Steele Vows Part 4
Date: Monday, March 27, 2000

Sue Hantak <>

Sorry this took so long.... I ended up scrapping most of part 4 and rewriting it..I think I have the two of them back on track...

(Part 4)

Things in San Diego did not go well. She went down there to check on some naval records relating to their current case. It was a bureaucratic governmental nightmare. She got nowhere on the background research she set out to get. The extra time alone, however did afford her some solitude to think about the whole mess of this *marriage*. Normally, there is nothing more therapeutic than a convertible on a freeway. A million thoughts went through her mind. It was just so confusing. Unfortunately, after several hours of driving, she came to no definitive conclusions. Talking to herself wasn't going to solve anything, she had to talk to him. Although she promised him and herself they would talk when she got back, it was very late by the time she arrived at his apartment. She quietly let herself in thinking Remington would be asleep by now. He was however still up waiting for her. "Good Lord, Laura where have you been?"

"I told you this morning, I had business in San Diego" Laura replied, slightly annoyed that she had to explain her whereabouts. She made her way to the bathroom with Remington close behind. She tried to close the door, "Do you mind?... It's late, I'd like to soak for a while and go to bed"

He was about to go on a tirade when he realized that Laura came back to his apartment was going to soak in his tub and go to sleep in his bed. He stepped back from the door and simply said, "Sure, take your time"

Again she wore the sweatpants-tee shirt combination. Although it wasn't his first choice of sleepwear for Laura, the white tee shirt was somewhat transparent. *Is that intentional?... Is she teasing me?* he wondered. He was carrying a tray into the bedroom as she was exiting the bath.. The tray was supporting an assortment of fresh fruit and sparkling water. "I didn't know if you had a chance to eat." He placed the tray in the middle of the bed. "I thought we could have a picnic".

The word "picnic" instantly reminded Laura of their fateful date in McCullum Park that got them involved with the Auburn. A smile betrayed her thoughts, which didn't go unnoticed by Remington either. She climbed on the bed and sat in the middle Indian style to participate in the picnic. Remington reclined opposite of Laura on the bed. He grabbed a strawberry every now and then, but for the most part, he just enjoyed Laura being there. For the first time in a long time, they laughed and carried on just like they did on their first picnic. At one point, Remington mischievously Laura threw a grape at Laura which prompted her to retaliate by climbing over the tray to tackle him. They were involved in a good-natured wrestling match when Remington discover that Laura was ticklish. She was laughing wildly. What was left of the fruit and the tray was pushed to the edge of the bed when Remington rolled over Laura and pinned her. Laura squirmed underneath him. In the fracas, her hair was tousled and her shirt crept up to slightly reveal her breasts. . Her heavy breathing brought Remington's attention to her exposed body. She was too preoccupied with devising a plan to escape his grasp to notice his wandering eyes and admiring smirk. The tray teetering on the edge finally went crashing to the floor. That was just enough of a distraction for Laura to escape. She tried to push him aside and scramble out from underneath him, but he caught her by the arm. When she pulled her arm away, he lost his grip and Laura, like the tray, went tumbling to the floor. A frightening "thud" followed by Laura moaning "Damn it" made Remington scurry to aid Laura on the carpet.

"Laura..... my God....Laura... Are you alright?"

Laura eased into a sitting position on the floor. She was holding the side of her head just above the left ear, uttering a string of profanities.

"Let me get you some ice." Remington made a quick trip to the kitchen. He returned shortly with icebag in hand. Laura was now looking in the bathroom mirror gingerly surveying her injury. Remington stood behind her. He too carefully examined the damage. Remington recalled Laura doing the same to him on numerous occasions over the past few years. He found the bump, tenderly kissed the contusion and placed the icebag there.

Looking at her reflection, their eyes met, "Good thing you have a hard head, eh?" Remington cajoled Laura into a smile

"I knew it would come in handy some day"

"I'm so sorry, Laura"

"No, it's my own fault. I guess I started it." Laura returned to the bedroom. She started to smooth out the covers as Remington cleaned up the remnants of the picnic. When he came back to the bedroom Laura was already in bed. He climbed in next to her, again checked the bump on her head. His arm moved from her scalp and came to rest atop the covers across her body. When Laura moved her right arm, he first thought she was going to remove his. However, he was pleased to discover her arm covering his own, languidly stroking him with a reassuring touch.

Laura and Remington both drifted into a serene slumber. At some point, Laura rolled to her right. Remington remained spooned behind her with his arm still encircling her. The conscious Laura would shy away from the intimacy, but the sleeping Laura welcomed the closeness. She settled deeply into his embrace. Like two pieces of a puzzle, her body molded into his. Remington, too, welcomed the contact. The conscious Remington would never admit to the loneliness in his life. He always told himself that "he liked it like that". Truth be told, he craved a close, loving relationship. More specifically, a close, loving relationship with Laura. With the early morning sun peeking through the curtains, Laura woke from her contentment. She shifted slightly. Remington, still asleep, desired to keep her close. He tightened his hold and pulled her back against his body. Laura then felt the unmistakable presence of Remington's aroused anatomy pressing against her hip. Her first instinct was to bolt from the bed. However, she found herself mildly amused and excited by it. Her insecurities reasoned that he probably was dreaming about some well-endowed model. She glanced at the clock and reluctantly extracted herself from his grasp. The sound of the shower interrupted his erotic dream. Baffled that the bath door was open, he cast the covers aside to investigate. Remington quickly re-covered his lap unnerved by his involuntary erection. He decided to remain in bed taking deep breaths. For every time he repeated "icy calm" to himself, his mind automatically drifted to thoughts of Laura in the shower, followed by thoughts of him joining her in the shower. Consequently, this compounded his problem. The few minutes he lay there seemed like an eternity. Remington finally said the "hell with it" and got up, regardless. He decided there was nothing to be embarrassed about. It was about time that she realized how she affected him. He stood against the jamb, his arms folded, and admired the view. Although obscured by the frosted glass of the shower door, Laura's naked form slowly turned in the shower. He felt secure in watching, knowing that she wasn't tall enough to see him over the door. She turned off the water and reached over the door for the towel. Moments later she stepped out of the shower startled to see him in the doorway. She instinctively clutched the towel closer to her chest .

"How long have you been standing there?" Laura tried to keep her eyes level, but the noticeable tautness in his pajama bottom below his waist caught her attention. His eyes followed hers as he looked down at himself and he joked, "Too long, I guess."

"You .....ah....left the door open..., "Remington attempted an explanation.

Laura fumbled her response still flustered, "I didn't know if you would need to get in shave...or whatever"

Remington was still enjoying Laura standing there draped only in a towel. She hurriedly grabbed her undergarments from the vanity. "I'll be out of your way in a minute." In her haste, she knocked her overnight case from the counter and the contents went skating across the tile floor. They both kneeled down. Remington retrieved a flat plastic hinged case that contained the instantly recognizable circle of twenty-one white and seven pastel pills. Several of the pills were already missing. He stared at them for a moment too long, "I don't think you have a use for those.". Laura grabbed them out of his hand.

"Do you?"

"Look.... I'm going to be late..."

"Not if you take these..."

Laura of course, was talking about getting to work on time. She walked over to the door. Grabbing the knob with one hand, she motioned with the other for him to get out.

End of Part 4
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