Steele Vows Part 3
Date: Monday, March 20, 2000 10:01 PM

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(Part 3)

"Mother?...Hi,... it's me...Laura."

"Laura? my goodness... is everything alright?

"Yes,...everything's fact I have some news for you."

Laura looked briefly at Remington her eyes pleading with him not to have to do this.

"Are you sitting down?"

"What is it Laura?"

Laura closed her eyes resigned to the fact that she had to do this, "Mr. Steele and I got married."

There was a brief uncomfortable silence before Abigail finally said "When?"

"A few days ago"


"What kind of question is that mother? Why do people normally get married.?"

"I mean, I had no idea you two know..."

"I know you find it hard to believe that someone might be interested in me, mother."

"Are you in trouble Laura?"

"Is that your subtle way of asking if I'm pregnant?" Before she could answer, Laura lost all patience with her mother "Is that what you think? That's the only way a man would ever consider marrying me? I know I'm no prize and I know Mr. Steele could have his pick of women but"

Remington quickly grabbed the phone. He needed Abigail to know there was nothing amiss with this marriage. "Abigail?...I understand Laura has told you the good news". He watch Laura storm out the front door. " was sudden.... but we've been together for several years" He continued only half listening.

The loft, the office, it was the third place he looked that he found her. The gym, of course, she probably needed to run or swim to clear her head. Actually, a racquetball was on the receiving end of her wrath. He watched her smash it over and over. An attendant passing by made the observation, "She's been in there over an hour." She finally dropped the racquet, and slid to the floor with her back against the wall. Remington walked into the court and handed her a towel. "Don't two people normally play this game?"

"You spoke to my mother, surely she told you about my pitiful and lonely life."

"Are you really lonely?"

Laura slowly got up exhausted and sore from her workout. "I'm going to change"

"Laura, you didn't answer my question. Are you lonely?"

"Sometimes". She walked out of the court and into the women's locker room.

He was leaning against the Rabbit waiting for her in the empty parking lot when she came out.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Talk about what?"

"Why you spent the evening bashing about a small rubber ball"

"It's cheap therapy".

"Laura stop being so flippant, what's bothering you?"

"You have to ask?...My own mother can't believe I got married because someone loves me and wants to spend their life with me.... The real pathetic part is she's right. We got married to save your butt from being deported. In two years, I get to tell her I'm getting a divorce. I can't wait for that I-told-you-so."

"Laura tell me how to fix this and I will."

"Too late, the damage is done, you can't take back the way I felt yesterday."

"If you would just let me try, maybe I can help with the way you feel now".

Laura looked closely at him, waiting for the patented wink or sly smile.. Normally when he said something like that it he meant it in a sexual way. This time, however, there was a tangible sincerity. Maybe he was right, maybe she was just too worn-out to argue any more. She simply nodded and suggested they go home.

Remington was lying in bed with his back against the headboard. Laura was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. He had the envelope from Ms Lynch open and was reading to Laura from the questionnaire, "They want to know the circumstances of how we met".

Laura laughed, rinsed and walked into the bedroom, "I don't think we should tell them the truth on that one." Again she was dressed in his sweatpants and tee shirt. Laura decided in the bathroom to do it. *I'm certainly not going to spend the next two years on the couch*. She reasoned with herself. Even Mr. Steele wouldn't take advantage given the mood she's been in. She casually pulled back the covers from the left side of the bed. Like Remington, she sat with her back against the headboard and slipped her feet under the comforter. Remington was mid sentence when realized that Laura just climbed into bed with him. He was taken back by her actions.

*What is she doing?...Is she going to stay there?...Should I get up and go to the sofa?*

He snapped back to reality, "Oh... sorry where was I?"

"Does me being here bother you?" She threw back the covers to get up.

"Heavens no, I've been trying to get you in my bed for years," Instantly he knew he shouldn't have said that. "Sorry... sorry, let me rephrase that...I'm just a bit surprised".

He took the corner of the covers and raised it up inviting her back, "Please stay". She swung her legs back. Remington smoothed the covers atop Laura. His arm lay across her body lingering for a long moment. Their eyes met as they leaned into each other for a tentative kiss. Their lips cautiously met. This kiss wasn't for the benefit of anyone's watchful eye. This kiss was their start. It was both the most harmless yet the most volatile kiss they ever shared. Both fought every urge in their body to surrender. Before the kiss could deepen, they reluctantly parted.

"Goodnight Mr. Steele"

"Goodnight, Laura"

Remington gathered the papers put them on the nightstand and turned out the light. They both try to stay near the edge of their respective sides.

Remington again was pleasantly surprised when he woke. By morning, Laura migrated to the middle of the bed; her face pressed between his shoulder blades and her right arm resting on his hip. He briefly thought to roll to his back but quickly nixed that idea when he calculated where Laura's hand would come to rest. He was content to lay there with her close by, however, the doorbell rudely disturbed them.

"Is that your door?" Laura moved her hand to her forehead to push the hair from her brow.

"Stay here, I'll get it." Remington got out of bed to answer the door. He peered through the hole to see a very stern Ms Lynch accompanied by the annoying Norman Keyes.

Remington opened the door. "Good morning Ms. Lynch" He ignored Keyes presence. Laura heard who was there. She quickly assessed her choice of pajamas. She whispered, "Showtime" to herself and went looking for Mr. Steele's robe. She emerged from the bedroom with his robe hanging very loosely off her body. It was quite apparent from her bare shoulder and exposed cleavage that she had nothing on underneath.

"Remington, darling, was that the door?"

All three turned to see Laura in her very suggestive attire. She pulled the robe closed for effect and offered, "Would you like some coffee?" then went into the kitchen.

Ms. Lynch took out her clipboard and pen to start making some notes. In a very nasal tone she explained, "This won't take long, impromptu visits are required in this investigation." She walked about the apartment. Keyes walked up to Steele, "So this thing with Holt....

looks like you're getting a little on the side....she's not a bad looking broad, I'd like to have a go at her myself." His lecherous wink went too far. Remington defended in a low threatening voice, "You're talking about my wife, Keyes"

"Wife? yeah, right, you're going to mess up Steele," He poked at Remington's chest, "and I'm the one who's going to show you the exit." .

"I think I have what I need", Ms. Lynch announced.

Remington opened the door for them to exit. When Laura heard the door shut, she came out of the kitchen with a coffee mug in each hand. She extended one to Remington, "How often is she going to pop in like that?"

He tugged on the sleeve of the robe, "This is a nice touch"

"So you think she bought it?"

"Hell, Laura you had ME believing we had sex".

Laura was reminded by that comment that she was virtually naked. She excused herself and went to take a shower. Remington went to the closet to pick out a suit. He stood looking at his wardrobe and made a mental note to bring up the moving subject very soon.

"All yours," Laura announced zipping up her skirt as she came out of the bathroom.

"Laura, its a good thing Ms Lynch didn't look in here," He pointed to the closet. "We really need to get yours in here too."

"We'll talk about it tonight. Right now, I'm late for an appointment. I'll be in San Diego most of today, I'll see you tonight." Laura walked over to the closet, put her hand on his arm and reached up to peck him on the cheek.

Remington's hand reached up to touch the spot Laura just kissed. He stood there perplexed.

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