside.
"Feels great to be home," she said.
Remington smiled. "Yes, it does." They had been exchanging time
between their two places. Usually weeknights were spent at his
apartment and weekends at her loft. It was nice to hear her refer to
his place as home.
Laura wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.
Remington placed his hands on her waist and began backing her into the
bedroom while they kissed. When they got to the bedroom door she
suddenly pulled away.
"Mr. Steele, you never told me what you and the kids were laughing
about when I walked into the kitchen yesterday morning."
Remington hesitated for a moment, ". . . Danny asked me if I was
going to marry you."
Laura was surprised at his response and very curious about what his
answer might be.
"What did you tell him?"
"Well . . . . I told him that if I did, he would be the first to
Laura smiled at him. "I thought I would be the first to know."
Remington stared at her with those azure blue eyes, penetrating her
"Laura, I think you already do."
Without losing eye contact, he scooped her up into his arms and carried
her into their bed.
The End
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