Steeles Really Do Come True
Date: Saturday, November 17, 2001
Nancy Eddy <>

Steeles Really Do Come True
Rating: NC-17

"Night, Mildred!" Remington heard Laura saying from the reception area.

"Have a nice weekend, Chief," the receptionist called out.

"Oh, I will, Mildred," he replied. "I've no doubt of that," he said in a
softer voice. He was reaching for the light on his desk to turn it off when
Laura returned. "Ready?" he asked.

"Mmm," she murmured, and Remington froze, his hand on the lamp switch as she
closed the door.

"Uh- Laura?" he said, feeling an odd sense of deja vu. He barely managed to
keep from pinching himself to find out if he was asleep. "Is- something

"Not at all, Mr. Steele," she said, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. "I thought we might get a-" She kicked off one shoe, sending it across the room "-head start on the weekend's -" the second shoe joined the first "-activities," she suggested.

"I- uh- thought you didn't want to- I mean, I thought the office was- off
limits for- that sort of thing. Ground rules, remember?"

She was standing before the desk now- looking much as she had in his dream of only a week ago- only now he knew what was underneath that cream teddy.
Leaning over the desk, Laura reached across to pull at his tie. "Haven't you
heard? Rules are made to be broken. Besides, you can't expect me to believe
that you haven't fantasized about making love here."

"Well, actually- " he grinned at her at last. "Many times."

"You have no idea how hard it's been for me all these years, this *big* desk
standing here, just begging to be put to use," she told him, sliding her hands over the smooth surface.

"I think I can imagine," he told her, shrugging out of his jacket as Laura
used the loose ends of his tie to pull him closer.

"It's been driving me crazy all week."

"You should have said something, Laura, I'd have been more than happy to

"I'm saying something now," she breathed against his lips, her fingers on the buttons of his shirt.

Remington hoped, no, prayed, that this wasn't another dream. He didn't need
dreams anymore. He had the real thing, after all. A real, flesh and blood
Laura who had turned into a sexual animal. In fact, while he wasn't having
trouble keeping up with her demands, he was beginning to wonder how much
longer it would last. Missing a night's sleep here and there was one thing.
Getting only a few hours shut eye each and every night was something else. It seemed that Laura was trying to make up for the past four years of not being together by -

"Mr. Steele?"

He blinked, fully expecting to find her standing before him, fully clothed and expectantly waiting for him to leave with her for Catalina. She *was*
standing before him, but her hands were under the fabric of his shirt, sliding it back, off of his shoulders. "Laura," he sighed with relief, letting her pull him forward to remove the shirt.

"Do I sense - hesitation, Mr. Steele?" she asked, sliding across his lap.

"Oh, no hesitation, Laura. None whatsoever. It's just not often one's dreams
finally come true." His lips met hers as his hands slid the straps of her
teddy off of her shoulders. Ending the kiss, she freed her arms and then rose slowly from his lap, pulling him to his feet as well.

Laura's fingers found the buckle of his belt, and went to work, while
Remington traced the top of the teddy where it lay against Laura's freckled
skin. "One of these days," he promised her, "I'm going to count every freckle on that luscious body of yours, Laura."

"Sounds like fun," she told him, brushing her breasts against his hair covered chest, and he saw them harden under the thin silk. His trousers fell to the floor, and with a gentle tug, Remington pulled the teddy from Laura's body, letting it pool around her feet.

Running his hands over her bare hips, he smiled. "No tights?"

"I took them off earlier," she told him, her hand finding his manhood and
stroking it lightly. "I'm-" she gave him a kiss, "thinking about-" another
kiss, this one along his breastbone, "investing in -", this, placed low on
Remington's stomach, caused him to groan in anticipation, "a garter belt-"

Remington drew her back up to ask, "A garter belt?"

Her smiled was impish. "And stockings," she nodded, sliding her fingers
beneath the elastic of his boxers to push them down to join his trousers.

His hands slid down to her hips and pulled her against his body. He felt
Laura's short fingernails on his own hips and back as they kissed again. This time when the kiss ended, Remington lifted Laura's hips to place her on the edge of the desk. She braced herself on the desk with her hands, her legs locked around his body.

Remington leaned over her, kissing her while letting his fingers drift from
her soft thighs to her inner folds. She was ready. He entered her smoothly,
and then braced himself on his own arms. Ducking his head, he suckled first
one pointed nipple then the other as Laura's head fell back. She was moaning, gasping, begging him for release. It was something else that Remington had yet to get used to, this vocal side of Laura. He'd halfway expected her to be silent, keeping her thoughts and desires to herself.

But even in that cabin in Vail, she had urged his over the edge of the
precipice with her cries of pleasure and approval. Just as she was doing now.

She was so bloody close. He could feel it. He could feel how tense she was,
like a clock spring wound too tight, ready to explode at the slightest touch. But he was more ready, and yet he wanted them to ride the crest together, hand in hand. There was one sure way to bring her to release, so Remington transferred his weight to one hand, and brought the other to where they were intimately joined together, rubbing her with his thumb. "That's it, luv," he said. "Let it go. Let it go, Laura. Ride it. That's it."

He felt her tense around him, as she cried out his name- as she always did
whenever they were making love. "Remingtonnnnnn!!"

Laura's released signaled him to join her, and he followed joyfully, saying
her name over and over like a prayer. "LauraLauraLauraLaura- Ahhhhhh!"

They both fell onto the desk, chests heaving, sweat glistening on their
bodies. "You're gonna be the death of me, you know that, don't you?" he
murmured against her lips.

"You think you'll get away that easily, Mr. Steele?" she asked, and Remington sighed.

"You called me Remington just a moment ago," he reminded her.

"We'll work on that this weekend," she promised. "Among- other things," she
added, somehow managing to lift her hips into his.

"If you don't stop that, we're never going to get to Catalina," he warned.
"And I don't think you want the cleaning crew to find us here, do you?"

"Excellent point, Mr. Steele," she said, caressing his hips.

"Come on," he said, rolling to his side before levering himself off of the
desk and pulling Laura to her feet. He glanced at his watch as she buried her fingers in the hair of his chest. "We were supposed to be at the heliport half an hour ago. I'll have to call Leon and let him know that we're running a bit-" he grabbed her hand as it would have moved lower, and brought it to his lips, "late," he finished. "Can you be packed in an hour?"

"I've been packed since this morning," she told him, taking her teddy when he held it out to her. "I'll swing by the loft and get my case, and then pick you up at your place," she said.

"Sounds good to me." He fastened his trousers, and then picked up his shirt
as he watched her pull her skirt over her hips before drawing her close for a quick kiss.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"For proving to me that dreams really do come true," he said with a smile.

The End
Next stop: Catalina